Iron Fist

Iron Fist A Marvel comics invention, Iron Fist is a martial artist who fights evil with his consummate fighting skill backed with the ability to strike with a punch of superhuman force. In May 2000, Marvel Studios brought Artisan Entertainment to co-finance an Iron Fist film, hiring Ray Park to star and John Turman to write the script in January 2001. Park read extensively the comics Iron Fist had appeared in. Kirk Wong signed to direct in July 2001, with filming set for late 2001/early 2002. Iron Fist nearly went into pre-production in March 2002. Wong left the project in April 2002. By August 2002, pre-production had started. Filming was pushed back to late 2002, and then to late 2003. In March 2003, Marvel announced a 2004 release date. In April 2003, Steve Carr entered negotiations to direct. In November 2003, the release date was moved to 2006. In March 2007, Carr placed Iron Fist on hold due to scheduling conflicts. In 2009, Marvel announced they have begun hiring a group of writers to help come up with creative ways to launch its lesser-known properties, such as Iron Fist, along with others such as Black Panther, Cable, Doctor Strange, Nighthawk, and Vision. In August 2010, Marvel Studios hired Rich Wilkes to write the screenplay. And here we are in 2012.
Really, really, REALLY of no importance whatsoever. But do you think it means anything?
While chatting to Total Film, the director of The Raid 2 reveals that he'd be interested in dipping his toe into the CBM world with a martial arts based property like Marvel's Iron Fist, but it would need to be on his terms.
The next installment in my wishlist for the Marvel Netflix shows. This time focusing on Iron Fist.
What if Marvel Studios came knocking at Gareth Evans' door to make an action-packed superhero movie? That was the precise question put to the The Raid director at last night's Frightfest. There's one problem however says Evans...
EXCLUSIVE: I asked Prometheus co-writer and big comic book fan Damon Lindelof which character he would be interested in bringing to the big screen. He also gives his thoughts on Christopher Nolan's Batman, and Marvel's The Avengers..
Haven't done a versus poll in a while, so I thought it would be cool to have the various generations of the Iron Fist pitted against Batman and his various pupils. Who will win?
As being one of the main Marvel characters being looked at to get the hollywood treatment in the near future, everyone has their opinion on who would be the ideal actor to bring the Living Weapon to life on the big screen. Who do you think would be the best actor to portray Danny Rand the Iron Fist movie?
CBM's Brent Sprecher makes a case for actor and real-life ninjutsu master, Eric Gable, to be Marvel's next costumed hero in the Iron Fist movie!
Marvel Studios is moving forward on a live action feature version of Iron Fist, hiring XXX screenwriters to draft a film based on the character. Check it Out!
The actor is being pursued to portray not just one, but two Marvel characters for two different studios: Iron Fist and the Human Torch. Which one is the bigger risk?
MTV is reporting that the "GI Joe" star is still coveting the much sought after role of Danny Rand in an "Iron Fist" movie.
The Director talks a "Iron Fist" movie!

Despite no news for months, the Iron Fist movie is still being planned, said presumed star Ray Park.
Independent film house Lion’s Gate just licensed Marvel Comics’ Iron Fist and Black Widow for development into big screen features.
Although it’s been awhile since there was any word about the Iron Fist movie, a new report says a director has been chosen and X-Men and Star Wars alum Ray Park is still the front-runner to play the lead.