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This week, the one and only Shazam joins the Second Shift crew. Or is it Captain Marvel?
A couple people wanted me to make an Aquaman poster. So here is what I came up with!
Just a quick manip of Momoa as Aquaman I composed.
DJ Walters. An innocent 15 year old boy who loves his family, friends, and comic books. Black Ninja, a kick-ass dude who loves to kick, punch, and nun chucks. Completely different guys right? Well, you're wrong! Join DJ, and Black Ninja, on this super fun ride and learn how he founded his team...The WHOOP @$$ SQUAD
I've made a fan made Watch Dogs movie trailer starring Tom Cruise as Aiden Pearce.
I made a poster for Affleck's (eventual) Batman solo movie. Check it out!
An alternate time. An alternate world. While in space investigating a storm of cosmic rays, Reed Richards and his team of explorers are accidentally exposed. Barely escaping with their lives, the four soon discover that they have been imbued with incredible powers. Together as a family, they decide to become the world's newest superhero team: the Fantastic Four.
After the postivie comments that I gotten from my first article about rebooting the x-men X-MEN CHILDREN OF ATOM following the timeline, i came with new casting and storyline,staying faithful to the comics, jump to read
When you saw X-Men: DOFP, did you cry internally? Did you wish you got an actual X-Men film? Well cry no more. From the laps of Abary, Devlin, and NuclearMorgan, we present the actual 'X-Men'.
Here's the first part in my sci fi epic graphic novel Galactic Earth A.D. Check it out and hit the jump and like always, let me know what you guys thing below, Thanks!
I turned James Franco's New Goblin into a more comic accurate Green Goblin.
Ever wondered what will happen if the greatest DC and Marvel Superheroes joined forces to stop The Joker, Lex Luthor, Iron Patriot, Doctor Doom and Deathstroke? Check out the epic final trailer...
Hey CBMers, would really appreciate your feedback on first 30 or so pages of Wonder Woman Script. I also added some extra assorted scenes from later on in the script, to see what you think. It would be a great help to get your thoughts. For fun I´ve added a Fancast for all the main characters included in the script.
Come check out Wolverine, Deadpool, and a few other mutants prepare for battle!
My take on Deadpool...
The sequel/prequel to TDKR: Part1 '89 and TDKR: Part2 '90

(updated with pictures)
My fan cast of the serie Netflix - Marvel
I did the TV version as a comic style for Father's Day.
A little redesign of The Big Blue Boy-scout himself, Superman.
Burton has stated that his 1st film was 'inspired' by both The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke...

Finally got my pictures working
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