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Here’s a fan cast for my favorite brothas and sistas in comics. I know it’s not February (Black History Month) anymore, but I want to do this fan cast. Forget Black History Month. Black history is American history. Every month is Black History Month.
Well, I got some surprisingly great feedback on chapter 1 of my latest fan-script, TMNT: Origins, and so, after a little work, I finished chapter 2. Hit the Jump to read on!
this May we will find out which Spider-Man movie is the best of the series
The Star Rider crew's plan go into motion. But after a discovery aboard the Star Destroyer, they might have to alter that plan...
Well i got something nice here, something you all may enjoy, the basic story of the first film in a trilogy of spider-man films. The first one called The Spectacular Spider-Man.Please give it a read, and tell me what you think in the comments.
I have made a Fan-Made Trailer for a possible Dredd 2 movie.
Marvel's man-machine hybrid still hasn't popped up on the big screen, should he? Hit the jump to check out how I, DEVLIN712, would bring Tony Stark's arch-enemy to the big screen...
Hit the jump to check it out!
Hey all, I just started a possible script for our favorite heroes in a half shell, and before I keep going, I want to give you all chapter 1, and see what you guys think. So whether you like it or not, just let me know after the jump!
As Batman, the world's greatest detective and Heisenberg, the man who knocks, try to stay one step ahead of one another, are they part of a large conspiracy that will shake them to their core? Hit the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg's Fan Fic!
An alternate time. An alternate world. Bruce Banner is the foremost expert on gamma radiation on the planet. While conducting top secret experiments for the military, an unexpected miscalculation causes a mutation in Bruce that changes his life forever. On the run from the authorities and himself, Bruce must find a cure before the rage of the Hulk consumes him...
It's almost there, take a peek past the jump...
From here on out, it's about to get real!!!
Hope you guys are enjoying these, just letting you guys know part 2/6 was posted a few days ago.
Prepare yourselves...For the end of history!
You ever sit down and imagine how a trailer for something could play out? I do that all the time. Click the jump to see how I picture the trailer for something I'm excited for.
Fan-Cast for a Harry Potter prequel staring The Marauders as new members of The Order of The Phoenix during the early years of the First Wizarding War.
Iron Man was the superhero that kickstarted Marvel's dominate world conquering juggernaut, the MCU. The first of the trilogy featured a cast that was spot on, with a witty script, and an all around great film. But in my first fancast and article on CBM, I am doing the inconcievable and replacing RDJ and the whole cast of Marvel's original wonderchild and paint a new vision for the cinematic version of everyone's favorite genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist...
A few days ago, during Marvel's Assembling a Universe special, they revealed some concept art for Age of Ultron. The most eye-catching piece was a drawing of the Hulk fighting Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor. The question since then has been who's piloting it and why?
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