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Memes for the coolest character on Arrow
I started thinking about who would be a good actor to play Non in a Superman film. I hope you agree with my choice and I thank you for reading...
A little Photoshop work I did for my fellow CBMers MrBlackJack, JamesMan, MrSid and their group "The Dead Rabbits Gang".
Hello there, Mr.Queen
Click the link to see...
An alternate time. An alternate world. Bruce Banner is the foremost expert on gamma radiation on the planet. While conducting top secret experiments for the military, an unexpected miscalculation causes a mutation in Bruce that changes his life forever. On the run from the authorities and himself, Bruce must find a cure before the rage of the Hulk consumes him.
Here is the second part (Includes Part One) of my Man of Steel sequel concept. This is also a way of me practising my screenplay writing, so it won't be perfect. It is also a first draft, so I hope to clear up any errors once I have completed the story.
Director Jeremy Brull's parody of superhero life takes top prize at the first ever Viewster Online Film Festival. Check out the episode Man of Steel starring Superman, Batman and Robin and Aquaman here.
So, for the most part, we’ve been pretty underwhelmed with the MCU phase two posters so far. So I thought I’d try my hand at making some for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Let’s see if these turn out better than the Thor: The Dark World ones...
A Redesign I did for one of my favorite Avengers...
In this part, Nya makes a mistake that gives away details of her past. And the Star Rider crew plan to get off the Star Destroyer proceeds...
Hit the jump to see my celebration of the success of Marvel's glorious triumph with the Marvel Cinematic Universe all the way from 2008's Iron Man to the upcoming Avengers 2, and even Ant-Man.
If you haven't heard of or read the CHERUB Series by Robert Muchamore, I feel your pain and sadness.
An MCott cast for a live-action film adaptation of the popular FX animated sitcom.
Come check out Goblin & Cap.
The first issue of a now sadly defunct storyline. Think of it as a teaser for what's to come. Enjoy!!
After Iron Man 3 some of us were done with the Iron Man solo films and said "we'll just see him in Avengers." here's some reasons i think he deserves a 4th film and some Fan casting as well, Check it out!
Found this on facebook...found it...intriguing to say the least
Here is my new epic fan-made trailer for Wonder Woman...
Reflecting on the history of the Scarlet Speedster, I have compiled a list of projections for the upcoming show being produced by the CW.
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