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Within this article you will find my first review of an Archie title. Not only that, I have preview pages to whet your appetites, not unlike delicious braaaaaiiiiinnnsssss.
A representation of all that's wrong with today's movie-making
HANNIBAL was one of my favorite TV shows of last year. Does the premier of the shows second season live up to my hype? Hit the jump to find out!
I review some of the films from January and February in short and straight to the point blurbs.
Community has been worrying me lately: With the gang already graduated last season only to return in college as unofficial school staff, it's already grasping for straws to retain its premise. Coupled with Donald Glover and Chevy Chase's absence in the main cast this season, and a previous episode that didn't know how to find direction in its new ensemble, the signs are pointing that Community would never be the same again. But little did I know that there are still a few sparks left to harvest. This is Community, damn it! Where good writers go before and after season 4.
Just finished watching Kick Ass 2 for the second time. Check out my review and as always...*non spoilers* UFR
Check out my review for the latest issue to this new Justice League title. *SPOILERS*
Moving on from the fast-paced introductions of last week's episode, only two groups of survivors were placed in the spotlight this week. Was it worth the wait? Hit the jump for my spoiler-filled take on the episode.
Finally finished up another viewing of one of the most debated CBMs. Check out how the film holds up...*Non spoilers*
This week Cyborg seeks the help of the Metal Men to assist in his battle against The Grid. Find out what I thought in my latest review.
Check out my review of Justice League of America issue #12. *Spoilers*
Still haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet? Took a while for me to see it as well, but check out my review.
This week Scott Snyder lets us gaze into Gotham's crystal ball to see what the future holds for Batman and those that surround him. Find out what I thought of this "Spoiler" issue in my review.
Here is my in-depth review of RoboCop. Read on after the jump to see my verdict on this reboot of a beloved cult classic from the 80's, and leave your thoughts in the usual place.
Check out my review of Forever Evil: Arkham War issue #5. 'Spoilers'
Here is my in-depth review of The LEGO Movie. Read on after the jump to see my verdict on this animated film featuring some of our most beloved comic book and fantasy characters, and leave your thoughts in the usual place.
Check out my review of DC's latest animated movie, Justice League War.
Robocop is here. Some hated it. None of us asked for it, but is this version better or worse than the original. Hit the jump and see what I thought. MILD SPOILERS...
review of the nut job.

This is my review of Earth 2 Annual #2. MAJOR SPOILERS.
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