The Dark Knight Rises - My Take

Here is my take on the 2012 blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises"

First of all lets start of with what we know:

Christopher Nolan is returning to direct as well as Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman were also returning. We now know that Bane and Catwoman have been confirmed for the movie with Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway portraying them respectively. Then Juno Temple was tapped up to play "a street smart girl" believed to be Holly Robinson and Josh Pence is portraying a younger Ra's Al Ghul in a flashback to events 30 years prior Batman Begins. The most recent news was the announcement of Marion Cottilard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's characters which are Miranda Tate and John Blake. Now here is my take:

The Plot:

My plot will hopefully tie up the trilogy. First of Bane is the new leader of the League of Shadows and has been rebuilding the league in the time between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Under the guidance of Talia al Ghul, Bane has made the League even stronger and plans to become the ultimate Ninja. In order to achieve this, he contacted Scarecrow to create him a liquid that will enhance his body. This new formula has been named Venom. Under the influence of venom, the user will feel the effects of peak body perfection for as long as 3 hours. Bane uses this drug to enhance his skills but soon becomes addicted. Meanwhile Talia has been infiltrating Wayne Enterprises under the identity Miranda Tate. Whilst doing this she soon falls for Bruce Wayne and is now torn in whether to follow her heart and be with Bruce or fulfill her fathers legacy and destroy Gotham. John Blake has been hired as part of the crackdown of Gotham and Batman. Determined to make a name for himself, Blake pursues his dream of taking down Batman to full extent and despite calls from Gordon to stop, Blake won't give up. Selina Kyle is a low life prostitute who is inspired by Batman and takes on the persona of Catwoman. Blaming her father, Carmine Falcone, for her poor life. She decides to steal from the mobs in order to take what she deserves. Her actions gets the notice of a rising Gang lord who's uses the code name, Black Mask. He is angry at Catwoman's actions so plans to kill her and Batman so he can control the criminal underworld without interruption. Scarecrow also plays a role as a member of the League of Shadows. Bane arrives in Gotham and creates havoc. A showdown with Batman occurs and Bane over powers him and beats Batman to pieces (But not broken). Batman is saved by Catwoman and he tells her that ordinary citizens like themselves don't have to sit back anymore and they can rise together to take down the league. Bane's plan is to release a gas made by Scarecrow above Gotham which will destroy the inner body and choke Gotham's citizens to death. After Bane, Talia and Scarecrow take over Gotham, the public take sides with Batman as they plan to rise together and to save the city. As riots and fights break out in Gotham, Batman returns to save Gotham with Catwoman by his side. Eventually Bane is defeated as well as Talia and Scarecrow. Batman is finally seen for his good work and becomes a public hero who they know longer fear but now trust. Bruce concedes that he will have to be Batman for as long as he can because he's the hero that Gotham needs and deserves.

The Villains:
Just a summary of the villains
Bane-The New Leader Of The League Of Shadows Wanting Revenge On Batman.
Talia al Ghul-Ra's Daughter, Infiltrated Wayne Enterprises In Revenge For Her Fathers Death.
Scarecrow-Working With Bane, Creates Venom And Is Behind The Toxic Gas.
League of Shadows-Now Working For Bane.
Black Mask-The New Leader Of The Criminal Underworld.
Catwoman-More Of An Anti-Hero, Steals Money From The Mobs.
I also expect the flashback scene to be when Ra's was first recruited to the League.

And there you have it, there is my take on The Dark Knight Rises. Now enjoy some of my favourite TDKR Fan-Art:

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