Lets look at some of the more pressing and interesting questions that remained a mystery after the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice credits started to roll and actually try to answer them.

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By MarkJulian - Mar 26, 2016 02:03 PM EST
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Was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as bad as the critics would have you believe? Absolutely not!

Is the film as good as what the fanboys would have you believe? Abosultely not!

In truth, the film most likely falls somewhere in the middle. Visually, Dawn of Justice is as good as anything you'll see in a recent Hollywood blockbuster. However, the pacing and overall plot is at times, downright cringeworthy. The best analogy I've read was from someone who describes Dawn of Justice as a breadmaker who's about to bake a cake using the best ingredients money can buy. However, he decides to not follow a recipe and relies on his skills as a breadmaker. The result, is a cake that still tastes good but ultimately dissapoints becuase there's knowledge that a pastry chef could've produced a cake from such high quality ingredients that was greater than the sum of its parts. This is Dawn of Justice in a nutshell.But regardless of how you or I may personally feel about the film, it looks poised to perform very well at the box office; thus ensuring that Warner Bros. stays the course regarding their aggressive plans for the DC Extended Universe. Yet, Dawn of Justice leaves us with a number of questions - some intentional, some unintentional. For example, what source material is serving as inspiration for the DCEU moving forward? And how did Lex Luthor acquire the data on Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman? Where possible, I'll attempt to answer these mysteries, however, some of these questons can only be answered by the creative decision-makers.

1.) What is Lex’s motivation for hating Superman and metahumans?

Why is Lex Luthor obsessed with metahumans in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?  In the comics, modern Lex Luthor hates Superman because he feels humanity should revere an actual human being (such as himself) as the ultimate representation of what the species can accomplish, not an alien.  Lex is incredibly narcissistic and that warps Luthor’s mind into believing that Superman is an actual threat to the progression of humanity and the planet as a whole.  In short, he’s jealous.

Dawn of Justice never truly explains why Lex hates Superman and why he apparently has an agenda against all metahumans. At varying points in the film, Lex gives three different reasons for hating the Last Son of Krypton but the movie doesn’t really care about following up on any of these notions because the audience is already armed with preconceived knowledge that in all mediums of storytelling, Lex Luthor and Superman are mortal enemies.  Sure, The Dark Knight, never gives a clear explanation of why the Joker does what he does either, but we do get that clever analogy from Alfred about ‘Some men just wanting to watch the world burn.’ At least Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne took a moment to try and figure out the villain’s motivation before Alfred effectively told him to stop banging his head against the wall. That was a message to the audience as much as it was to Bruce.  No one in this film stops to try and figure out the WHY behind Lex Luthor’s actions, Luthor included.

Did Luthor always hate metahumans or was this a sentiment he developed after the Black Zero Event in Metropolis?  That picture Luthor had of Wonder Woman is almost a century old and if he has had such incriminating evidence for any length of  time, wouldn’t Diana Prince have come knocking at his door long before the events of Dawn of Justice?      

2.) How did Lex acquire the data on Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman? How long has it been in his possession?

Aside from puzzling out why Lex hates Superman and other metahumans, the question has to be raised as to HOW he acquires the footage of Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash.  This was a wasted opportunity to showcase Lex’s brilliance and resourcefulness.  Instead, we’re left to assume that Luthor acquired this all-important, cinematic-universe building intel because Lex Luthor is a genius in the comics.

The amount of work and struggle necessary for Tony Stark to craft his Iron Man suit in the first solo film is an example Dawn of Justice could have used in showcasing Luthor’s quest to track down other metahumans. How does Lex even know to look for these super powered individuals? If he starts his research after the events of Man of Steel, is he looking for other Kryptonians? Did he stumble across these individuals while trying to discover Superman’s secret identity?  The viral marketing for the film teased LexCorp building an O/S that would put Windows to shame.  Was the deployment of this operating system the means by which Luthor acquired the footage?  Perhaps our answers will show up in the extended, R-rated “Ultimate Edition”.  

3.) Why is the World Engine wreckage just left floating in the ocean?

Has Superman been so busy after Man of Steel that he couldn’t be bothered to track down the remnants of world-annihilating technology brought to earth by the last few survivors of his home planet?  For that matter, why wouldn’t he take Zod’s body or fly/carry the scout ship out of Metropolis? Clark spent years of his life searching for answers and drifting across the world.  He even risked discovery by infiltrating a U.S. military investigation in the arctic.  Suddenly he doesn't care about his Kryptonian heritage?

In the 18 months since Man of Steel, has Superman decided that he wants nothing to do with the kryptonian race?  That would be understandable, considering his interaction with Zod and the rest of his crew destroyed a city and nearly the entire planet.  However, he learned from the holographic projection of Jor-El that not all kryptonians had Zod’s war-mongering disposition. Surely Clark still wants to learn more about his homeworld, right?  Plus, that scout ship was effectively serving as a launching point for Superman to build his Fortress of Solitude.  He can't build it without some form of Kryptonian technology. 

4.) Why do people think Superman pulled out a gun and killed people in Africa? Why would Superman need a gun?

Superman was head-scratchingly blamed for a crime in Africa where villagers and terrorists were killed by guns with experimental bullets.  Killed...by….bullets.  This is the most powerful man on the planet, who flies through the sky and shoots laser beams from his eyes.  In the 18 months since Man of Steel, he’s been selflessly saving people around the globe and halting natural disasters, yet he suddenly kills innocent bystanders?Perhaps the media could’ve  spun the story to highlight the fact that Superman didn’t save anyone except for Lois, but do ficticous populace of the DCEU honestly believe Superman picked up a gun and mowed down an entire village?  

Furthermore, why is a United States Congressional hearing being called about what’s happening in Africa?  Kudos to whoever came up with the clever idea to have Superman in a courtroom where a bomb explodes, killing everyone except him.  That scene illustrates to both Superman and the audience that even someone as powerful as him has limitations.  However, there was apparently a struggle to figure out a reason to get Superman in the actual courtroom.   The long, contrived plot of Lois in Africa, Jimmy Olsen as a CIA agent, framing Superman for the murders and riling up the Kentucky Congressional representative was all just to get Superman in the courtroom.  A more logical and less complicated reason should have been used to get Superman to the hearing.   

5.) Why does a bombing in the US Senate turn public opinion against Superman?

Following the nonsensical belief that Superman killed villagers in Africa with a gun, public opinion on the Last Son of Krypton sours even further after a suicide bomb attack at a US Senate hearing kills everyone present except Superman.  Why is Superman held responsible? It's not as if he brought the bomber. It's not even certain that Wallace Keefe even knew his wheelchair was a bomb.  Thankfully, the film doesn't paint the populace to be so dimwitted as to believe that it was Superman that caused the explosion.

However, that in itself creates a stark contradiction with the film very first action beat.  The public is dumb enough to believe that Superman might have used a gun to kill inhabitants of a remote village but is then smart enough to quickly figure out that it was a suicide bomb and not Superman that blew up the Senate hearing?

6.) Why does Luthor kill Mercy? Was she originally intended to be a robot? The film seemed to imply that she heard Bruce’s microphone at Lex's party.

Mercy was incredible perceptive of Bruce Wayne’s subterfuge at Lex Luthor’s party. The only other people to take notice were Superman and Wonder Woman, lending credence to the notion that there was something extraordinary about her.  However, the film never really has Mercy do anything of consequence except maybe to show that Lex doesn’t give a damn about anyone, even his close, personal assistant.

Was there originally, something more to Mercy? In some modern interpretations of the character, Mercy is actually a robot and personal bodyguard for Luthor.  In the Senate hearing, when it became incredibly obvious that a bomb was going to go off, I kept expecting Superman to use his powers to get a warning and immediately suspect the wheelchair, only for it to be revealed that Mercy is a robot and/or that she’s the bomber.

7.) Why did the Wayne Executives need Bruce Wayne to call and tell them to evacuate the building?

Is there something in the company rulebook which states that in the event of a natural disaster, employees must remain exactly where they are  until Bruce Wayne calls to
give instruction?  There’s an alien ship hovering over your city, blasting a strange beam into the ground and destroying buildings.  You have to suspend realism in practically all blockbuster films but this was a stretch, even for a comic book movie.  It's obvious that Snyder and co. wanted to establish Bruce Wayne as a hero but their execution throws logical human behaviour out the window.  In fact, that scene wasn't really needed at all, Bruce Wayne arriving in the aftermath and helping to clear trapped survivors from the rubble would be just as effective.

8.) Why did Superman let the bad guys get away when first confronting Batman in the Batmobile? 

Superman has x-ray vision and super hearing among his many other super powers.  Surely he utilized one or both of these abilities and zeroed in on the gunfire and commotion caused by Batman’s pursuit of LexCorp's smuggling convoy.  Both parties are exchanging gunfire back and forth and yet Superman only stops Batman? To make matters worse, his effortless halt of the Batmobile only serves to underline the ridiculousness of Superman not doing the same to the LexCorp truck.

9.) Did people at the underground MMA fight recognize Bruce Wayne or not?

When the film cuts to Bruce Wayne at an underground fight club, it looks as if Bruce is sponsoring a fighter and Anatoli Knyazev also sponsoring a combatant.  Don’t you think it a tad bit conspicuous that after you cross paths with Bruce Wayn,  a short time later, Batman is knocking down your door?  The scene would’ve been the perfect opportunity for Bruce to adopt his Matches Malone disguise and showcase an element of the Batman mythos not previously seen on film.  

10.) Man of Steel established Superman’s X-ray vision, so why doesn’t he use it in Batman v Superman?

There are a couple of scenes in Dawn of Justice which imply that Superman might have used his X-ray vision but we never actually see him use it.  In Man of Steel, this ability was actually one of the first powers that manifested in a young Clark Kent.  This begs the question of how Batman was able to use smoke pellets to momentarily blind Superman and escape during their fight?  The Dark Knight uses this same tactic again when escaping Doomsday’s rampage.  Zod was shown to have X-ray vision as well in Man of Steel and if Doomsday is created from his body, wouldn’t he possess the same Kryptonian abilities as Superman and Zod?  Earlier in the film, Clark decides to follow Bruce Wayne during Lex’s party as he hears Alfred talking on the concealed mic in Bruce's ear.  Before he gets to see what Bruce is up to, Clark is distracted by a TV report of a deadly factory fire in Mexico.  Why would he need to follow Bruce, he couldn't he just use X-ray vision and his super hearing to track Bruce’s movements.  Man of Steel illustrated that Clark doesn't really have control over these powers or at the very least, he doesn't have any finesse.  Either his X-ray vision is on and he sees through everything or it's off and he just has regular eye sight.  Henry Cavill's Superman doesn't have the same ability as the comic book and animated depictions of Supes, where he can focus on a single wall or object to see through.

11.) Is Superman's future in the DCEU inspired by Superman: The Dark Side,  Superman:TAS “Legacy” and Injustice: Gods Among Us?

That prophetic Knightmare dream and The Flash’s time travel warning certainly seem to hint at a future where Superman works for Darkseid and enslaves the earth.  Though we’re only in the apocalyptic future for a few moments, it appears that Batman leads a group of ragtag resistance fighters and he needs kryptonite to take down Superman.  However, it’s a trap and the comgined might of Darkseid's Parademons and Superman’s militia capture Batman.  Apparently, Ezra Miller’s Flash is also alive in this chaotic future as he travels back in time and warns Batman that ‘he was right’ and that ‘she’ was the key.  Is that ‘she’ Flash is referring to Lois Lane, Martha Kent, Wonder Woman or someone else?  Based on Flash’s warning and the structure of the film,  it’s implied that Lois Lane is Superman’s tipping point, his only tehter to mankind.  However, it’s actually Martha Kent that makes Superman the most vulnerable in Dawn of Justice.

Superman: The Dark Side, an episode of Superman: TAS titled "Legacy" and the video game, Injsutice: Gods Among Us - it seems Zack Snyder or someone in creative control on Dawn of Justice is a fan of one or all three.  

12.) Does Lex Luthor know about Darkseid and Apokolips? If so, how?

It sure as hell seemed like Lex Luthor's nonsensical mumblings at the end of the film were actually hints at Darkseid's impening arrival!  How long did Lex Luthor have this knowledge? Is this knowledge somehow tied to Lex’s search for metahumans?  This raises a ton of questions but Lex’s hint at the (likely) villain of Justice League Part One comes at the very end of the film, meaning we'll have to wait quite a while for answers.  However, it can probably be presumed that Luthor learned this knowledge while aboard the Kryptonian ship during his mad scientist experiment on Zod’s corpse.  After all, he did tell the ship's computer to show him everything.  With Superman now dead, Luthor apparently believes that Darkseid will see the earth as vulnerable and launch an attack.

13.) How does Lex gain such a quick understanding of the Kryptonian Matrix and how does he know that mixing his blood will result in Doomsday?

It’s made clear in Man of Steel that kryptonians are a genetically engineered species yet Kal-el is the first natural birth in centuries.  However, the traditional method of kryptonian reproduction is present on earth, in the the crashed scout ship in Metropolis.  The ship contains a Genesis Chamber, complete with Kryptonian embryos and Zod's Command Key, which contains ancient kryptonian genetic code. With these tools on board, in theory, Lex could create a whole new army or Kryptonians. However, Lex Luthor sets out to creat something entirely different.  Bread crumbs were sprinkled in Man of Steel that stipulated that introducing anything other than pure Kryptonian DNA  into the Genesis Chamber would result in an “abomination”. But how does Lex know that said "abomination" would result in a creature like Doomsday? 

The answer is actually found on a Man of Steel blu-ray extra and the “Planet Krypton” documentary which features the US government decoding a cache of encrypted Black Zero transmissions which contain the line, “Beware Bertron's curse, for he is named Doomsday.” In the comics, Bertron was an alien scientist who wanted to create the ultimate lifeform.  He went about this mission by abandoing an artificialy created infant in the most hazardous and deadly locations on Krypton, where he naturally perished rather quickly.  However, Bertron would repeat this process many times, over decades, making a new test subject from the leftover genetic material, simulteaneously improving the physical weaknesses that brought about its predecessor's demise.  It would seem that a similar  event has occurred in the DC Extended Universe based on the encoded data on the Black Zero and the warning the scout ship gives to Lex in Dawn of Justice that the Kryptonian Law Council have expressly forbade crossbreeding. This would  ndicate that a Doomsday abomination has been created before.  Perhaps the true Doomsday is somewhere out in space and he’ll make his way to earth in Justice League Part One? Zack Snyder has already stated that Doomsday’s mythology will be further explored in Justice League.  “Well, you have Doomsday, right? He doesn’t just crawl out of the ground. He has his own mythology, right? So that has to be explored…

14.) Was that a Mother Box that fused with Cyborg?

Cyborg has been given several origin stories in the decades since the character's debut in 1980.  However, it appears the DCEU will be utilizing the most current origin tale of Cyborg as told during Geoff Johns’ run on Justice League.  While Dawn of Justice doesn’t reveal what accident left Victor Stone in such a dire state, we do see what appears to be a Mother Box fuse with Cyborg’s body.

This begs the question, how does Silas Stone acquire a Mother Box? Has Darkseid and his forces already visited the planet once before?  Or have agents of New Genesis and Highfather beat Apokolips to earth?  It's a very intriguing mystery, however, we’ll more than likely get our answers to these questions in Justice League Part One.  This was one of the world-building clues that probably excites comic book fans the most.

15.) How did Lois instinctively know that Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman would need the kryptonite spear when fighting Doomsday?

Lois Lane throws the kryptonite spear in groundwater in the cellar of an abandoned Gotham building, only to moments later, exit said building, take a brief glimpse at Doomsday and immediately turn around and retrieve the spear (or attempt to retrieve it).  How did Lois instinctively know that Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman would need the spear to defeat Doomsday?  In Man of Steel, Lois came face-to-face with a number of Kryptonians so she definitely knows their physiology and capabilities better than the average person.  This is speculation on my part, but it feels like footage must've been shot of one of the heroes telling Lois to go back and get the spear and then a decision was made in post-production to cut that scene down to Lois immediately turning back and jumping into the water. Why that decision was made is anyone's guess. It's a nitpicking point that virtually every critic of Dawn of Justice brings up.

There were certainly lots of questions left unansered in Dawn of Justice. Some were intentional, serving as set-ups for future story-telling and others were just glaring plot holes and ill-defined character moments.  Do you have your own questions and theories about the film? Sound off in the comment section below and discuss among your fellow CBMers. 

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HulkOnion - 3/26/2016, 2:50 PM
How many more BvS lists will there be, and how much more anger will brew in the comments this time?
TheGoat - 3/26/2016, 10:49 PM
@HulkOnion - They really are going after money hoping people click next.

I have yet to hit one of those buttons.

UpPastMyBedtime - 3/26/2016, 2:51 PM
I think it's because of the unanswered questions people didn't like it as much
RandalCabbage - 3/26/2016, 2:51 PM
LEVITIKUZ - 3/26/2016, 2:53 PM
There's more than 15.

Like how can Superman come back from the dead when a spear went through his chest but Zod can't when all that happened was his neck got snapped.
TheBeard - 3/26/2016, 3:32 PM
TheActionAce - 3/26/2016, 3:36 PM
@LEVITIKUZ - Zack will probably use the codex that is in Supermans dna and the sun rays
as a crap explanation to why he came back, 5 mins after his casket was lowered. :(
LEVITIKUZ - 3/26/2016, 3:36 PM
@LEVITIKUZ - Also, why did Superman go fight Batman? I mean Lex said he had his mom you know. Why didn't Supers go and find her? I mean in Man of Steel, Martha says "focus on my voice, pretend it's an ocean." He heard her in trouble miles away in Man of Steel when he attacked Zod and "YOU THINK YOU CAN THREATEN MY MOTHER!!!"

He didn't even need to go to Gotham and fight Batman. Batman would literally be waiting there all night for Superman not to come lol. Batman served zero point in saving Superman's mom when Supers could have done it himself.
gmoney0505 - 3/26/2016, 3:36 PM
@LEVITIKUZ - Same thing I said.
LEVITIKUZ - 3/26/2016, 3:38 PM
@LEVITIKUZ - Him not saving his mom makes even less sense considering the amount of times he saved Lois from God only knows how far away.

But he couldn't locate his own mom?
DannRamm113 - 3/26/2016, 3:48 PM
@LEVITIKUZ - well lex did say that if superman flies in the opposite direction of batman Martha dies, so i don't think superman could have located her wothout lex noticing first
LEVITIKUZ - 3/26/2016, 3:49 PM
@dannramm113 -Superman could just fly around the Earth so Lex wouldn't notice.
DannRamm113 - 3/26/2016, 3:53 PM
@LEVITIKUZ - come on, that is a petty graspy arguement man, you are better than that. The movie has questions, but the reason why superman went to batman is not one of them, especially since superman didn't go to fight batman, but instead to convince batman to help him after realizing batman was being played to. Batman started the fight, and wouldn't stop, think their original encounter in new 52 justice league, but with the roles reversed
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