How The Russos Brothers Handled An Overpowered Character Like Captain Marvel In AVENGERS: ENDGAME

Joe and Anthony Russo talk about the challenges that come with adding an "overpowered" character like Captain Marvel to the roster of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and it's clear they know what they're doing...

Captain Marvel has been described as the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so what does she need The Avengers for when the time comes to stop Thanos? 

Well, Avengers: Endgame will indeed see Carol Danvers team up with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but what are the Russo Brothers doing to ensure that she's doesn't end up being too overpowered? During a recent interview, the filmmakers addressed the storytelling difficulties that come with including a character like Captain Marvel. 

"It's always a concern of ours about overpowering characters," Joe explained, "because the reason that people relate to these characters is their humanity, and that they’re flawed…So, we're all acutely aware of the dangers of having an overly powerful character. [But] we like sensitive storytelling, so… we found a thoughtful way through it."
"As storytellers," Anthony added, "that's been one of the most fun things we've had working with these characters is figuring out ways into them where they are vulnerable and they aren't all powerful." These guys clearly know what they're doing and the Captain Marvel lead is in good hands.
While the Russos won't necessarily depower Captain Marvel, Thanos was one of the strongest beings in the universe before getting the Infinity Stones so the Mad Titan will definitely be a formidable opponent for her. Moving forward, Marvel Studios will just need to make sure that the villains The Avengers face are just that bit more powerful. 

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A Missing Avenger

If you look closely at this scene (and I'm pretty sure most of you may have missed this), it definitely appears as if a mystery character has been edited out of the shot as that gap simply doesn't look right and there's something off about the area surrounding where they should be. 

If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that this is probably Carol Danvers as I doubt she would have wasted too much time heading to Earth after Nick Fury reached out to her. 

The reason Captain Marvel isn't shown, though, is probably because that could be considered a spoiler for her solo outing and there's a very good chance Marvel Studios is holding off on showing her in Avengers: Endgame until the next trailer is released for that very reason.


But What Are They Looking At?

Regardless of whether or not someone is missing from that shot, Earth's Mightiest Heroes are looking at something and the question now is simple: what is that?

Well, if I had to hazard a guess, it probably has something to do with Tony Stark's return to Earth because he would no doubt head straight to the New Avengers Compound in the Milano alongside Nebula. The heroes look shocked but that's probably because they think it's another threat attacking the planet.

Either way, something is on its way to where the heroes currently call home...


Iron Man Finds A Way Home

The last time we saw Tony Stark, he was left stranded in space and clearly accepting of his fate. Something must have changed since then, though, because he and Nebula can both be seen working on what is presumably a solution for the fact they've run out of food and are about to run out of oxygen as well. 

This will more than likely explain how they get back to Earth (despite theories that someone "rescues" them) and it's a nice throwback to Iron Man's past to see him working with very little to save his life. Karen Gillan has previously said that Nebula would find an unlikely ally in these movies and it now appears as if that will most definitely be Tony. 


A Support Group For The Lost

Some time must have passed since the events of Avengers: Infinity War because not only does Steve Rogers no longer have his beard but support groups have been set up to help those dealing with the loss of their friends and loved ones. I certainly don't think it's been years but it's clearly been a number of months and it will be interesting seeing what's become of the heroes (and Earth) during that time. 

As for those shots of Staten Island, it appears as if that's being used as a refugee camp, presumably for those who have been left stranded or orphaned after their loved ones disappeared.


Rocket's Classic Comic Book Costume

Well, this is awesome. 

Look closely and you'll notice that Rocket is wearing a comic accurate costume that bears a resemblance to the blue and red outfit he was decked out in during the adventures he embarked on before the team was given a new look shortly before Guardians of the Galaxy was released in 2014.

While James Gunn certainly paid homage to that in the past, the Russo Brothers have faithfully adapted it (gloves and all). The question is, is this where he's living now or is the hero looking for someone? This looks like it could be somewhere like Norway! 


Ant-Man And War Machine

War Machine isn't rocking his new armour here (it definitely seems to be the one from Avengers: Infinity War rather than the leaked, bulkier version in promo art) and Ant-Man has his suit from Ant-Man and The Wasp which obviously makes sense as he has no one to help design him any new gear!

Regardless, these two are clearly suiting up for action in this shot and they seem to be in the New Avengers Compound still. Beyond that, this doesn't really reveal too much about what to expect from this somewhat unexpected duo but I would imagine it's a scene from a fairly early point in the film.


The Avengers Aren't Giving Up

It seems as if the world has given up on their loved ones returning and, well, if your significant other turned into a pile of dust along with half of the Earth's population, chances are you wouldn't be feeling overly hopeful about them miraculously returning either! 

The Avengers, however, have not given up and that's something Captain America makes very clear in this teaser. It was also evident in the first trailer and while many fans suspected that Iron Man would be the driving force in Avengers: Endgame, it's clear now that Steve Rogers will be the one who leads Earth's Mightiest Heroes against Thanos as he attempts to set things right and restore the dead.

However, there may be another good reason Steve is at this meeting beyond making promises he hopes he can keep but we'll get to that a little later in this breakdown. 


Black Widow Takes Aim

This shot doesn't really tell us a huge amount about what to expect from Black Widow in the movie but Natasha's hair is considerably longer which once again points to a significant amount of time having passed. One thing we can assume, though, is that she's taking out her frustrations on these targets because of the trauma that the events of Avengers: Infinity War had on the hero.

Where Is Thor?

There's been some speculation that this shot of Thor (with Stormbreaker) could be where we found Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity War but I think it looks more like Wakanda. 

On the other hand, the architecture we see here resembles what we might see in Asgard so it's also possible that Thor is somewhere in the Nine Realms looking for Valkyrie and the other survivors of the Mad Titan's attack. Either way, the hero looks like he's having a hard time after failing to take Thanos down with a shot to the head at the end of their last confrontation. 


Captain America's Shield Returns...

There are two shots of Captain America's shield in the trailer and that clearly means he's decided to once again pick it up and embrace his classic identity. He's done that presumably without speaking to Iron Man but it's also feasible that they've crossed paths by this point and Tony Stark has given Steve Rogers his shield back after their falling out in Captain America: Civil War

Either way, Steve clearly realises that he needs to be Captain America again and it's good to see him wielding the shield after being without it the last time we saw him in action. 


...But Does He Have PTSD?

Before Captain America tightens his shield on his arm, his hand shakes

Is that because he's been injured or could it be that Steve is suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress after coming face to face with Thanos and watching his friends die in front of him? After all, no matter how much the hero has been through, watching Bucky die and seeing The Vision torn apart can't have been easy and knowing that he "failed" also won't have helped matters.

The Russo Brothers have promised that Cap will have a significantly larger role in Avengers: Endgame so
don't be surprised if they take a deep dive into the effects recent events have had on him in this movie regardless of whether or not it's his final appearance in the MCU.

The New Avengers

These are Earth's remaining Mightiest Heroes but who makes up the new roster?

Well, if you look closely, it appears as if we can see Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket Raccoon, Ant-Man, War Machine, and possibly Bruce Banner and/or Ronin. It's a formidable team of Avengers but 
don't be surprised if Captain Marvel has been edited out (Iron Man and Nebula will probably join them a little later on). 

Look closely, though, and you may notice something very interesting about the team...


Quantum Realm Suits

Yes, The Avengers seem to be wearing their Quantum Realm suits as Thor doesn't have his cape and they all look somewhat armoured. It's hard to say for sure but this walk may very well be their first foray into that as they attempt to travel back in time and set things right for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Marvel Studios is clearly keeping a lot of secrets when it comes to Avengers: Endgame but I wouldn't be surprised if they pull back the curtain on this once the second trailer is finally released. 



I almost forget Ronin! It's impossible to say where Clint Barton is here but he's definitely alone and isn't decked out in his old Hawkeye outfit despite still having his arrows on his back. 

In the Ultimate line of comics, Hawkeye took on a Ronin-like identity after his family was murdered and their deaths will presumably be the case of him taking on a new persona in the MCU.


Mourning The Dead

The TV spots kicks off with a recap of the heroes who died in Avengers: Infinity War and, in case you missed them (it goes by quickly), we see The Wasp, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, The Falcon, Black Panther, Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, The Winter Soldier, and The Vision. 

I don't think there's anything too significant about the use of red here or the specific characters that were chosen but I'm sure that some of you might have some theories about why they're featured...

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