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My ideas for the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us
An Andy Warhol inspired POP art piece.
Are you tired of Batman brooding all the time? DO you want to see him smile? Look no further!
Wallpaper featuring the arrow, flash, cyborg, batman, superman and aquaman.
An alternate time. An alternate world. Under the leadership of Scott Summers, the X-Men have managed to become a force of justice in the cause for mutants. However, sinister forces in the shadows seek to destroy everything they hold dear. When a mutant assassin starts to target the team in ways they struggle to counter, the X-Men must uncover the truth, or perish trying.

Designed By DiamondDesignHD
Hello CBM’ers this is kinghulk here to show of a character that I have made for the OAU (online alternate universe) and some character designs courtesy of CBM’s finest artist Doopie ;).
Villains never seem to stay for long in Arkham Asylum before they're back out terrorising Gotham again. Just who can solve the problem of the revolving door? Jim Gordon perhaps?
Batman sketch for today!
Yes, this is a Fan-Made Trailer for Justice League.
It's time for yet another Fan-Made Trailer from MR8866, hopy you enjoy...
This continues the chronicles of the Batman had DC adapted The Dark Knight
Returns, in 1989, rather then applying the 'essence' of the mythology as seen in
Batman, starring Michael Keaton.
A story I wrote after Nick Mason of The Weekly Planet Podcast said that every villain, except Stilt Man, can be effective with the right writing. I'm here to prove him wrong.
Another fan cast from the Facebook page
Cool Age of Ultron FAN MADE Teaser using Concept Art! Instead of The Vision I switched him out with Falcon because of the events of the Winter Soldier and in the comics I think he'd be a cool addition to the team! after Comic Con when they put out some images of Vision I'll add him in newer fan made posters! :D
Click the jump for my SAO fan-cast.
Here is a young justice fan-cast if the show were to be reimagined on the CW in live action. I did not make this but found it on this Facebook page.
This guys cast is solid (in my opinion) because he bases it not only off of looks, but age, talent, scope, and even how it would realistically work in the Arrowverse!
Wallpaper with the rock as Shazam. Features possible amateur-ish photoshop skills.
Capture a little insight into the nefarious time traveling plot of the evil team Turmoil as they began to put their plan into action.
Ever wanted to see what Gotham would be if it followed the source material more closely? Hit the jump for more!
Continues as a prequel to the '89/'90 TDKR and the sequel to '93 TDK
Designed By DiamondDesignHD
Come check out my cast for a live action TMNT movie!
As the title says, pencils for my new picture of a mix of Lobo's.
With The Amazing Spider-Man 2's mixed reactions despite being a financial success overall, though performing below expectations, we still have no confirmation on the status of the new film. In case the film ends up in Spider-Man 4 limbo, here's where I would go with the story for the third film.
What if DC and Marvel heroes united against the Transformers in an epic war?
It's time for yet another Fan-Made Trailer from MR8866, this time: DC Marvel vs Transformers