Punisher "The Punisher" is one of Marvel's more violent comics characters but has seen the big screen three times with little to no box office success. First in 1989 with Dolph Lundgren, next in 2004 with Thomas Jane, and then in 2008 with Ray Stevenson. The comics storyline tells of Frank Castle, a former Special Forces operative, who witnesses his family murdered by the mob. With unparalleled intensity and an arsenal of weapons Castle seeks to "punish" criminals wherever he finds them.
Filmmaker Mike Pecci has updated the status on his Punisher fan film The Dead Can't be Distracted stating that Marvel has sent them a cease-and-desist letter.
To give you all a break from the Affleck/Batman articles, I've decided to list some ideas on possible stories, castings, etc. of the potential Punisher film.
Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci have released a teaser for "The Dead Can’t Be Distracted"; a movie based on the recent critically acclaimed Punisher series. Marvel Studios needs to be shown this...
Punisher's War Journal is a script I wrote maybe a year ago and recently stumbled upon. It is supposed to delve into Frank as a tormented character instead of just a mindless killing machine like in the other incarnations. I hope you enjoy!
In two weeks, the Gasparilla Film Festival will be bestowing Thomas Jane with their International Career Achievement Award. To showcase Jane's talent, the festival will screen The Punisher. Jane recently spoke with ET about the film. Check it out.
The Punisher can work... Me and many of my fellow comic book fans believe that. But how?
Animator Luis Pelayo Junquera has created an animated short based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's, "Do Not Fall In New York City." Considered by many fans to be the best story during Ennis' run. It centers around one of Frank's friends from the war killing his own family.
Earlier this year at the San Diego Comic Con Thomas Jane surprised everyone with a new Punisher short film, "Dirty Laundry." But will that be the last time we see Jane as Frank Castle? Come find out!
In a recent interview director Lexi Alexander addresses the developing cult status of Punisher: War Zone. She also discusses the struggles she endured while making the movie. Check it out!
While not absolutely, spectacularly fantastic by many means, this Punisher gets by on being a bad-ass, super-fun, straight-up action film.
With Marvel gearing up for phase 2 of their cinematic universe and Thomas Jane releasing his Punisher fan film... is a Punisher movie far behind?
Five selections on who should bring the skull-wearing gunslinger back to theaters.
I am The Comic Critic and continued from my "A Story That Should Be Told" series I now talk about one of my true favorites The Punisher giving my thoughts to him and a fresh original story idea on this powerhouse of a character!
A new behind the scenes look at Thomas Jane's popular Punisher short film, Dirty Laundry is now online. Featuring a short look at some of the stunts in the short film, click ahead to view the video!
I was watching movies earlier today and noticed something, the only good Punisher movie didn't have any studios attached.
More dark, more brutal, more dumb.
It's been eight long years since we've seen Thomas Jane as Frank Castle. He makes his dramatic return to the role in this deliciously violent short, "Dirty Laundry," which also features Ron Perlman.
The actor, who played Frank Castle in the 2004 Punisher film, discusses his love for the character and whether or not he'd like to star in a possible film adaptation of the Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe one-shot.
Following the news that AKA Jessica Jones won't be making her way to ABC (read more details on that HERE) it has now been revealed that The Punisher will NOT be joining The Hulk on the small screen too. Read on for details.
The Punisher: 3 movies, all of which weren't very successful. That being said I am gonna ask and answer the following question, "Should The Punisher get a third remake?" Or maybe go to TV? Here's my thoughts...
Is it a bad thing I was rooting for the Punisher to kill his neighbors more than Travolta?
I may not list every problem that it misses, but I will write the ones that I think were important to the success of the films.
Recent reports suggest that Fox has bought a television series for MarvelComics character Frank Castle, better known as 'The Punisher.' For more details, make the jump!
Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hooligans) gives an in-depth interview with Paul Scheer for his podcast, "How Did This Get Made?" Click the jump to learn about all the challenges that this director encountered while making the movie.
In the first of my Punisher reviews, I take on what many can agree is the best incarnation of Frank Castle so far. Is it as mediocre as critics suggest? Click here for my take...