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This is fanfic for The Walking Dead, which wil focus on another group of survivors struggling to survive the apocalypse.

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By TheHydraTakeover - 7/7/2012
Jackson: Do it! Kill them!
Jeffery: I...I can't...
Jackson: Come one Jeff, they are just like every other walker. Kill them so we can-
Jeffery: He isn't like any other walker!
Jackson: What do you mean?
Jeffery: He's my brother!
Jackson: Jeff, I know this is hard, but you have to do this. I would volenteer to do it myself, but I'm out of ammo. Do it!
Jeffery: No!
Jackson: Remember what you told me? Mourning for our family isn't going to help us survive!
Jeffery: What's the point in surviving any longer! We will eventually become one of them!
Jackson: Not if we fight! We can win, but we just have to fight!
Jeffery: This isn't a game! There never will be a winner!
Then, before they could act, they were surrounded. With no way out.

Three months earlier.

The black GMC speeds down the highway.
Carly: Where are we going?
Jackson: Atlanta.
Carly: Why are we going there. That place will a mess.
Jackson: Just like everywhere else.
Carly: We need to avoid cities.
Jackson: The army is there taking in survivors.
Misty: Uncle Jackson, are my mommy and daddy going to be there?
Jackson and Carly turn to Misty, Jackson's niece.
Jackson: Uh....
Carly: Yes sweety, go to sleep okay?
Misty: Okay Ms. Carly.
Carly: Thank-you sweety.

Carly was Misty's second grade teacher. When Jackson found Misty, he saved Carly, whom he knew from collage, from a herd of walker children. Misty was the only survivor of her class. Carly was the only surviving teacher from the entire school.

Carly: Is she aware that her parents are-
Jackson: No. And I hope it stays that way for awhile.
Carly: You are just going to let her think her parents are alive?
Jackson: Yes, that's my plan.
Carly: Jackson...
Jackson: I don't want her to know until she is a little older.
Carly: You expect her to believe her parents are still alive until she's older?
Jackson: Look, I'm her uncle, I don't want her to be hurt.
Carly: She will be hurt if you wait a long time to tell her. And then she will resent you.
Jackson: I don't care if she hates me. All that matters is her survival. I'm doing this, believe it or not, for her. Not for me, for her! If she finds out that they are dead, she will quit fighting, if she quits fighing, then she'll die, if she dies, then I'll stop fighting. Letting her know about her parents would start a chain reaction ending with either me or you, or both, dead.
Carly: You really thought on this.
Jackson: Yes I did.
Carly: I still don't think this is-

Her eyes get big.

Carly: Look out!

Jackson returns his eyes to the road. He curses and slams on the brakes.

Carly: I think....I think that's a man!
Jackson: Me too.

He exits the truck and approaches the man.

Jackson: Who are you?
Jeffery: Jeffery. Jeffery Harrison. Who are you?
Jackson: Jackson Wright. That's my friend Carly Cahill. My niece is asleep in the backseat. Her name is Misty Wright. What are you doing out here? With no vehicle?
Jeffery: My truck broke down a few miles back. I've had to walk. I have some guns. A whole duffle bag full.
Jackson: Really? Where are they?
Jeffery: Under the bridge. That's where I've been camping out. I come up here to scavenge.
Jackson: Where were you heading?
Jeffery: Atlanta.
Jackson: Us to. Need a lift?
Jeffery: Obviously.
Jackson: Well, get your guns and lets head out.
Jeffery: Could you lend me a hand?
Jackson: Sure.
Jeffery: Follow me.
Jackson: Can you give me a second?
Jeffery: Um, okay. Meet me down there.
Jackson: Got it.
Jackson walks back to his truck and motions for Carly to lower her window. Carly does so.
Carly: Who is he?
Jackson: His name is Jeffery. His truck is the one we found a few miles back. He was heading to Atlanta. He needs a lift.
Carly: Jackson...
Jackson: Think if it were you.
Carly: At one time it was me.
Jackson: Then you know how it feels.
Carly: I guess.
Jackson: good, because I wasn't asking.

Jackson walks away. He is greeted by Jeffery, carrying his bag of guns.

Jeffery: I'm ready.
Jackson: Here, I'll put them in the back. That's where you'll have to sit.
Jeffery: Okay, thanks for giving me a lift.
Jackson: No problem. The larger the group, the better chance of survival.
Jeffery: Not to big. We'll have to share more food.
Jackson: Yeah.

Jeffery climbs into the back of the truck and pulls out a shotgun. He mounts it on the roof of the car and loads. Jackson gets back into the truck and starts to drive.

Jackson: You ready Jeff?
Jeffery: Yes sir, I am!
Jackson: Here we go.

They speed down the highway.

Carly: Does he seem trustworthy?
Jackson: I guess. He has a duffle bag full of guns.
Carly: Is that a good thing?
Jackson: What are you saying?
Carly: During situations like this, people change.
Jackson: I know. I've witnessed.
Carly: I'm not talking about the walkers idiot. I'm talking about people turning on their friends. Or just attacking strangers. Taking their food. People will do anything for their survival.
Jackson: Jeffery doesn't seem like he'd do that.
Carly: That's what everyone thinks.
Jackson: How do you know all this?
Carly: I saw it happen when we were leaving town.
Jackson: I just don't think he would do that.
Carly: Whatever.

Jeffery taps on the back windshield. Jackson lowers his window.

Jackson: Yes?
Jeffery: Look ahead.

Jackson diverts his attention to the road ahead. There are hundreds of vehicles.

Jackson: Can you see any walkers?
Jeffery: A few, but we won't be able to drive through that
Jackson: So we will have to walk? Through that?
Jeffery: Yeah.
Jackson: Great.
Carly: Wait! We can just get off road and pass all of the cars. We can just drive through the corn fields.
Jackson: Good idea.
Jeffery: Alright. It sounds like a good idea.
Jackson: Wait.

He pulls the truck over.

Jackson: Just in case, could you pass us a few guns?
Jeffery: Sure, good idea.

Jeffery passes two shotguns up to Jackson. One for Carly and one for Jackson.

Jackson: Here we go.

Jackson drives into a field and starts passing the vehicles.

Jeffery: Jackson! Look ahead.
Jackson: I know.
Jeffery: I have a sniper with a silencer.
Jackson: Use it.

Jeffery pulls out the rifle.

Jeffery: I've been waiting to use this since the apocalypse.
Jackson:Well, here's your chance.

They drive slowly towards a group of walkers that are wondering around the cornfield. Jeffery starts sniping them. Jackson pays attention to only the road ahead. He is unaware when a crawler, that they didn't see, attaches itself to the truck. They are unaware of the crawler until it breaks into the truck and starts attacking Jackson.

Jackson: Holy-
Carly: Jeffery!

Jackson manages to throw the crawler through the windshield, but losses control of the truck and flips it. Jeffery jumps out before the truck over turns, but hits his head on a rock and is knocked unconcious. Everyone in the car, except Misty, is knocked out as well. Misty starts crying. Suddenly, a walker starts trying to break into the car. Misty grabs Carly's shotgun and shots the walker.
Misty: Uncle Jackson? Mrs. Carly?

Misty starts crying again. Then she hears gunshots.

When Jackson wakes up, he finds two unfamilier faces.

Jackson: Who are you? Where is Carly? Where is Misty? Where is-
Sam: Calm down. They are fine. They weren't bitten. That littl egirl saved you. Shot all those walkers. But she's in shock.
Jackson: I need to see her.
Tim: Sir-
Jackson: NOW!
Sam: Okay. Little Dan, bring the little girl in.
Little Dan: Yes sir.

Little Dan walks through a pair of double doors hlding Misty's hand.

Misty: Uncle Jackson!
Jackson: Misty!
Misty jumps into Jacksons arms and starts crying.
Misty: And then they tried to eat me ,and you, and Mrs Carly, but I shooted them and then they died. But then more kept coming. Then these nice people came and saved us!

Jeffery enters the room with a bandage on his head.

Jeffery: And god bless them for that.
Jackson: Jeffery, thank God you are still alive.
Jeffery: Your little niece saved me. She kept shooting them. Then these men came and killed all the walkers.
Jackson: Who are these men? Besides Little Dan?
Sam: Pardon me, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sam and this is Tim.
Jackson: Nice to met you all. Thank-you for saving us. All of us.
Sam: Well...
Jeffery: Jackson, they aren't sure that Carly is gonna make it. She got a really bad cut on her head. It's infected. They are doing everything they can though. I can assure you that.
Jackson: I need to see her.
Jeffery: Jackson, I'm not sure that that's a good idea.
Jackson: For God's sake Jeffery, help me get up!
Jeffery: Okay, but-
Jackson: Now!

Jeffery pulls Jackson out of bed and hands him some crutches. Together, they walk down a long corridor and enter a dimly lit room. Carly is lying down on a cot, a bloody cloth on her head.

Sam: Good news, she is a lot better. She will be able to get up in a few days.
Jackson: Thank God.
Carly: Jackson...

Jackson kneels down beside Carly.

Jackson: Yes Carly?
Carly: Jackson...I....I....
Jackson: Yes?
Carly: I......I had a....dream....
Jackson: About?
Carly: Them...
Jackson: These men?
Carly: They were in it, but I mean the....
Jackson: The walkers?
Carly: Yes...the walkers....It was horrible...
Jackson: What happened?
Carly: It was me, you, Jeffery, Misty, Little Dan, and two men I'd never seen before. We were surrounded.You tell us to run and then you and Jeffery start covering us. Shooting the walkers. Then Jeffery stops and starts breaking down. You are out of ammo and are begging Jeffery to shoot the walkers, but he won't. Then you are fully surrounded with no chance at escaping and-

Carly starts to sob.

Jackson: Shh... It was only a dream.
Carly: It just seemed so real. I..I just couldn't stand to watch you die.
Jackson: All that matters is that I'm here right now.

Carly continues to sob into Jackson's shoulder.

Little Dan: So are they....together?
Jeffery: Nope. They barely know each other.

Little Dan looks at Jeffery, stumped.

Jeffery: Yeah, I know. It's kinda obvious.

Little Dan shakes his head.

Suddenly, Tim runs into the room.

Tim: We have gotten in contact with a group of survivors. They are using channel 40.

Little Dan runs to the radio and starts turning the knob.

Little Dan: Hello, is anybody there?


Little Dan: Hello? Hello! I thought you said someone was on here!
Tim: There was. Said his name was Shane Walsh.
Shane: Hello? Hello?
Little Dan: Yes, we are here! Where are you located?
Shane: My group is located in the outskirts of Atlanta.
Little Dan: Why aren't you in the city?
Shane: the city belongs to the dead now. It was completely overrun. THe military was no match for them. They were easily out numbered. A small group was able to escape the city, but most ofvthem know...Where are you located?
Little Dan: We are about 150 miles away from Atlanta. We have made camp in an armory. How many are inyour group?
Shane: About 20. You?
Little Dan: 7.
Shane: Less mouths to feed. Will you be able to make it here?
Little Dan: No way. Yours could come here.
Shane: There is no way that that is possible, are can't...............ello?.....still there?.......hello?....
Little Dan: Hello? Hello?!?!
Sam: It's no use talking to him. He can't come here and we can't go there.
Little Dan: I guess you are right.
Sam: Course I am. When am I not?
Little Dan: Like every five minutes.
Sam: Hey, who here has a collage degree? Raise your hands?

Everyone raises there hands except Little Dan.

Sam: Hm, what went wrong there?
Little Dan: I had to take care of my mother and father! They both had lung cancer and couldn't take care of themselves. You don't think I wish they hadn't gotten sick so that I could've gotten a degree? I do! Not that it matters now!

Little Dan storms out of the room.

Tim: Sam, you are a giagantic-

A gunshot echoes through the hallway. Then another. And another. Followed by another.

Sam: Dan?!?!

Misty runs in the room, sobbing.

Misty: The monsters got in!
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NewGuy3000 - 7/7/2012, 9:03 PM
This Is Awesome dude!!!!!!
TheHydraTakeover - 7/7/2012, 9:11 PM

Thanks. Part 2 will be up soon. =D
DDD - 7/7/2012, 11:53 PM
Nice stuff!

TheHydraTakeover - 7/8/2012, 6:15 AM
Thank you! Part 2 will be up shortly. =D

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