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Comic Book Movie

Who are The Avengers of the Supernatural? A big problem for the Uncanny Avengers, that's for sure! With Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Blade, and more, Havok's team are going to have their hands full as you can see in this first look at Uncanny Avengers Annual #1. Check it out!
A lot of fans weren't pleased when Agent Coulson was resurrected for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and after being asked whether Marvel ever seriously considered killing off Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Kevin Feige has commented on whether death means DEATH in the MCU!
A new image from the upcoming TMNT reboot has surfaced, featuring April O’Neil (Megan Fox) holding Raphael‘s sai, accompanied by Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett). There appears to be some members of the Foot Clan laying defeated in the background, but we'll assume the Turtles handled that!
Early tracking for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, predicts an $60 million-plus opening weekend in North America. There's a chance that the film could reach $70 million...
The CW have released the official description for the season finale of Arrow, and it reveals not only the final stage in Slade Wilson/Deathstoke's plan, but also possibly teases the return of a certain...squad! Hit the jump to check it out.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may have been released in a number of international locations, but there's still over a week to go before the sequel hits North America. After the jump, you'll find a new clip from the movie in which a pre-Electro Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) meets his hero!
In rather unexpected casting news, it's been reported that theater actor Ray Fisher will play Victor "Vic" Stone, better known as Cyborg, in Zack Snyder's untitled Batman/Superman film. Check it out
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had its world premiere in London a few week back, but the sequel is now getting its North American premiere in Spidey's hometown of New York City! The director and cast (including Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx) are all in attendance, and you can watch it here!
Marvel have released a first look at Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four) and Slavador Larroca's (Invincible Iron Man) Avengers #28, and it appears as if the friendship between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark is about to reach a very abrupt and violent end! Check it out...
The X-Men: Days of Future Past director has broken his silence about the "completely false" sexual abuse allegations, with a statement that confirms he won't take part in the film's press tour. Check it out