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RESULTS: Who Was Your Favourite Character In The Dark Knight Rises?

Over 300 of you voted for your favourite and now the results are in. Hit the jump to see who the ComicBookMovie.com community voted as the most favoured character from Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’…

RESULTS: Which Version Of Bane’s Voice Did You Prefer?

Much has been made of the changes made to villain Bane's voice in 'The Dark Knight Rises' from the initial version shown back in December during the 'Prologue' segment. Over 700 of you have voted for which version you liked best and the results are in. Hit the jump to find out which version of Bane’s voice the ComicBookMovie.com community most preferred...


An editorial looking into why the feud between 'Marvelites' and 'Nolanites' could ruin what should be a celebrated year for the super-hero genre...

POLL: Should The Upcoming Batman Reboot Re-Tell Batman's Origin Story?

With Warner Brothers set to reboot the franchise after the incredible success of Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Trilogy', do you think the next big screen outing of the Caped Crusader should re-tell the origin story of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman?

EDITORIAL: Why We Need The Origin Story?

In the recent history of comic book to movie adaptations, the origin story has been fundamental. This article looks at the importance of the origin story and why, with the present and prospect of future superhero reboots, it is an element of the story audiences need…

POLL: Who Was Your Favourite Character In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? (SPOILERS)

Was it Batman? Was it Bane? Now's the time for you to vote for your favourite character in 'The Dark Knight Rises'...

POLL: Bane's Voice - Which Version Did You Prefer?

On release of 'The Dark Knight Rises' in cinemas, it was clear that villain Bane's voice had changed drastically from the original and somewhat controversial version shown in December's 'Prologue'. Now you can decide for yourself which version you prefer...

RUMOUR: Release Date For 'The Dark Knight Rises' DVD/BLU-RAY Revealed?

One rumour currently circulating on 'Blu-ray.com' claims that Christopher Nolan's conclusion to The Dark Knight trilogy will hit stores, on DVD/Blu-Ray, in time for Christmas...

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