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LAAL SINGH CHADDHA Star Aamir Khan Talks Adapting FORREST GUMP, His Surprising Inspiration & More (Exclusive)
We sat down with Bollywood legend Aamir Khan, one of the biggest movie stars in the world, to talk about his upcoming release Laal Singh Chaddha, which is an official adaptation of Forrest Gump!
SUPERMAN: 5 Ways Warner Bros. Discovery Can Attempt To Save The Man Of Steel On The Big Screen
With Warner Bros. Discovery embarking on a 10-year plan for the DCEU, it's obvious that Superman needs to be a focal point of that. Now, we're sharing our ideas for how to save the big screen Man of Steel!
The web-slinger has donned a number of different costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we're ranking them from least to most amazing, all the way from Captain America: Civil War to No Way Home!
Go Behind The Scenes Of Marvel's ETERNALS With The Official Hardcover Book
Titan's Marvel's Eternals: The Official Movie Special Book hits retail later this month, and will give fans a glimpse inside the creation of the film. Check out an exclusive excerpt and images!
8 Steps To Success For Warner Bros. Discovery's 10-Year DC EXTENDED UNIVERSE Plan
Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav claims to have a 10-year plan in place for the DCEU, but can that possibly succeed given what we've seen up until this point? Perhaps if he follows these steps...
PREY Interview With Star Dakota Beavers On Fighting The Predator And Exploring The Comanche Nation (Exclusive)
Prey star Dakota Beavers talks to us about playing Taabe in the Predator reboot, explaining how he prepared to join the iconic franchise, what it was like to take the fight to the alien, and much more.
BATGIRL: 6 More Upcoming DC Comics Movies And TV Shows Most Likely To Be Canceled Next
Fans are still reeling from the news Batgirl will never be released, but it might not be the final DC Comics movie to get the axe from Warner Bros. Discovery. Check out the most likely candidates here...
FANTASTIC FOUR: 4 Reasons Marvel Is Right To Skip Their Origin (And 3 Ways It Could Still Be Incorporated)
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently confirmed that the Fantastic Four will skip the team's origin story, so we're taking a look at why that's a good idea...and how it could still be important!
PREY Interview With Star Amber Midthunder On Playing A Badass Warrior And Battling The Predator (Exclusive)
Prey star Amber Midthunder talks to us about her role as Naru in the Predator reboot, explaining how she prepared for the role, what it was like seeing the Predator on set, and possible sequel plans...
PREY Interview: Director Dan Trachtenberg And Producer Jhane Myers On Reinventing The Predator (Exclusive)
Prey director Dan Trachtenberg and Producer Jhane Myers talk about reinventing the Predator for the upcoming Hulu movie, their hopes for the franchise's future, and making the movie historically accurate.

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