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Why I Think The Superman Reveal Image Is FAKE

I did some digging around and realized that the new superman image released from Batman vs Superman look strangely familiar...

Wonderman Suit Manip ( Photoshop )

An idea of Wonderman could look like if he were to appear in an Avengers 2/3. **This is simply an idea**

Jared Leto As Doctor Strange Photoshop

After all the rumors going around about Jared Leto being in line to play Dr Strange, I took photoshoped Jared Leto to see what it could look like

Guardians of the Galaxy Suits Altered

The Guardians of the Galaxy Team suits altered...

More THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Rhino Concept Designs by John Park

More concept art from the Amazing Spiderman 2 featuring Rhino

ThanosKing's Facebook Page

I have opened up a facebook page due to the fact that people suggested it, and now people can be updated with new posts...

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Suit Altered *Photoshop*

Star Lord's suit from Guardians of the Galaxy film Photoshopped to resemble the suit from the comics.

Iron Man 3's Tony Stark Suit Altered *Photoshop*

The concept art from Ironman 3 photoshopped to resemble one of the suits Tony Stark has in the comics