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Looking Back at SPIDER-MAN: REIGN

Some have read it, some have heard of it, and some have never seen the title before. Here I take a look at one of the most interesting Spider-Man stories ever written, Reign.

Destroyer14 Revisits GODZILLA VS. MEGALON

With plenty of GODZILLA updates recently, I decided to 'cash-in' as they say with this revisit of the most infamous (well besides the 98 one) film in the series, the crazy and awesome Godzilla vs. Megalon!

Destroyer14's Review of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #1

This new #1 could definitely go down as one of the most anticipated comics in awhile. Check out my review of the Superior Spider-Man #1.

Destroyer14's Review of BATMAN #13

Oh boy, this is the big one. One of the most anticipated and important comics of the year is upon us, the Joker is back! Check out my spoiler free review after the jump.

Destroyer14's Review of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Series Premiere

A longtime fan of the 2003 series, this reviewer jumps on board to review the premiere of the latest animated incarnation for the Turtles.

Happy 50th Anniversary King Kong vs. Godzilla!

Did you know that fifty years ago, King Kong battled Godzilla in Japanese theaters? Come enjoy a read on the history and legacy of this cinematic crossover.

EDITORIAL: On the State of the Cartoon

A lot of editorials have been popping up lately, here's another one. This one however is not about any of the upcoming movies, it's about cartoons and how they're getting worse and worse.

EDITORIAL: Why A New GODZILLA Film Is Necessary

Amidst the onslaught of Comic-Con news, in this editorial I talk about why exactly a new Godzilla film is needed in today's world. Hit the jump to read my thoughts.

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