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FlixMentallo21 Presents: Batgirl/Noir, an animated crossover

FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Batgirl/Noir", an animated crossover

A fancast for an East-meets-West crossover starring a fan-favorite Batgirl. "NOIR...It is the name of an ancient fate, two maidens who govern death. The peace of the newly born, their black hands protect."
FlixMentallo21 Presents: Squadron Supreme, A Marvel Animated Mini-Series

FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Squadron Supreme", A Marvel Animated Mini-Series

A fancast for an animated miniseries starring Marvel's take on the Justice League, in a story that asks: What if in order to save the world, its heroes had to take it over?
FlixMentallo21 and ILoveStargirl Present: Marvel Superheroes: Knights and Kings

FlixMentallo21 and ILoveStargirl Present: "Marvel Superheroes: Knights and Kings"

A fancast for a New Marvel Animated Universe special starring some of Marvel's greatest street-level heroes, and one man's quest for a lost love.
FlixMentallo21 Presents: Gambit Meets Lupin the Third

FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Gambit Meets Lupin the Third"

A fancast for an 'East-Meets-West' animated crossover film starring two of pop cultures' most famous master thieves--one a ragin' Cajun, the other a modern-day gentleman thief.
FlixMentallo21 Presents: G.I. Joe: Resurgence--Nocturnal Fire, A Netflix Original Animated Miniseries

FlixMentallo21 Presents: "G.I. Joe: Resurgence--Nocturnal Fire", A Netflix Original Animated Miniseries

A fancast for a new installment of the Resurgence saga, featuring a fan-favorite G.I. Joe sub-team and a deadly assortment of Cobra agents.
FlixMentallo21 Presents: Wonder Woman: The Lost Legend, a DC Universe Animated Original Movie

FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Wonder Woman: The Lost Legend", a DC Universe Animated Original Movie

A fancast for an animated adaptation of one of the Amazon Princess's more obscure adventures, penned by one of comicdom's greatest historians.
FlixMentallo21 Presents: Fire Emblem: Archanea Season Two--The Shadows of Valentia

FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Fire Emblem: Archanea" Season Two--The Shadows of Valentia

Book Two of a four-part fancast adaptation of the Archanea Saga in the long-running video game series. Today's installment: a tale of Valentia, based on 1992's Fire Emblem: Gaiden and its 2017 remake.
FlixMentallo21 and ILoveStargirl Present: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Season 4--What Could've Been...

FlixMentallo21 and ILoveStargirl Present: "The Spectacular Spider-Man", Season 4--What Could've Been...

A fan-casting collaboration for a fourth and final season of the beloved animated series starring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Excelsior!

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