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Key Points To Make A Marvel Studio's Spider-man better than Sony's

The favorite rumor of fans is now TRUE! Spider-man is back with Marvel Studios, and will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! When you let that sink in for a bit, check out my speculation and what I think would be a good game plan for Marvel now that the most popular superhero is back where he belongs.

Civil War Saga? Are Marvel's Plans BIGGER Than We Thought?

Have we overlooked a HUGE clue to Marvel Studio's plans in one of the "Sony Hack" emails? Does Captain America: Civil War contain the HUGE storyline in one movie? Or does it just the beginning of the storyline? How will the Netflix shows be effected? Make the jump to see the evidence I have uncovered!

THANOS The Main Villain In AVENGERS 3? How About NO!

Why should Thanos be in Avengers 3? This is what I ask. Why does everyone just assume this is how it should be? Marvel has a plan, but as a huge Thanos fan I sure hope they don't include him in the third Avengers movie! Why? Make the jump to find out!


How will WB and Zack Snyder make anticipated team up come to life? Your guess is as good as mine! I don't pretend to know what they ARE doing but I do know what they SHOULD do. Make the jump to hear my take!

Man Of Steel: Is Killing The Villain Right Or Wrong?

Should Superman kill the villain? Has he killed in the comics before? What is killing and what is not? Can you fight without killing? Make the jump to see me go in depth of the highly criticized twist in Man Of Steel. SPOILER WARNING!

FEATURE: Marvel's The Avengers Screen Cap's Which You Never Saw!

Didn't you wish you could have some of those awesome shots in Marvel's The Avengers that weren't included in any trailers? Well, now you can. Your's truly has taken loads of awesome shots just for your enjoyment. Make the jump to find your next computer wallpaper!

COMICS: Rick Remender, And John Romita Jr. Talk CAPTAIN AMERICA

After Ed Brubaker's fantastic run on Captain America, what has Marvel's anticipated writing shakeup Marvel Now have in store for him? The new team for Cap, talk of how their stories are going to shed light on Cap's pre-super-soldier days, new information on how a certain villain will be portrayed, much more!

RESULTS: What Did You Think Of CW's ARROW?

In the past few weeks Arrow has had some negative feed back but has made a mostly positive impression on most critics and fans. Last week I made a poll so we could see what CBMers thought. What's the conclusion? Make the jump to find out!

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