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Who is the double agent in Captain America: Civil War?

I offer up my opinion on the odds involved.

Mass Effect: Fan cast

Non-voice actor, mostly non-alien fancast of 2007's Bioware game...

Captain America II

Synopsis, fan cast, some thoughts...

Marvel Studios Present The Winter Soldier

Synoposis, fan-poster and cast herein.

Heavy Rain: Fancast

A fancast of Quantic Dream's grounbreaking interactive drama

Last Ride of Howard Stark

Howard Stark reflects on his life while driving home from a party.

Male-bonding, self-loathing and despair ahoy.

Steve Rogers in the 21st Century

After a few weeks out of the ice, Steve pays a visit to Gabe Jones, the last surviving Howling Commando, to learn what his friends got up to while he was away.

Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (fancast)

A fan cast of a Nick Fury movie set in the late 1960s, based on Jim Steranko's stories.

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