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Man Of Misunderstood: My Thoughts On Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL

I saw Man of Steel at the midnight showing fifteen minutes from my where I live. I am going to do a review mixed with what I believe to be misconceptions from so called "superman" fans that think this or that should not have happened in the movie.

First Look: Inception

Inside look on Inception. Also included a collection of posters, and Nolan's assumption on 3D!

Minotauro's Top 10 Movies of this Decade

Minotauro puts together some of the best movies(In my opinion) of
this decade, that will be memorable for decades to come. check it out
and feel free to tell me your true opinion.

MINOTAURO Review of Avatar...The one that counts!?

Is this the Star Wars of our decade?

ZombieLand 5 New Clips and Review(spoilers)

ZombieLand due out this Friday, Oct. 2, 2009 is a highly anticipated horror/comedy of the fall. Slow news week so, this was needed...

James Cameron Avatar Interview

James Cameron and John Landau discuss the creation of Avatar.

Two Trailers That Probably Won't Be Shown at Comic-Con

This is my first article. So please take it easy. I'm a graphic novel guy, and these trailers both have a graphic novel feel to them. Other than any news from Comic-con on these two trailers, "The Book of Eli" was mentioned by the directors as based on a graphic novel...

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