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Contact comicbookjerk The Comic Book Jerk is an internet personality and columnist determined to help you remember why it sucked. He also runs his own podcast called The Comic Book Jerk Show and has been an on and off member of CBM since 2006 and considers this site his home away from home when he isn't working on video for youtube or posting on he is her hanging with his friends and trolls on CBM.
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TITANS: Re-imagined as if it was the Teen Titans cartoon

TITANS: Re-imagined as if it was the Teen Titans cartoon

Teen Titans Fans are already beginning to create their own cool fan edits. Check out the Teen Titans version of the Titans Trailer.
Deadpool Romantic Trailer!

Deadpool Romantic Trailer!

The Deadpool Romantic Valentine's Day Trailer, You've been waiting for is here! Check out what it would look like if Deadpool was a romantic movie!


Secret Wars #2 could possibly be the worst comic book of the year, find out why Secret Wars no longer feels like a Marvel Comic and hit the jump to find out more about Thor-Verse.


Check out why Secret Wars Issue #1 isn't as good as it's predecessor and how if your just getting into comics this isn't the issue to start out on. You may be better off picking up DC's Convergence! Hit the jump to find out why!


One of the best comics of the year may not be the comics you come to expect and Ant-Man is no exception find out why issue #5 is so amazing! Forget Secret Wars and jump into the tiny world of Ant-Man!


Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts is the new animated feature from DC but is it worth sitting down with and watching? How does it stand up against other features? Just hit the jump for a spoiler free review!

A Night with Elliott Serrano

We got to sit down with Chicago's King of Geeks and Army of Darkness writer Elliott Serrano, to talk The Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Avengers Age of Ultron and more!


Could Kevin Conroy be appearing in MALLRATS 2? Hit the jump to find out!

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