CBM Weekly Review: 05/12/12 - 05/18/12

Here's a recap of all the top news stories from the past week. Catch up on any headlines you may have missed on The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel and DC Comics, and More!

THE AVENGERS: Comic Book Professionals, Actors And More Assemble To Share Their Thoughts On Marvel's Record-Breaking Movie
We've rounded up some quotes from some of our favorite celebs on Marvel's The Avengers. Everyone loves a good Hulk-out!

G.I. JOE EXCLUSIVE: Director Jon Chu Interview
Check out what the director of G.I. Joe: Retaliation has to say about the movie in ComicBookMovie.com's exclusive interview.

Josh Wilding Reviews: MEN IN BLACK 3 (3D)
After a ten year absence from the big screen, is there still room in a crowded summer of blockbusters for Agents J and K? Well, Men in Black 3 is released on May 25th, and you can find out whether or not it's worth checking out right here in this spoiler-free review.

Win a Trip to the Season 3 Premiere of THE WALKING DEAD - PLUS Meet the Cast and be Zombiefied by Greg Nicotero!
AMC has given us the exclusive promo for their season 3 premiere sweepstakes! Enter to win a trip to the season 3 premiere for you and a guest! PLUS, visit the SFX studio and get cast for a zombie bust!


The actor playing Foley/Nixon in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, has some VERY strong words for Marvel's The Avengers. "Batman would tear off Iron Man's head and sh#* down his neck."

TDKR: Politics, Movies And Censorship; When Billions Are At Stake, How Far Is Too Far?
A Time Warner shareholder has expressed concern over actor Morgan Freeman's political views and says subsidiary Warner Bros. should take steps to 'ensure Morgan buttoned his lip' while promoting The Dark Knight Rises. Is this going too far?

There's no new footage, but the first TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises has been unleashed during a commercial for NBA Playoffs. It seems as if the marketing for this movie is finally about to kick off in the build up to its release on July 20th.

TDKR: New (low-Res) Image Of Tom Hardy As Bane; Nolan Reveals New Info On The Character
A new - if familiar looking - pic of Bane has popped up online. Plus, Christopher Nolan reveals a bit more about the character, including why he needs to wear the mask, and that he's the man who "physically breaks Batman"..

TDKR: New Promo Images Of Batman & Bane

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The Avengers

Edgar Wright Says He Hopes To Shoot ANT-MAN This Year

During a chat with Empire, Wright confirms that things are finally moving on his Ant-Man project, revealing that he hopes to start shooting the movie as soon as this year..

Joss Whedon Discusses AVENGERS 2. Hints That A Female Superhero Will Likely Join The Team
Whedon is no stranger to strong female characters and drops hints that he would like another female hero to join Black Widow in Avengers 2.

"I Can't Wait To See DR. STRANGE And The BLACK PANTHER" Says Stan Lee
Speaking to CNN, Stan "The Man" Lee talks about a number of Marvel endeavors including how much he's making off The Avengers. The answer might surprise you.

Joss Whedon Says He's "Torn" About Returning To Direct AVENGERS 2
The director briefly touches on returning to helm the now officially coinfirmed sequel to The Avengers. Will we get a second movie out of Mr Whedon? It's still up in the air, but he has some "cool ideas"..

George R.R. Martin Reviews THE AVENGERS
The Game of Thrones creator makes no secret of his love for Stan Lee and Marvel so of course he saw The Avengers movie. Here's what GRRM had to say.

Heads Up Marvel, Actress Angie Harmon Wants To Play SHE-HULK....Really, Really Badly
Actress Angie Harmon definitely has the right look for She-Hulk and surprisingly has the passion to match. And I quote, "I would rock that like there is no tomorrow. I would kill that outfit. I’d put these 36Cs on display. Boom."

Jon Favreau Weighs In On THE AVENGERS Success And His Involvement On IRON MAN 3
Hit the jump for a brief Q&A interview with Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau as his praises Marvel's The Avengers director Joss Whedon, and also details serving only as a producer on Iron Man 3

James Badge Dale Joins The Cast Of IRON MAN 3 As COLDBLOOD
Well, as Eric Savin - but obviously we will see the character become the cyborg villain. Anyway, the Shame actor has joined the already very impressive cast. Click for the details..

IRON MAN 3 Seeks On-Location Filming Sight in Wilmington, NC; Vague Details Revealed
Official Timeline Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Reveals The Road To THE AVENGERS
ILM Featurette for THE AVENGERS Shows Stills Behind-the-Scenes of Hulk & Thor's Face-Off
Kevin Feige Weighs In On THE AVENGERS Box Office Success; Talks Marvel Studios' Future
Thor's "He's Adopted" Joke In THE AVENGERS Comes Under Fire
Idris Elba Offers Up Vague THOR 2 Story Details; Says Heimdall Is "Definitely" More Involved
THOR 2 Update From Idris Elba And Kat Dennings
Loki's Redemption In THOR 2 A Possibility According To Chris Hemsworth

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Spider Man

4-Minute Preview For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Now Online!
Following the reveal on NBC, Sony Pictures has released the 4-minute preview for the Marc Webb-directed film The Amazing Spider-Man. Featuring new footage, hit the jump to check out...

Kapow! Comic Con 2012: New Footage From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN To Premiere
New Behind-The-Scenes Featurette Released From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
New Still From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Featuring Gwen Stacy And Peter Parker

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Superboy Seasons 2-4 Coming to DVD?

More CBM Superman Coverage


No update on the X-Men franchise this week.

More CBM X-Men Coverage

Ryan Reynolds Wanted For HIGHLANDER Remake
SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Gets An Official Release Date
First Teaser Poster For SKYFALL Revealed
TDKR Actress Juno Temple Joins The Cast Of MALEFICENT
BLADE RUNNER Sequel To Feature A Female Protagonist
Three New International Featurettes For PROMETHEUS Arrive; Contain New Footage
Gruesome New PROMETHEUS Tv Spot Offers Glimpses Of "Aliens"

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HULK Television Show To Hopefully Hit ABC Airwaves Next Year, Network Passes On AKA JESSICA JONES
Paul Lee, Entertainment President for ABC talks optimistically about the Hulk television show. Work will continue on the Guillermo del Toro project while AKA Jessica Jones comes to a halt.

Marvel And Fox No Longer Moving Ahead With THE PUNISHER TV Series
Following the news that AKA Jessica Jones won't be making her way to ABC it has now been revealed that The Punisher will NOT be joining The Hulk on the small screen too. Read on for details.

SHERLOCK HOLMES: First 3-Minute Preview For ELEMENTARY Released
Beta Ray Bill Images From New THE AVENGERS: EMH Episode Airing Sunday
TRON: UPRISING – "Beck’s Beginning” Prelude Episode Now Online
Ror Recaps: GAME OF THRONES S207 "A Man Without Honor"
GAME OF THRONES S02E08 "The Prince of Winterfell" Promo
GAME OF THRONES: First Still From "Blackwater"; Season Finale Synopsis Released
Press Release: The Walking Dead--- Escape San Diego
ARROW's Stephen Amell Discusses The Show And SMALLVILLE Comparisons
Official Series Description For CW's ARROW
ARROW: First Clear Look At The Costume And First Footage Revealed
New Trailer For CW's ARROW

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comic books

COMICS: Wonder Woman Teams Up With Batwoman This August
COMICS: Marvel Reveals THE FIRST X-MEN; The Team Founded By...Wolverine?!
COMICS: The Flash Takes On The All-New Rogues This August
COMICS: Guardians Of The Galaxy Make Their Return In "Avengers Assemble" #6
COMICS: First Look At "Avengers Assemble" # 4 Sees The Team Taking On Thanos
COMICS: AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Will NOT Lead To A Relaunch Of The Marvel Universe
COMICS: Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Talk Pandora And The Trinity War
COMICS: Details on Batman #12's plot
COMICS: Jaw-Dropping Art From CAPTAIN MARVEL #1

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THE LITTLE MERMAID Star Halle Bailey Responds To X-MEN Casting Rumor

THE LITTLE MERMAID Star Halle Bailey Responds To X-MEN Casting "Rumor"

YOUNG AVENGERS And Eros Plans Teased By Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Following Comic-Con Panel
Recommended For You:

YOUNG AVENGERS And Eros Plans Teased By Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Following Comic-Con Panel

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Marvel Studios Reportedly Failed To Notify VFX Artists They'd Moved AVENGERS: ENDGAME's Release Date Up
Fans celebrated when Marvel Studios announced that Avengers: Endgame was getting an earlier than expected release, but it's said that the studio failed to notify the VFX artists working on the project...
AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Box Office Record Is About To Be Shot Down By Tom Cruise's TOP GUN: MAVERICK
Top Gun: Maverick continues to take aim at box office success, and after gunning down a record held by Titanic, it now has Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War in its sights. Read on for details...
AVENGERS: ENDGAME Directors Reveal That Kevin Feige Pitched Killing-Off ALL Of The Original Team
Avengers: Endgame bid farewell to two original members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but directors Joe and Anthony Russo have now revealed that Kevin Feige pitched killing off the entire team!
New SHE-HULK Clip Sees Jennifer Walters Spending Some Quality Time With Her Cousin
With just a little over 2 weeks until the premiere of the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we've been gifted a brief clip showing the Jade Giantess exploring her new abilities with her cousin, Bruce.
AVENGERS: ENDGAME Directors Recall Jon Favreau Objecting To Them Deciding To Kill Iron Man
Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo have shared Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau's shocked reaction to learning that they planned to kill Iron Man in the 2019 finale to The Infinity Saga...

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