I Am Groot

I AM GROOT Hi-Res Promo Art Reveals Another Adorable Look At Baby Groot's Upcoming Disney+ Debut
Another batch of hi-res promo art from I Am Groot has been revealed, this time offering a closer look at the adorable sentient tree, and we're betting you never expected to see him rock a "Good Hair Day."
I AM GROOT Promo Art Reveals Some Unbelievably Adorable New Looks For The Cutest Guardian Of The Galaxy
We're still not 100% sure when we'll get to watch I Am Groot on Disney+, but some new promo art for the series reveals that the beloved Guardians of the Galaxy will be rocking a new look...
I AM GROOT Storyboards Confirm We'll See Other Members Of The Team In Disney+ Animated Series
I Am Groot is set to arrive on Disney+ later this year, and some newly revealed storyboards offer an idea of what we can expect from the animated series. Find out who will join Baby Groot here...