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DC's The New 52 VS Marvel NOW!

Who is pulling off the more effective reboot?

Why We Don't Have An On-Screen DC Universe Yet

Why we've e yet to see a fully fleshed out cinematic DC universe. My thoughts below....

There Is Nothing Wrong With Appealing To Movie Audiences Or Relaunching Now And Then

Lately, Marvel comics has been accused of watering down their characters to attract fans of the film. I'm going to explain why there is nothing wrong with this, and this is exactly what fans and the comic book industry as a whole should want.

Ant man? Seriously?

Why giving Hank Pym a solo film would be the first Marvel Studio flop.

COMICS: Who should take over The Avengers from Brian Bendis?

As the movie brings us the best superhero film ever, an era in the comics comes to a close as Brian Bendis finally ends his run on The Avengers

My thoughts on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - PLUS, Why all the Cage hate?

A review/ editorial for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance.

Alan Moore Should Grow Up

With his reaction to the Watchmen prequels titled Before Watchmen, Alan Moore has reminded me why I don't extend the same affection for him as I do his creations.

Brubaker and Fraction for The Avengers!

Brian Michael Bendis is leaving The Avengers and The New Avengers. Who should be his his replacement... or replacements?