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Dragon Ball Z: RESURRECTION 'F' Review - From Battle of Gods, to Frieza, on a path to Super!

Dragon Ball Z: RESURRECTION 'F' Review - From Battle of Gods, to Frieza, on a path to Super!

Dragon Ball does it again! Resurrection 'F' not only brings back super-baddie Frieza but makes the DBZ franchise current again connecting last year's Battle of Gods with an all-new series yet to air in the U.S. entitled Dragon Ball Super. (Recent reports have Super lacking in the animation department, but we will see how that progresses.)
DC Universe Vs. Dragonball Z

DC Universe Vs. Dragonball Z

DC Universe VS. Dragonball Z Universe! Goku vs. Superman, Vegeta vs. Sinestro!!

Emmy Rossum Talks a Bit About Dragonball: Evolution

Emmy Rossum (who played Bulma in the Dragonball movie) discusses her new role with Justin Chatwin (Son Goku from DB: E) on Shameless and also talks a bit about DB Evolution.

James Marsters Discusses Dragonball Sequel

James Marsters was asked in a recent interview if he would return as Lord Piccolo if a Dragonball Evolution sequel starts production.


I review 2009's Dragonball Evolution

Dragonball Evolution AMV - Comparing to the anime

Come and watch how Dragonball Evolution was somewhat faithful to the anime.

Dragonball Evolution Sequel Script Already Written

Dragonball Evolution star Jason Chatwin that a script for the Dragonball Evolution sequel already exists.

Dragonball: Evolution?

This movie is definitley not gonna win any awards, but is it worth the money?

Dragonball Evolution DVD Review

Giving the popular Japanese manga and anime series a live-action makeover is a big undertaking. For that, "Dragonball Evolution" deserves a bit of leeway. Including the pointy hair alone should get them an "A" for effort. And the ultra-critial pubescent male fanbase gave the movie hell prior to even seeing it, but to be honest. It wasn't all that bad...

Superhero Hotties: Dragonball Babes

In honor of Dragonball Evolution coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD today, we give you the best thing about the movie... The Dragonball babes!

Dragonball Evolution Deleted Scenes Explained!

11 minutes of film are recovered for the DVD...

Dragonball Evolution DVD & Blu-Ray Cover Art!

Master your balls July 28th.

James "Piccolo" Marsters True Feelings About Dragonball Evolution

Now that Fox isn't breathing down his neck, what does James Marsters REALLY think about the DBE script?

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION: The French Hold Funeral for Goku

Crazy French fans reaction to the movie?

Where would you pick up the DBE storyline?

Most are disappointed with how Dragonball Evolution turned out. If given the chance, how would YOU pick up where DBE left off and do the series some justice?

Is a DBE Sequel REALLY Gonna Happen?

There's a lot of "info" about a DBE sequel scripted. The way the cast responded during this interview, it doesn't seem like it is. James Marsters gives us a little bit of hope for a DBZ movie done right.

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