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BLOODBORNE: Cover Art And Synopsis For Free Comic Book Day 2022 Lead-In Issue Revealed By Titan Comics
Titan Comics is set to kick off a new series based on the Yharnam citizens from the Bloodborne video games, and the publisher has now revealed details for a lead-in issue coming on Free Comic Book Day!
SMART GIRL: Fernando Dagnino Compares His New Graphic Novel To His Work On BLADE RUNNER: ORIGINS (Exclusive)
Titan Comics has released a new graphic novel this week called Smart Girl, and when we spoke exclusively with the creator he talked about how the cyberpunk story intertwines with his Blade Runner comic.
CUTTING EDGE Video Interview With Writer And Comic Creator Francesco Dimitri (Exclusive)
Titan Comics is releasing the conspiracy-driven graphic novel Cutting Edge for the first time in English in less than two weeks, so we spoke with the creator and writer to learn more about the property.
STAR TREK: VILLAINS Reveals Five Images & The History Of Skrain Dukat Ahead Of September Release (Exclusive)
Titan Comics is releasing Star Trek: Villains in September, which will place a heavy focus on stories, actors, and looks of many of the franchise foes. We've got early exclusive images and excerpts below!
GAMMA DRACONIS Author Benoist Simmat On His Upcoming Occult Crime Manga & Collaborating With Western Comics
Titan Comics is gearing up to release Gamma Draconis, which focuses on occult crime in multiple countries. We had the opportunity to exclusively chat with the author and asked about the comic/manga mesh.
SOLO: THE SURVIVORS OF CHAOS VOL. 2 - TOM & JERRY'S Oscar Martin On His New Anthropomorphic Character Tale
Oscar Martin draws many anthropomorphic characters, and his new comic Solo: The Survivors of Chaos takes that concept to a more graphic level, which we got the chance to ask about in an exclusive chat!
Celebrate Captain America's First 80 Years With New Hardcover Book! EXCLUSIVE
Marvel's Captain America: The First 80 Years is set to hit shelves next month, and we're celebrating with several CBM-exclusive pages and an excerpt from this new hardcover book! Check it out...
LITTLE VICTORIES: AUTISM THROUGH A FATHER'S EYES Writer On The True Story Behind Titan's New Graphic Novel
Titan Comics recently released Little Victories: Autism Through a Father's Eyes, a true story about a father learning to cope with his child's disability, and we had the chance to speak with the creator!
DOCTOR WHO Writer Jody Houser Discusses Adapting The Sci-Fi Series For The Comic Book Medium
Today sees the release of Titan Comics' Doctor Who Vol. 1: Alternating Current, and we had the chance to speak exclusively with writer Jody Houser about adapting the sci-fi series to the comic book medium.
Phillippe Glogowski's new graphic novel from Titan Comics captures United Kingdom soccer/football team Arsenal's greatest matches, and more, all through the eyes of a step-father and his step-son.