NOAHTHEGRAND presents as part of his DC Cinematic Universe : Green Arrow and Black Canary

NOAHTHEGRAND presents as part of his DC Cinematic Universe : Green Arrow and Black Canary

Noahthegrand presents his newest addition to his cinematic universe, featuring Black Canary, Green Arrow, Brick, and Count Vertigo!

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By noahthegrand - Oct 25, 2017 09:10 AM EST
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While the tv show Arrow has entertained millions including myself around the world, it is commonly known to more of an alternative version of the comic book green arrow story. It's comic book green arrow, but in a darker and more realistic setting where the characters branch off in different directions. Yes, season 3 and 4 are…. bad. Especially season 4. Season 4 was so bad that the Reddit arrow fan club became a Daredevil fan club instead. Season’s three and four killed Black Canary, gave us a new Black Canary, then killed her. But, I’m getting off topic. Season’s one, two, and five are proof green arrow works as a character.


When it comes to famous characters like Batman, or Hamlet, each version emphasizes different things. What I’m doing is a different version of Green Arrow the emphasizes different aspects of the comics then the show Arrow has. These are the the things that I feel are important to my  Green Arrow:


Green Arrow is lighter than batman, he gets cocky, he jokes around a bit. Black Canary is a must, green arrow is also pretty anti establishment in the comics so i’ll have him go against corruption in the story. He's also a hero of the people. He has a goatee, he NEEDS a goatee. Maybe a little mustache too.




Simple title, self explanatory, green arrow is a street level hero, living in a fantastical world. We’ll see what it's like for people in the DCEU. Some people just have superpowers, it's uncommon, but there are people like brick or Black Canary just “around” first references to the concept of a metahuman will be in this, as this movie is in pre Justice league noahthegrand extended universe, or phase one.


Phase one is really the phase where in my movies we present that crazy stuff is happening, aliens, gods, all that.


Anyway, the villains will include


COUNT VERTIGO/ Count Werner Zytle: His family was royalty in the Eastern European nation of Vlatava. When he was only a baby a revolution ousted his parents from their country and they fled to America. As he grew, he realized that he was destined to rule, and refused to allow anyone to take that from him, building a criminal empire he rules over like a king. At some point in his past, he was experimented on, giving him the ability to warp people's senses and create psychedelic imagery.


BRICK: A drug lord kingpin with mysterious abilities. Somehow, he's bullet proof, and knows Vertigo from his past. He's an older guy, but built like a (brick) wall. He works for Count Vertigo, selling mind altering and highly addictive drugs based off of Count Vertigo’s own DNA.


My setting will be Star City, which I imagine as violent and intensely corrupt, while also impoverished. We could film it in Detroit! While Gotham is bad, that cities brand of bad is more chaotic and psycho based. Star city is more gang based. Also, the city government is extensively corrupt due to the fact that Count Zytle rules it like a war lord.


Also, we have Dinah Lance, aka, Black Canary. She used to own a martial arts dojo, Brick destroyed it, she has a sonic scream, inherited from her mother, who was once a black canary herself, fighting crime in the Cold War with the JSA.  Her mother owns a floral shop now. Dinah fights against Bricks gang as the new Black Canary, beginning sometime before we start. We don't linger on how this family ended up with powers.


We jump in when Oliver first returns to the city, told through news reports and cuts of him returning and trying to get his old life back to find many of his friends of forgotten him and Zytle bought his stock in Queen Enterprises after his “death”. We’ll learn Oliver was a playboy who didn't really care about anything. He still has a cocky attitude once he gets going in this movie, but he cares now. He’s also pretty mad his life is gone. He's at least for now being prevented from rejoining his company by red tape set up by Zytle, who is also paying people to get him killed. Oliver will defend himself. His fighting style should be unrefined, like he made it up on the island. He’ll meet Black Canary fighting off attackers, he’ll come to her home as he currently doesn't have one and learn about how Zytle is using his company to control the city and make the drugs Brick sells. He’ll learn Black Canary has been trying to fight back. Oliver will explain his story of how he was trapped on a deserted island after his yacht’s engine malfunctioned and the boat sank.  We’ll see this in flashback as immensely traumatic with the ship flipping over and Oliver trying to swim out while rooms fill with water and his friends die in front of him. We see had to hunt for his food and that's how he learned to use a bow and arrow, inspired by the Errol Flynn Robin Hood movie he watched as a kid(there was a framed poster on the yacht in flashback) We’ll have a montage of him trying and failing to hunt and over time developing the skills he has now.  Dinah will initially dislike Oliver for his attitude and having been exceedingly wealthy in this city once. They’ll grow closer though, she’ll start to enjoy his wit. The thing is, she's a badass, he's a badass, but when they come together, they metaphorically merge like a megazord to become a singular event of uber badass. Comically, the original Black Canary will try to set them up together.


They’ll team up to fight Brick’s gang, Oliver wearing a prototype Green Arrow costume and learn about Brick and Zytle having been both part of a top secret government test on children with something called the meta-gene.. We can add a little Maxwell Lord Easter egg.Throughout this crime fighting Oliver and Canary will gain respect for each other. Over time green arrow’s suit will develop. Anyway, Zytle will find out Oliver is Green Arrow, reveal this to the police and have them raid Canaries mother’s floral shop, Oliver will be arrested, Zytle will come to personally taunt him and reveal he had people set up a bomb on the yacht engine. He’ll explain that he should have been King as a child and he deserves Star City. Then he’ll have some crooked cops try to kill him in his cell, Oliver will escape, first meeting Detective Andrew Lopez who decides to let him go, as he thinks he can finally bring Zytle in. Green Arrow and Canary will take the fight to Count Vertigo. I imagined a cool scene where they're fighting him and he uses his Vertigo power to make everything go tipsy. Oliver can't shoot arrows because he doesn't know where it will land, Black Canary will try to scream at Vertigo but it's revealed in reality she's staring at Oliver but in the vertigo vision her sonic scream loops around, hits Oliver, and throws him not into the wall, but the ceiling.


Any way, this final fight in the Queen building will have Green Arrow against Vertigo and Canary against Brick mostly. I think Oliver will find some high tech weapons in a science lab in the building and quickly fashion arrows out of them(net arrow, ice arrow, grenade arrow) They're defeated and arrested, and the police(partly Detective Lopez) conclude Oliver Queen was framed by Zytle after finding all his secret illegal activities out. A boxing glove arrow is involved in the final fight. Green Arrow and Black Canary have a rooftop romantic moment over the city. The board at Queen enterprises bring Oliver Queen on to get some good press after all the illegal stuff Zytle was doing came up. Oliver resolves to use his company to help people, then decides to run for mayor( “take a shot for Queen as mayor” could be a good slogan, and he’d still totally deny he's Green Arrow. That would be fun, I’m thinking it's just gonna be a thing where he's suspected of being green arrow but there's no proof no matter how hard anyone tries to find it and everyone likes green arrow so problem solved)


The End


In the end credits scene, Vertigo meets Amanda Waller who brings him onto the suicide squad.Once he could have been King, now he's Waller’s slave. He will be in Suicide Squad two.


Here’s some explanation of future plans: Next, the sequel. We have the origin that sets up the characters out of the way. Now we get to have some real fun. There was a green arrow movie idea that was pitched to WB years ago but never got made was actually called Green Arrow: Escape from Supermax and features him getting framed and trapped in a prison designed for super powered criminals. Let's take inspiration from that! That sounds awesome! This will be  in phase 2, post Justice League. Phase one was all about the world meeting heroes and aliens, now, we will see the world adapt to them. A villain whose name is long and very difficult for me to spell will appear.(It starts with 'O')

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noahthegrand - 10/25/2017, 10:20 AM
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JaredRWebb12 - 10/25/2017, 12:16 PM
@noahthegrand - the Green Arrow we deserve-I’ve always detested the Nolan-lite world they set up for Oliver on Arrow,and this story is a great change of pace...also,any plans for Speedy(Harper) in the sequel? Or will it be Ollie and Canary again?
noahthegrand - 10/25/2017, 12:27 PM
@JaredRWebb12 - Speedy will show up in a sequel but I'm unsure on if it will be the second or third one. Thanks for the comment.
JaredRWebb12 - 10/25/2017, 3:54 PM
@noahthegrand - your welcome. And I’d reckon this depends on a Teen Titans movie,correct?
noahthegrand - 10/25/2017, 10:01 PM
@JaredRWebb12 - yes
JaredRWebb12 - 10/26/2017, 3:31 AM
@noahthegrand - fair
ThouBear8 - 10/27/2017, 10:46 PM
When arrow first started, it was obviously inspired heavily from Nolan's Batman trilogy. I loved it (the first 2 - 2 1/2 seasons anyway) for what it was (a badass action show with comic elements) rather than focusing on what it wasn't (comic accurate).

Having said that, I always hoped he would slowly become more like the comic version of Oliver Queen. I could be wrong, but I thought I even remembered the writers & producers saying that was basically the plan. The real shame is that Stephen Amell exudes many of those qualities in real life, but they have not allowed him to tap into that on the show.

While the show has done some things really well, there is still potential for a much better, much more comic accurate version of the character. I like that you stayed with a couple things that were done on the show (like the island origin & the inclusion of Black Canary), but went a different (more accurate) way with a bunch of other stuff.

Specifically, Oliver Queen being anti-establishment which has been a huge thing missing on the show, in addition to his famous sense of humor & even more famous facial hair. Dinah's name, origin, powers, family legacy, etc are all welcome changes as well. Their dynamic seems like it would be great & it would show why they work so well together.

This story obviously isn't quite as in depth as some of your others (mainly just cus those are incredibly thorough), but I think you laid out the story beats really well & managed to give a good idea of what kind of tone it would have as well as what aspects from the comics you'd choose to include. I love green arrow & I would absolutely love to see him get this kind of treatment from WB/DC.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your version of this character, which side characters you'll include, & how they'll interact. I know Ollie has famously interacted with Barry Allen & Hal Jordan in the comics, so I wouldn't mind seeing that down the line (not necessarily in a solo film, but maybe in a justice league film or something). Anyway, great job like usual!
ConnorHawkeye - 11/6/2017, 11:18 AM
As a huge green arrow fan, I absolutely love this idea!!! Bro, you should actually develop some of these ideas into scripts and try to pitch them.

It stays true to the character and you included things that relate to the politically charged adventures of the character from the comics.

I wish this was a movie for my boy ollie, just wondering, who do you have in mind for the role? and for dinah?
noahthegrand - 11/8/2017, 1:47 PM
@ConnorHawkeye - This fancast is actually pretty difficult. I think maybe Yvonne Strahovski for Black Canary but I'm not sure. On green arrow I have ideas but they're the ones everyone pick so i don't know. Charlie Hunnam?
ConnorHawkeye - 11/8/2017, 10:11 PM
@noahthegrand - yeah solid choices lol
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