The Gifted

As Expected, THE GIFTED Has Been Canceled After Two Seasons Following The Disney/Fox Merger
Disney is planning to reboot the X-Men franchise, so it probably won't surprise you to learn that shortly after Legion was cancelled, the same fate has befallen The Gifted on FOX. Check it out...
THE GIFTED Showrunner On That Heartbreaking Finale, [SPOILER]'s Sacrifice & DAYS OF FUTURE PAST In S3?!
The Gifted ended its second season in epic - and heartbreaking - fashion as one key member of the Mutant Underground made the ultimate sacrifice. Then, the hour wrapped up by setting up a wild season 3!
THE GIFTED: Reed Strucker Faces Reeva Payge In The Killer New Promo For The Season 2 Finale: oMens
While we await word on a potential third season, The Gifted is gearing up to end its stellar sophomore season on a major high note as Reed Strucker and the Mutant Underground go to war with Reeva Payge!
THE GIFTED: Reed Strucker Prepares To Lose Control In New Photos From The Season 2 Finale: oMens
With Reeva's plan nearly revealed, The Gifted looks to close out its epic second season on a major high as the Mutant Underground works together to bring an end to the scream queen and her Inner Circle!
THE GIFTED: The Lies Have Unraveled In The New Promo For Season 2, Episode 15: Monsters
After a shocking pair of deaths, The Gifted heads into its penultimate hour with extremely high expectations as the Mutant Underground must regroup and find a way to bring an end to Reeva once and for all!
THE GIFTED Showrunner Matt Nix Weighs In On The Possibility Of A Third Season
The Disney + Fox merger combined with the launch of Disney+ has put a lot of fan-favorite Marvel TV shows on the chopping block. The fate of The Gifted remains unknown but could be revealed fairly soon...
THE GIFTED: Thunderbird Hits Rock Bottom In New Photos From Season 2, Episode 15: Monsters
The Gifted is off until February 12, but FOX has already released photos from the next two episodes, including season two's penultimate hour, which will see Thunderbird finally hit rock bottom.
THE GIFTED: There's A Traitor In The Inner Circle In New Photos From Season 2, Episode 14: calaMity
With only three episodes remaining, The Gifted looks to close out its second season with a big bang as the Mutant Underground, Inner Circle, Morlocks & Purifiers all find themselves on a collision course.
THE GIFTED: The Morlocks & Purifiers Square Off In The New Promo For Season 2, Episode 14: calaMity
After another thrilling episode of The Gifted, next week's hour looks to up the ante as Reeva's paranoia intensifies. Meanwhile, the Morlocks prepare for a big-time showdown with the Purifiers.
THE GIFTED: Polaris & Lauren Take Drastic Measures In The New Promo For Season 2, Episode 13: teMpted
Next week's episode of The Gifted promises to be a big one as Polaris and the Mutant Underground find themselves in a race against the clock to stop a earth-shattering attack from the Inner Circle!

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