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New 52 Woes

A look into why the New 52 failed why DC You isn't the answer. Join me as I go indepth to why the New 52 failed and what DC needs to do moving forward.

Fantastic Four - A study into Hollywood and a fanbase

A look into this film and to truly see why it failed, as well as an analysis into the reaction of the fanbase.

Henshin-Rider's Quickie Reviews: Jurassic World

Want a quick spoiler free review of a movie to see if you should see it? Well you're in luck! Join Henshin-Rider with his first Quickie review

Terminator: Genisys Review

Terminator Genisys is a film that has a lot of leg work to do. Not only must it try to kick start a brand new franchise – but it also needs to “fix” some of the missteps of its predecessors and also try not to appear inferior to the good films from the franchise. So does Terminator Genisys succeed in this regard? Well, read on to find out – you didn’t think I was going to reveal my opinion straight away did you?

Five Reasons I Think ANTMAN Will Be Fine

Click on the title and find out why I think Antman will not be the flop everybody thinks (or hopes) it is.

My Plan to Save: The SPIDER-MAN Franchise

The second article in my Editorial series where I lay out my plan to save a critically panned or a financially waning franchise. Click the title to see how I plan to save the Spider-Man film franchise.

Henshin Rider Reviews: Alien Isolation Xbox 360

In space no one can hear you scream. No one that is -- except for the Alien that is stalking relentlessly. Click on the title to find out if I think this game is a success or if it is an over hyped mess. Mildest of mild spoilers (basically premise spoilers)

Diversity in Comics

Join me as I ramble about the hot button issue of diversity in comic books. Will you agree with me or disagree with me? Click on the title to find out.

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