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Ana Matronic Pens Comic Book

Front woman for the band Scissor Sisters, Ana Matronic, pens her own comic book. She answers questions about the band, the comic, and the club that inspired her comic, the CBGB.

Kick Ass Red Carpet Interviews

THEBIGFANBOY interviews Kick-Ass director and cast at red carpet premiere.

A Kick-Ass Review by Chris Tilly of IGN UK

Is this the best superhero movie ever made?

Logan Lerman Talks Spider-Man on Rachael Ray

More on the rumor of Lerman taking Tobey Maguire's place as the web head.

The 20 Nerd Commandments

Thou shalt read the divine 20 nerd commandments delivered to us by the Topless Robot...

Clash of the Titans Trailer Music

I knew I had heard that song before...

The Prince of Persia Video Game Returns

Instead of following up to 2008's Prince of Persia. Ubisoft has decided to go back to the Sands of Time Prince and will release the game to coincide with the upcoming movie.

Max Bemis of Say Anything Shares Love of Comics

Front man for the band Say Anything has been a longtime fan of comics. His philosophies on music are also what make a good superhero.

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