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Bobo's Agents of SHIELD Review - S3 Ep.7 (Chaos Theory)

Andrew "Lashes" out, Fitz gets emotional and HYDRA is still everywhere... like damn ants! Check out my review.

Bobo's The FLASH Review - S2 Ep.6 (Enter Zoom)

Holy shit... ZOOM!

Bobo's SUPERGIRL Review - S1 Ep.3 (Fight of Flight)

Super girl faces her biggest challenge yet when Reactron, one of her cousins infamous enemies, comes down to National City. With everyone doubting her can Kara summon the strength to turn back this evil foe? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z! (or check out the review)
Bobo's Official Review For SPECTRE, Daniel Craig's Latest 007 Movie

Bobo's Official Review For SPECTRE, Daniel Craig's Latest 007 Movie

James Bond is back in the highly anticipated 24th film in the franchise. The wait for this one was excruciating but considering it isn't all that good, the wait for the 25th will be even more so!

Bobo's STAR WARS: REBELS Review - S2 Ep.5 (Brothers of the Broken Horn)

Hondo has returned and is still hilarious. Plus Chopper dual wields blasters while taking on a squad of bug faced goons! That's awesome, right? If not, we also get to see Ezra kick some butt. Check out my full review.

Bobo's ARROW Review - S4 Ep.5 (Haunted)

Matt Ryan is back as Constantine in an unfortunately back and forth episode. Sara goes on a killing spree, Ray is back in play and I have no idea what is happening on Lian Yu. Check out the full review!

Bobo's THE FLASH Review - S2 Ep.5 (The Darkness and the Light)

One would think that without King Shark this episode would flounder, maybe even tank (classic fish puns ftw). Luckily, "The Darkness and the Light" makes for some very entertaining tv with a couple of great character intros. Check out the full review!

Bobo's Agents of SHIELD Review - S3 Ep.6 (Among Us Hide)

While not entirely mishandling the juggling act that is 5 simultaneous storylines, "Among Us Hide" isn't the best episode to ever hit the small screen. That being said there are some massive reveals about a particular Inhuman you don't want to miss. Check out the review!

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