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The Dark Knight Bounces

Having faced my fear on the tramp,now I journeyyour suit inward to confront fear & face the truth inside/what defines me. So,whoever comes with me,YOUR RAINCOAT:

the Green Lantern... 3d Bad

-as if a big budget, overly flashy summer film didn't already make you suspect it sucks, you hear it's 3D! Filmed in 3D?* Hopefully, but that might mean they knew it sucked before filming it! This review also compares the failure of the Green Hornet(spoilers)

Wanted(08')s not Wanted(04)&I hate HB

Wrote this after reading forum suggestions and complaints from Millar "fans"
*** This review's made of spoilers ***

EDITORIAL: Do you think they'll still be making comic movies in 10 years?

Hollywood runs everything dry, will they still be making superhero movies 10 years from now? not sure how to start this one, but it could be something worth pondering so I'll keep going...

the Green Hornet and Kato.... 2bad

Green Hornet, Decent comic hero, cool show, poor choices and a sequel(i.e. poor choices)

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