Wanted(08')s not Wanted(04)&I hate HB

Wrote this after reading forum suggestions and complaints from Millar "fans"
*** This review's made of spoilers ***

Editorial Opinion

- The Wanted('08) movie lightly resembles the Wanted('04) comic and fans of the 1st released book sound unimpressed with the movie, it's casting and anything else based on a comic that's not another comic. The graphic novel, a gritty favorite for it's medium, had dark character's, extreme violence and revealed a wicked underworld below the streets of our beloved earth where comicbook villains run a post superhero world. Something of a fun elseworlds universe idea with great references to your favorite comic heroes.

- The '08 movie seems like a pg13 spawn of the '04 comic's original plot because it kind of

is. The little addressed reason WHY: movie and comic writers took the original "Assassin Fraternity" concept, then went their medium's way. In the end a fun idea with 2 great products! The movie was written of course with the movie rating system in mind while the comic was free to go anywhere with this concept, which it did! Artists drew the lead female psycho, the Fox, from Halle Barry's Swordfish('01) likeness in orange Fox Ears. Marshal Mather's face was used as the source for the lead protagonist Wesley Gibson, because the artist FELT like it. So if the movie was a super faithful "Comicbook Movie"(like the Avengers '12 is to the Ultimates by casting Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury,) which it's not, comic fans holding it accountable should only be satisfied with the NC17 rating, plus EMIN3M(playing a non rapper) to go along with the artists wooden still life for the Fox, HB.
- In '04 we saw the Fox teach Wes to simply murder for fun because they're above the law. In '08 the Fox trains Wes as a professional assassin, with no killing people he hates, murder spree revenge on bullies and teachers or raping an A-list celebrity as Wesley did in the GRAPHIC Novel. The Fox's film face was chosen to be Hollywood's flesh and hot blooded demigoddess Angelina Jolie. A bony post-children physique makes it not her BEST SEXY YET, but she's the one actor to play any femme fatale with a unique perfection, AND it Saves us a re-drawn character reprized by the awful HB.

- Though THIS incarnation of the purest spicy honey and bodily temptation from the same piece that brought Lara Croft
to the screen has little substance, the tattooed beaut nails the film role of the Fox! Far better than HB nailing it to a cross! From failing Storm and Catwoman to making the dullest Bond girl, she needs to stop being called a 'strong female lead' and do silent body double jobs, not complain "Good Female Roles Are Hard To Come By!" SO DON'T RUIN THE ∞ ROLES YOU'VE BEEN BLESSED WITH!

- The movie's street clothed anti-heroine comes off a bit more 'HB's acting ability' than some might have liked to play the cold killer. Better than Foxy of comedy central's "DRAWN TOGETHER" doing an 'obnoxious black lady' impression for 110min. Word is, no reprised sequel yet due to the actor's lack of interest in the roles complexity. Something a REAL actor would halt the filming of "Most Wanted" for.

- A common comics2film forum complaint: HB not cast! Now lets imagine for a moment if that's the sequel, which is an actual complaint forum idea. Helps appreciate WANTED's casting because HB is a terrible actor known for nudity in her early 'rise to fame' roles. An effective gimmick sure, but not talent, which is why only her IMAGE was used in the comic. Stupid movie review article headlines have said HB's good for strong, respectable black woman roles, but notice she's not cast before Jolie for roles originally drawn in her own likeness.

- Of course Eminem wasn't cast as Mr. Gibson, that's ridiculous! Instead, a distinguished professional actor, James McAvoy, gives us the awkward and apologetic Wesley "the loser" Gibson. This gives the movie a filmy kinda feel, like a movie should have! This making it the theatrical presentation of the Assassin Fraternity idea. Those forum idiots should complain about M&M and Hell Baring for lack of interest in the roles designed after them instead.

- BOOO HOOOO!!! Most of the book's villains aren't even replaced by assassins and their many actor likenesses aren't played by those people, BECAUSE IT's NOT A RETELLING. A fresher idea indeed! "Running the comic way with the comic and movie way with the movie" not based off each other in every way possible to present to the bitchy mother of 7 movie restraining rating system. That's the answer to the lame complaint, "duh, movie not like book!"
(mostly because a movie's a movie and a bo....)

- Characters and actors not included are any superheroes(maybe replaced by targets if you want to be a prick about it) or the many actors the characters were drawn to the likeness of(rephrased for sticklers, replaced by drawing accurate actors!) GET IT! One's drawn on a page, the other's moving images with a story that fits into 110 minutes. Holy Top Cow! It's such an old, worn, obnoxious and weak assed complaint that "the book was better!" It's always made by the same idiots who'd wine on about the old (anything) being the untouchable, then going on about how it's the untouchable(when complaining about why this new thing shouldn't exist.) In THIS case, they're not even retelling's or translations(directly) of the other. It's an idea being expanded and told the way that type of story telling goes(or is felt it HAS to go.) Even for Kick-Ass, the book can include a longer story with more details and ideas expressed while film can use it's possible techniques to express details. Like the 2 page story of Wes being beaten in a chair with a narrator bubble explaining "I spend the morningS working out and the afternoonS getting worked over" shown in montage clips in the film, some things work better in film to explain detials, some don't(like HB.) Regardless, '04's a decent product of comics, '08's a cool film.

- Maybe the V on her throat was feminine symbolism? -

- Any film CONs? Again, maybe the physique. A worn, thin frame from adding kids to her life since last sexy bodied flick left Mrs.Pitt with scrawny arms&the film with an unneeded partial hind shot, which asks "why do that?" as it was actually a body DOUBLE! Why not a ridiculously rewarding back instead of ridiculously accurate! She didn't do it herself because she looked frail at the time, so why only upgrade to scrawny, giving us an accurate portrayal of the same back-shots. It seems movie magic could cure this, but still, her abilities as an actor make up for it compared to using a no talent "STAR."

So if you want Mark Millar's Fox on screen, watch Swordfish or download the WANTED comic.


Update On The Status Of The WANTED Sequel

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