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IRON MAN 3: An honest review

This review presented by a hardcore comic purist AND realist! Enjoy honesty!

Comic Book: Success and Failure in Major Media By Marvel and DC

In this article, I take an in depth retrospective look at Comic Book successes and failures in movies, television, and animation. Thought provoking stuff!

Comic Books: Of Movies, Fans, and the Source Material

From the first comic we ever picked up as kids, we have envisioned our heroes and their villains on the small and big screens! What happens when they get there, however, can be quite interesting! Here's a look at how to make it go the right way, the best way!

FANTASTIC FOUR: To Reboot or Go Forward

Fox is looking to develop and maintain their own Marvel Cinematic Universe and next on their list is the Fantastic Four. However, should this be a back to origins reboot or, perhaps, a forward starting point with origin flashbacks? I pose both for consideration!

WONDER WOMAN: The Problems, Solutions, and Fan Cast

An analytical look at the number 1 female super hero and why, just maybe, Warner Bros and DC can't seem to get her on the big screen. Also, the solution and fan cast with story layout for the trilogy! Enjoy!


Hey, fellow Cyclops fans, here's something just for us!

Where IS the mind of heroes and villains?

A unique question worth asking in the comic universes. Perhaps even more unique would be seeing the minds!

The DC-Marvel Question With A Fun Twist

The movies, the comics, the animation, the stories, the artwork, the characters, and on and on......So, forget all that and check this out!

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