Push A riveting action-thriller, Push burrows deep into the deadly world of psychic espionage where artificially enhanced paranormal operatives have the ability to move objects with their minds, see the future, create new realities and kill without ever touching their victims. Against this setting, a young man and a teenage girl take on a clandestine agency in a race against time that will determine the future of civilization.
David Hayter to write a TV pilot script based off the movie Push.
If you like Heroes you'll love this, its more grittier than most other superhuman powered movies out there and this would be what it would really be like in a superhero world! Read more here...
Summit Entertainment was nice enough to provide us with the first three issues of the "PUSH" comics, which take place prior to the movie!
With the resounding success of "Twilight" behind them, Summit Entertainment stays in the genre with "Push," chronicling the efforts of the government agency Division to gets its hands on various people with telepathic powers, among them those played by Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. For "Lucky Number Slevin" director Paul McGuigan, this genre is new filmmaking territory, but as will be quickly gathered from this conversation, it's one he's happy to embrace.
We've been alerted to an extended scene of the new movie PUSH. Watch Chris Evans use his "push" powers along with a bit of ammo.
SuperheroHype has given us all the info on the "Push" powers. These are the classifications for each type of psychic talent each agent possesses. Check them out to learn more about the movie.
Chris Evans is looking pretty repulsive in this new poster for the mutant rip-off movie PUSH.
Summit Entertainment sent us some new pictures from their PUSH movie. While technically it is not adapted from a comic book, it was obviously influenced by them, and has now spawned its own mini-series through WildStorm. Plus, that Dakota Fanning is just so darn cute!
We've got the first "Push" trailer, as well as almost 50 new pictures, all for your viewing pleasure!

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