The Losers all ACCESS review

Is the Losers a Winner?! Or does it live up to its namesake.

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ACCESS Rates The Losers

Very Bad





as a ComicBookMovie






Faithfulness to the "comics"

a) character design

Noooh! Those basterds what have they done to you?!

Barely resembles the comic character

Some changes here and there but is still recognizable

Character look is altered for the movie but the design works

Perfect translation from Comics to Movie



b) character personality

"Get out I don't know who you are!"

"Hmmm... I recognize you somewhere?"

"Oh! Hi… hello there."

"You look different but it fits you."

"NOW that's You!"



c) relation to comicbook storyline

No relation to any comicbook storyline

Generic comic-fare that could fit with any other character

Some hint of inspiration from the comics

Original story that is custom fit for the comic character

Excellent adaptation / great story inspired by a comic storyline 



as a MOVIE

Picture In General

Vomit Inducing


Just Ok

It was Goooood

Uber Great!




lousy and clunky screenshots

noticeable amateur shots

Still a watchable movie

Good scene compositions

Innovative and memorable scenes




Skill Non-existent



Inhabits the Character

Is the Character!




Nauseating and Repulsive

Zzzzzzz… wha… what was that?

That was nice… Oh! Wait you lost me.

It's good

Whoa! Mindblowing!



Movie Editting

A monkey could have done better

A monkey has done it

Nice but there's still some monkeying around

A monkey has nothing on you





Worse than Crap







Visual FX

I'll gorge my eyes out now

I'm squinting

Doesn't make me dizzy

Good to look at

Amazing to look at



Costume Design

I don't want to see it at all PERIOD

You won't see it near me


Love to have one

Really got to have one



Sound Editting

After that, I wish I was deaf!

The monkey is doing it again.

I didn't really mind it.

Nicely done

Kudos! Bravo!




No way that's music!

"Amateurs clanging in the basement"

Highschool Musical Presentation?

Now that's good music

Angelic Chorus



Good Movie



Good CBM




Definitely a must see in theaters.

In a nutshell the movie seems like a good budget remake of an 80's action tv series but loads of fun. I do enjoy

this kind of band of brothers flicks with each of the guys in the group specializing at some things that makes the

whole group badass. The formula works and it works well in this movie too. Sylvain White seems like he has a

good handle in composing a scene and handling his actors. I love the comicbook touches it's great to have it

acknowledge its origins.

The actor looks like they are enjoying their characters. Especially love Chris Evans Jensen character, he really

does bring the funny. I think it would be hilarious seeing him as Cap opposite Downey's Iron Man. Jeffrey Dean

Morgan's great as the leader of this band of brigands. Idris Elba is amazing its kinda tough to accept what

happened to his character later on the film. About "Cougar" - I think its a rule that snipers should always be the

coolest guy on a team. "Pooch" has a good story arc. Then we have Zoe Saldana's character... we all know she

could act and she really is so good to look at. All of these guys did bring something to their characters, and its fun

to see their rapport with each other. Jason Patrick's "Max" was a bit too over the top old James Bondish type


The Visual FX does look a bit off at times, but for me I could really just let it pass. I enjoy the movie and accept its

flaws. It won't win any awards but it will give you a relaxing and enjoyable time watching it in theaters.

-ACCESS out. Godspeed and MABUHAY!


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