The popular online streaming service Netflix has announced that they will NOT be renewing their licensing contract with cable network Epix, which will result in a number of high-profile films being dropped from the service at the end of September! Click the jump for details!

By Gutspinner - Aug 31, 2015 05:08 AM EST
Source: NETFLIX Official Blog

Massively popular online streaming service Netflix has announced (via their official blog) that, come the end of September, they will NOT be renewing their contract with cable network Epix. So, what does this mean for US customers? Well, it means that US members will be losing a number of high-profile films, including Transformers: Age of Extinction, World War Z, and Hunger Games: Catching Fire. So, if any of those films strike your fancy and are in your Netflix queue, it might be a good idea to watch them sooner rather than later. 

The rather unexpected move by the popular service is actually intended to help better the movie and TV show provider, who intends to bring out a whole slate of new original films and series that will release around the world at the same time globally, and, "in some cases, simultaneously with theatres". And, following the success of series such as Bloodlines, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and Marvel's Daredevil, you can see why. The service has a continuing license to produce original content with Marvel, including a second season to the hit Daredevil, and upcoming shows including Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and, eventually, The Defenders. As is with Marvel, the company's deal with Disney also allows for films and TV series from Lucasfilm and Pixar to be released on the service, including the upcoming Star Wars films.

In the official post, Netflix explain that it will take some time to build a larger library of original films and series, but they are already hard at work on various projects with talented stars such as Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sofia Coppola and Ricky Gervais. They also highlighted what releases you can expect to see in the next few months, which are listed below:

  • In October - Beasts of No Nation, an unflinching war drama from Emmy Award winning director, Cary Fukunaga, director of True Detective, and Golden Globe winner, Idris Elba, star of Luther and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.
  • In December - Ridiculous Six, the first of four new comedies from Adam Sandler, will debut with an all star cast including Terry Crews, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Jorge Garcia, Luke Wilson, Steve Buscemi, Nick Nolte, Whitney Cummings, Will Forte, Steve Zahn, David Spade, John Turturro and Harvey Keitel.
  • Also in December - Sofia Coppola directs Bill Murray in a form-bending holiday classic-to-be A Very Murray Christmas.
  • In early 2016 - the sweeping action thriller Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Green Legend produced by Harvey Weinstein and the latest adventure of the much adored Pee-wee Herman in Pee-wee’s Big Holiday produced by Judd Apatow.

You can read the full statement here.

So, what do you guys think of Netflix's actions to push original content? Do you think this could be the beginning of the downfall of the popular streaming service, or do you think the decision will benefit them in the future? Are you excited for any of the content they have planned? Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and don't forget to share and hit that like button!

TRANSFORMERS ONE First Clip Sees Optimus Prime Lose His Head While Attempting To Transform

TRANSFORMERS ONE First Clip Sees Optimus Prime Lose His Head While Attempting To Transform

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Gutspinner - 8/31/2015, 6:06 AM
To anyone who may be confused after seeing this article posted by me earlier,

Yes, this article WAS removed. But after talking to @KingPatel about the content and the removal, we decided it was ok to go back up :)
Greengo - 8/31/2015, 7:31 AM
I'm only interested in about 15% of Netflix originals.

I hope they broaden their focus on fantasy and historical epics. Even though those tend to be more expensive to produce.

Gutspinner - 8/31/2015, 7:44 AM

I know right?!?
BlackPhillip - 8/31/2015, 8:07 AM
Only a handful of Netflix's original content are good. Pretty soon, Netflix will consist of only B-movies.
DarkModeDan - 8/31/2015, 8:09 AM
"...but they are already hard at work on various projects with talented stars such as Adam Sandler..."

Gutspinner - 8/31/2015, 8:24 AM
@Gusto @CinemaHero

I'd like to quickly put it out there, talented is not my description, its the way Netflix described them in the original announcement (or they might've said great...)

Regardless, the article does NOT reflect my feelings and attitude towards Adam Sandler, who I would gladly see burn in the depths of Hades
DarkModeDan - 8/31/2015, 9:35 AM

Hahaha, no worries. Figured as much. :P

thor2273 - 8/31/2015, 12:50 PM
How the [frick] did Buscemi get roped into something with Adam Sandler?
Gutspinner - 8/31/2015, 7:41 PM

I totally remember when that... Didn't happen at all
Take your meds you senile old fart, wheres your nurse?


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