WANDAVISION Spanish Voiceover Actor FIRED By Disney For Revealing [SPOILER]'s Surprise Appearance

Not too long ago, word leaked via one of WandaVision's Spanish voiceover actor about a surprise character being added to the Disney+ series, and it now appears Disney decided to fire them for that mistake!

Last month, Spanish voiceover actor Rodri Martin (who leant his voice to the X-Men movies starring Evan Peters) took to Twitter to celebrate the fact that he would be reprising the role of Quicksilver in WandaVision. It wasn't exactly a huge surprise, especially when word of the actor being part of the Disney+ series was actually revealed last year. 

Despite that, the story still went viral, and Disney was understandably unhappy with Martin's comments. 

How do we know? Well, he appears to have been fired as the credits for this week's episode of WandaVision reveal that he's been replaced by Manuel Gimeno. He's no stranger to the Marvel Universe, and previously provided the Spanish voiceover for Charlie Cox's Man Without Fear in Daredevil.

Martin swiftly deleted his social media accounts after fans picked up on what he'd revealed about Quicksilver's return, but the damage had been done, as he clearly broke a confidentiality agreement.

Unfortunately for the actor, it's unlikely he'll ever get the opportunity to work in the Marvel Universe again, and certainly not as the recast Pietro. Peters playing the character in the MCU has led to a huge amount of speculation online, though some fans are upset since the actor (and character) trending on Twitter ruined the surprise for them. Why go on social media if you haven't watched it yet, though? 

Make sure you click here to take a look at our spoiler-filled recap of Friday's episode! 

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