ANDOR Spoilers: Fourth Episode Includes ROGUE ONE Nods, Mon Mothma's Origin, And A Glimpse Into The Empire

There was a lot to unpack in yesterday's fourth episode of Andor, and we're kicking things off by exploring the meaning behind those Rogue One references! We also delve into a compelling fan theory...

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After a slow start to the Disney+ series, Andor picked up steam today with a fourth chapter that's set the stage for Cassian to become the Rebel we first met in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

He's not a hero yet, of course, and is roped into Luthen's mission with the promise of 200,000 credits. To keep Cassian in line, the mysterious leader gives him a blue Kyber crystal as a promise of future payment (suggesting he may have a history with the Jedi). 

Kyber crystals are used in the creation lightsabers, but are thought to be in short supply thanks to the Empire's Death Star plans at this time in the Galaxy. There's even a nod to that when we hear about an "increase in shipments going to Scarif." That's the planet Cassian ultimately loses his life on and the place where Kyber crystals are being shipped in order to power the superweapon. 

We also get a mention of Saw Garrera, a character we know will return in this series after Forest Whitaker was shown in various promos for Andor. Still, to hear his name is definitely exciting, and a strong indication that this show will better explain the events of Rogue One.

This first mission? To rob the payroll of an entire Imperial sector in an effort to "really hurt the Empire."

Elsewhere in the episode, we learn more about Mon Mothma. She meets with Luthen on Coruscant where we learn that the grizzled Rebel poses as a preening antique dealer. She's being watched by those who are loyal to the Empire, and can't even entirely trust her husband who appears to have little to no respect for Mon or what she wants. 

Andor will clearly be every bit the origin story for her as Cassian, and while Luthen struggles to get her to fund his latest operation, it's clear that she wants to fight back against the Empire in a way her place in the Senate doesn't allow.

Talking of the Empire, we also get to meet Imperial Security Bureau officer Dedra Meero. While the stage is seemingly being set for her to chase Cassian down as an antagonist, what if she's an adult Kerri?

Dedra seems to have risen up the ranks from nothing and quickly takes a vested interest in tracking Andor. While she's clearly looking to secure another promotion, what if she's also on the lookout for her missing brother? Kerri more than likely grew up believing he had abandoned her, and that may have led to her hating Kassa. 

Assuming she then fell into the hands of the Empire, joining their cause may have seemed like the best way to move on from her past, with this latest assignment providing a chance to take revenge on the brother that left her behind.

Let us know your thoughts on that, and this latest episode of Andor, in the comments section!

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