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Is Anne Hathaway Sexy Enough To Be Nolan's New Catwoman!

Will she rock the tight leather outfit better then Michelle Pfeiffer did? From the looks of these pictures I say Yes!

Ex Transformers Hottie To Be New Armani Girl!

Megan Fox might be out of Transformers but the good girl gone wild has replaced Michael Bay with Georgio Armani!

Marvel Entertainment Promotes TQ Jefferson to Vice President of Video Games!

Plus a rundown of current Marvel Video Games in development!

Zoe Saldana Says AVATAR And Star Trek Sequels Will Be Amazing!

Then she says, 'but were going to have to wait.'

J-Man and Johnny Love Movie Review: The Green Hornet

Did Seth Rogen put too much of his comedic spin into the most recent take on a classic character? Is Jay Chou the next Bruce Lee? Find out what fans from the Wonderland Cinema thought!
NEW ALL-STAR SUPERMAN PICS released online finally

NEW ALL-STAR SUPERMAN PICS released online finally

Who cant wait to see ALLSTAR SUPERMAN! Hmm, any takers out there ..................................................................

Weird But True: Seattle Superhero Blocks Kick With Nose!

That's right ComicBookMovie fans, Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones (aka: The Guardian of Seattle) just received a reality check in the form of being the proud new recipient of a broken nose!

Jman's Breakdown of MTV's Spider-Man:Turn of the Dark Review

Click on the jump for 5 things MTV liked and 5 things they didnt like while watching Broadway's 'Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark'.

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