DEADPOOL 2 SPOILERS: All Of The Most Shocking Moments, Biggest Reveals, Unexpected Cameos And More

With Deadpool 2 set to hit theaters everywhere this weekend (it's actually out today in the US), we look at all of the elements from the sequel that will be of most interest. Warning, SPOILERS ahead...

Deadpool 2 is basically the first film turned up to 11 in every respect, and that means more jokes, more action, more fourth wall-breaking, more cameos and more pop culture references than you can shake a katana at.

Once again, the plot is fairly straightforward - but that doesn't mean there aren't one or two unexpected twists and turns along the way.

Below, we take a closer look at all of the major moments and reveals, along with most (there are honestly too many to mention) of The Merc With a Mouth's digs and asides. Be warned, though, of you haven't seen the movie yet, we will be SPOILING the shit out of it.

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Deadpool Blows Himself Up In The Opening Scene

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The movie begins with Wade smoking a cigarette while doing everything he can to make his apartment as explosive as possible.

Yep, you see where this is going.

Determined not to be outdone by Wolverine being killed-off in Logan, The Merc promises us that he'll also be buying the farm before blowing himself (we're dispensing with the obvious Arrested Development gags) to kingdom come.

Vanessa Doesn't Last Very Long

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Then, we find out why Wade was so determined to end his life.

After a flashback to our hero messily dispatching various scumbags, 'Pool returns home to his lovely lady. Unfortunately, one of said scumbags survives and tracks down his would-be killer. After a shootout which leaves most of the bad guys dead, Vanessa catches a bullet in the chest, killing her instantly.

Cut to hilarious James Bond-inspired opening credits with bonus Celine Dion tune.


Turns Out There Are Other X-Men in The X-Mansion After All

Related image

After Colossus gathers his unkillable pal's bits 'n pieces together, we see Wade recuperating in the X-Mansion.

When the metal mutant once again tries to convince Wilson to join the X-Men, he launches into another rant about how he only ever sees Colossus and Negasonic in the building, and pleads with the studio to let them utilise a few more members of the team.

Then, in one of the funniest shots of the movie, we see rest of the X-Men having a meeting in another room before Beast stealthily closes the doors so Deadpool won't hear them.


Cable Is Pretty Cool, But Don't Expect To learn Much About Him

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As expected, Cable's rather convoluted comic book origins are largely ignored and he's given a far more straightforward backstory.

This version of the character is from the future, but there's no mention of his familial ties, Mister Sinister, the techno-organic virus or any of that stuff. All we know is that Cable travels back in time to kill the younger Russel, aka Firefist, because in the future timeline the highly unstable older version of the character incinerates Cable's wife and child.

Oh, we do find out that his daughter is named Hope, so there's that.

Don't Get Too Attached To X-Force

Image result for deadpool 2 x-force

At least, the majority of 'em.

Soon after Deadpool puts his "super-duper [frick]in' group" together we're treated to the film's most blackly hilarious sequence, as the newly assembled members of X-Force parachute down to an armored convoy in an attempt to rescue Russell. Unfortunately, most of them don't make it because strong winds (which Wade was warned about beforehand) blow them off course to meet various gruesome deaths.

Bedlam flies headfirst into a bus, Shatterstar is diced by a helicopter, Zeitgeist winds up being sucked into some kind of garbage truck, and Peter is killed by the mutant's acid vomit while trying to pull him out. And then there's The Vanisher...

Is that... Brad Pitt?

Image result for brad pitt

Turns out, that big cameo we heard about wasn't Hugh Jackman after all.

The Vanisher is an invisible member of X-Force who dies when he gets tangled up in some electric cables after parachuting out with the others. He materialises as he's being electrocuted, and we get a very brief glimpse of Brad Pitt's face.

Honestly, this is so blink-and-you'll miss it that most of the people at my screening seemed to do just that. The only reason I noticed is that I was told to keep an eye on the actor that plays Vanisher beforehand!

Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut... Not Even Slightly Ropy CGI

Image result for juggernaut deadpool 2

Yes, the rumors were true. Once the survivors of the parachute massacre (Wade and Domino) reach the convoy, Russel's new pal The Juggernaut joins the fray and instantly rips Deadpool in half before leaving with his young friend.

While Juggy's character design is fine, the CGI used to bring him to life leaves a lot to be desired. Obviously budgetary constraints have to be taken into account - but how is it that Colossus looks so much better by comparison?

At any rate, the big guy is still a welcome addition to the franchise and is involved in a truly awesome scrap with Colossus... even if it ends a little strangely!

Deadpool Dies... Again

Image result for deadpool 2

Yes, ol' Wade Wilson is true to his word and checks out at the end of the movie when he sacrifices himself to save Russel.

Cable promises 'Pool 30 seconds to try to stop the young firebug from killing his despicable former headmaster and starting down the path that leads to him murdering Cable's family. Try as he might, Wade can't reach the boy and winds up jumping in front of Cable's bullet while wearing an inhibitor collar to show the troubled lad that he really cares.

Okay, so Cable ultimately decides to travel back and stick a coin in Wade's pocket to stop the bullet - but still, The Merc gets his emotional death scene and we get more than a few hilarious "final" words.

So. Many. References

Image result for deadpool 2

Again, if we were to list all of Deadpool's little quips, asides, references and fourth wall-breaks we'd be here all day, so just take our word that the ones you know about from the trailers only scratch the surface.

Wade throws shade at the DCEU (several times), the other X-movies, The MCU (several times) Marvel Comics, Marvel writers, and so much more. There's even a gag about that Guy Pearce movie The Proposition - and it's bloody funny!

It's actually surprising that they were able to get away with some of 'em, but you'll be very glad they did.

Mid-Credits Madness

Image result for deadpool x men origins

You've probably already heard that Deadpool 2 features one of the best mid-credits sequences yet, and it's absolutely true.

There are actually two. In the first we see Negasonic and Yukio fixing Cable time-travel device and giving it to Wade, who uses it to do... well, pretty much what you'd expect him to.

After travelling back to save Vanessa (and Peter for good measure), Deadpool drops in on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and "cleans up the timeline" by hilariously executing "Barakapool" right in from of Hugh Jackman's Logan. It's only stock footage, of course, but it works brilliantly.

Finally, we cut to Ryan Reynolds excitedly opening his script for Green Lantern before Wade blows his head off, which is even funnier than it sounds!
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