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Why don’t film studios consider creating their own superheroes?

A way to change superhero movies? The lesson from this is don't watch movies late at night.

My Fresh Prince Movie Cast

Movie Adaptations No One Wants Of TV Shows Some People Liked Once

Unused HANCOCK Scene From The Mind Of Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan

Film Sketchr has come across some storyboards that were illustrated by Peter Rubin of an unused Hancock scene that was created by Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan. Check it out.

EDITORIAL - Why Sony Should Create a Hancock Cinematic Universe

A few reasons why Sony should consider building a cinematic universe around the foul mouthed superhero.

Alternate Costume Designs For Will Smith's HANCOCK

Hit the jump to check out some interesting alternate costume designs, created by conceptual illustrator, James Carson ("Spider-Man"), for Will Smith's alcoholic superhero, Hancock.

Peter Berg Recalls HANCOCK Beef With Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan

Director Peter Berg ("Battleship"), recalls the time in which he had beef with Vince Gilligan, because the screenwriter left during the production of Hancock to start work on his little television show, called Breaking Bad. You might have heard of it.

Director Peter Berg Has An Idea Of When HANCOCK 2 Filming Will Begin

Peter Berg states that once he finishes up obligations for Battleship and Lone Survivor and Will Smith does likewise for After Earth and MIB III, cameras will roll for a Hancock sequel.

HANCOCK 2 EXCLUSIVE: Director Peter Berg Briefly Updates the Sequel

One of the surprise hits of summer 2008 was the Will Smith superhero film Hancock, which the critics didn't exactly embrace, but, based on box office, the audience did. Now director Peter Berg provides an exclusive short update on the potential sequel.

Hancock 2 Can't Get It Together

Seems like scheduling is Hancock's greatest foe.

Peter Berg says Hancock 2 won't be coming anytime soon.

No Hancock 2 in the near future.

Hancock 2 Has Been Delayed

Peter Berg,the director of Hancock 2,has signed on to do another film before it. Can anyone guess what it is...?

Hancock 2 Director Reveals More Plot Details!

After Thursday's news that stars Will Smith and Charlize Theron would be returning, director Peter Berg reveals more on the sequel's plot!

More Returning Cast for Hancock 2

It's not hard to guess. It's the only main character that's not secretly a god.

Hancock 2 Director Confirms Return of Will Smith and Charlize Theron!

Director Peter Berg confirmed for MTV News that both Smith and Theron will certainly be returning for the superhero-themed sequel!

Jason Bateman Back For Hancock 2?

When asked if he would be interested in coming back for Hancock 2? Jason Batemen states...

Two Screenwriters Attached to Hancock 2!

Columbia Pictures has hired screenwriters Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to pen Hancock 2, the sequel to the Will Smith superhero movie that grossed $624.4 million worldwide last year.

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