SHADOWCAT : X-Men's Kitty Kat

"I've got to remember that, no matter what! I'm not Karza -- I'm Kitty Pryde!" --Katherine Pryde
We have run through the members of X-MEN's First Class (Comics and Movie versions), its now time to move the spotlight to the other members of the team.

SHADOWCAT is Katherine "Kitty" Pryde, a mutant with the ability to phase through solid materials, as well as render others intangible and disrupt mechanical objects by phasing through them.

SHADOWCAT is a Marvel Comics character that first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #129 (Jan. 1980). She and was created by writer-artist John Byrne.SHADOWCAT was the youngest person invited to join the team of mutant superheroes the X-Men.

SHADOWCAT was born in Deerfield, Illinois when she was thirteen she began experiencing headaches that signaled the emergence of her mutant powers. She was approached by both the X-Men's Charles Xavier and the Hellfire Club's White Queen. She got along better with Xavier and the three X-Men who escorted him to his meeting with her and her parents, becoming fast friends with Ororo Munroe. Ororo told Kitty who she really was and about the X-Men, which made the teenager even more enthusiastic about attending Xavier's school.

Changing Appearances
When SHADOWCAT first joined the school she used the codename Sprite, she was given the standard X-Men training uniform worn by the original X-Men when they were still inexperienced in the use of their powers.

Colorful Costume
Inspired by Dazzler’s stage gimmick, Kitty designed a new costume for herself that consists of a golden skintight suit, a colorful top, green shorts and bright red gloves, along with a pair of roller skates and striped leg warmers. The outfit was outrageous and Professor Xavier informed Kitty that an individual costume had to be earned.

After an adventure from space, Professor X wanted to place Kitty in the New Mutants. Only after she proved herself capable of handling herself was she allowed to stay among the X-Men. She had also earned the right to an individual costume. She is using the codename Ariel by this time.

In an adventure in Japan, Kitty was possessed by a demon ninja Ogun. Ogun psychically bestows upon Kitty a virtual lifetime of martial arts training. Kitty was brainwashed by Ogun into becoming an assassin, and was sent to attack Wolverine. Kitty is able to resist Ogun's influence with Wolverine's help, and the two form a strong teacher/student bond, which helps them in vanquishing Ogun. Kitty returns to the X-Men, no longer the innocent girl they once knew, and officially adopts the codename SHADOWCAT. This time she adopted a dark blue costume that included a jacket-like top with billowy sleeves, blue gloves and boots and a face mask. This motif evolved into the costume that Kitty wore as a member of Excalibur.

Excalibur Costume 2
After some time members of Excalibur adopted new costumes and SHADOWCAT decided on an updated blue and gold X-Men uniform.

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
At some point, Kitty was recruited by the international law enforcement agency S.H.I.E.L.D. to repair the computer system of their flying headquarters. As an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. she wore their standard uniform.

Excalibur Costume 3
While still with Excalibur and breaking up with his lover Pete Wisdom, SHADOWCAT adopted another costume that reflects her dark mood at the time. Her outfit was simple dark blue bodysuit with a few white accents.

Big X Costume
When Excalibur disbanded, SHADOWCAT returned to the X-Men. She now sports a blue and yellow costume included a pointed face mask and one of Wolverine’s bone claws, which she used offensively as a weapon.

Bartender Outfit
SHADOWCAT for a time retired from heroics, but from time to time she would help out using her bartender outfit.

Basic Black and Gold Costume
When she finally returned with the X-Men, she joined Cyclops's team, and wore a basic black and gold costume. A highlight moment with this team is being stuck in space in a giant bullet (go figure, only in comics would that not sound ridiculous).

In the film X-Men, she has a small cameo, played by Sumela Kay. She is shown in Xavier's class when Wolverine walks in; she returns for her books which she had left behind, grabs them, and phases through the door on her way out.

In X2: X-Men United, SHADOWCAT cameo'd again now played by Katie Stuart. She is shown phasing through walls and through people to escape William Stryker's military forces during their attack on the X-Mansion. Another scene shows her falling through her bed to avoid an assault.

In X-Men: The Last Stand, SHADOWCAT is portrayed by Ellen Page and has a central role. She serves as a rival to Rogue for the romantic attentions of Iceman. She also joins the X-Men in the battle on Alcatraz Island, breaking off from the battle to save Leech from the Juggernaut.

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

Phasing: SHADOWCAT possessed the ability to pass through solid matter by passing her atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which she was moving.

Air Walking: Using her phasing ability, SHADOWCAT could walk on air. In fact, she could use her ability to walk on the air from the ground to the upper stories of a building as if she were climbing a staircase.

Phasing Extension: From the first use of her phasing power, SHADOWCAT was able to phase her clothing along with herself.

Electrical Disruption: She could phase through any material object, even living people. When she phased through an object with an electrical system, the process disrupted the system's workings.

Telepathic Resistance: Her thoughts were highly erratic when phased as if there was no mind to telepathically affect.

AbilitiesExpert Martial Artist: SHADOWCAT possessed moderate expertise of the martial arts of the Japanese ninja and samurai.

Dance Training: She continued to take dance training under the tutelage of Stevie Hunter, and was highly agile.

Genius-level Computer Expert: SHADOWCAT was an expert in the field of computer science, demonstrating genius-level aptitude for programming, modifying, and diagnosing almost any computer system.

Multi-lingual: She also fluently spoke Japanese, Russian, Shi'ar, Skrull, and German.

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