SPIDER-MAN Star Stephen Oyoung Opens Up On Potentially Playing Mister Negative In The MCU - EXCLUSIVE

We recently caught up with Marvel's Spider-Man star Stephen Oyoung, and asked about a Tweet the actor sent out indicating that he'd like to reprise the role of Mister Negative in the MCU...

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By JoshWilding - Feb 08, 2021 09:02 AM EST
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Introduced in 2007, Mister Negative has become a recurring villain in Spider-Man's world since then, and took centre stage in the Spider-Man video game released in 2018. As that title's lead bad guy alongside Doctor Octopus, he joined the Sinister Six, and is likely going to return in the sequel. 

Recently, some photos from the set of Spider-Man 3 revealed that F.E.A.S.T., a homeless shelter run by Negative's alter-ego, Martin Lee, will be part of the threequel. Stephen Oyoung, who did a phenomenal job bringing the villain to life in Spider-Man, recently took to Twitter to express an interest in playing a live-action Mister Negative, and the response from fans was overwhelmingly positive. 

As you might expect, we had to ask Stephen how serious he was when we caught up with the actor, and he'd clearly love the opportunity to bring Mister Negative into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Any opportunity to play in the Marvel universe is a privilege and an honor. I think every actor knows that being involved with Marvel is a game changer career-wise," he said, clearly excited about the prospect. "For my part, I'm just grateful to have played a great character in an amazing game, and to have worked with the world-class team at Sony Insomniac and Marvel Entertainment. It's an experience I'll never forget. As a personal aside to Kevin Feige...you know I'm down to come back!"

As for what he feels he could bring to the role - as you can see below, Stephen 100% looks the part - he added: "Honestly, if they're casting Li, best wishes to the winning actor. But if we're taking a mental walk, and in some strange and amazing universe I got to play Mister Negative again in a live-action version I'd wager what I'd bring is a continuity and consistency to character that fans might appreciate because the relationships are already baked into the performance. It'd be like visiting an old friend. Not to mention the physicality as well. I'd say I'm handy with a negative energy sword!"

Even if he doesn't immediately transform into Mister Negative, bringing Martin Li into the MCU makes perfect sense, and we honestly can't think of anyone better than Stephen Oyoung to make that happen. Fans online clearly agree, so this casting would be welcomed if it ultimately pans out. 

We'll have much more to share with you from Stephen soon, but in the meantime, you can find him on Twitter @mrstephenoyoung and Instagram @stephenoyoung. The actor is also involved with OperationSmile.org, a worthy cause we highly recommend you check out!

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