PEACEMAKER Star John Cena Shares His Take On The Rock/Vin Diesel Feud: There Can Be Only One

PEACEMAKER Star John Cena Shares His Take On The Rock/Vin Diesel Feud: "There Can Be Only One"

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GIVEAWAY: Enter For Your Chance To Win FAST X On Blu-ray & A Rare Gold Lamborghini Gallardo (Model)!!

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harryba11zack - 2/25/2024, 11:09 PM
The1st - 2/26/2024, 9:11 AM
@harryba11zack - I imagine that'll be the defense too, he thought she was fam. I'm kidding, mostly.
dracula - 2/25/2024, 11:13 PM
Wonder how long before anything actually happens with these accusations
AmazingFILMporg - 2/25/2024, 11:15 PM
@dracula -

I'm sure universal has done their due diligence. No way they invest 200 million on a film starring vin if they thought the allegations had weight.💁
Blergh - 2/26/2024, 3:44 AM
@AmazingFILMporg - it won’t be 200M though, right?
They said the budget would be a lot more modest
Ryguy88 - 2/26/2024, 7:08 AM
@AmazingFILMporg - they dont care if they hold weight, as long as it's not convictable. They will settle out of court and we'll never hear of it again.
The1st - 2/26/2024, 9:14 AM
@Ryguy88 - Or the ratchet factor...I imagine Majors can attest to that, but that's just my opinion.
JobinJ - 2/25/2024, 11:43 PM
I’m sorry, but there has to be some sort of regulation on how long ago people can accuse somebody of something. With no other evidence, other than their word against theirs.

This happened like 13 or 14 years ago. It took you that long to tell, to report it?
bkmeijer1 - 2/26/2024, 2:23 AM
@JobinJ - yeah, how dare people take up so long to muster up the courage
JobinJ - 2/26/2024, 4:41 AM
@bkmeijer1 - that’s not what I was saying.
bkmeijer1 - 2/26/2024, 4:43 AM
@JobinJ - I'm just adding to it. But in all seriousness, I don't think there should some regulation on it, as we don't know why it took so long
Origame - 2/26/2024, 5:48 AM
@JobinJ - yeah. And then people will say "but it's tough to come forward".

Yeah, but it's also a potentially innocent person on the line. We really can't just take word of mouth on the matter. Especially when it's been so long and memory becomes a factor in reliability.
Clintthahamster - 2/26/2024, 6:32 AM
@JobinJ - Many states have statutes of limitation for criminal charges, but there are fewer for civil cases. But really, even those SoLs are problematic. They've caused issues with survivors of child sex abuse at the hands of the clergy from seeking justice in the past.
ShimmyShimmyYA - 2/26/2024, 9:20 AM
@Origame - that’s why we have trials and act under innocent till proven guilty

That’s one of the dumbest things you’ve said
Origame - 2/26/2024, 10:06 AM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - I'm essentially saying what you said. What's so dumb about it?
Steel86 - 2/25/2024, 11:56 PM
Haha, went form 2, 3 more to finally the last one. Up to 7 Fast they walked the line of kool but somewhat realistic till they went pass that line and kept going. Hopefully the last one is a good one.
Taonrey - 2/26/2024, 12:49 AM
@Steel86 - it still is two more, this and the Hobbs movie.
Steel86 - 2/26/2024, 1:28 AM
@Taonrey - Hobbs isn't a F&F film. Vin was boasting about a Fast X trilogy and the last film fell below expectations.
bkmeijer1 - 2/26/2024, 2:31 AM
@Steel86 - 6 was already borderline crazy with that final act. Still can't believe we got 4 more of that crazy shit
GarthRanzz - 2/25/2024, 11:56 PM
This one I found utterly shocking. I totally thought Vin's tastes were quite different. Really looking forward to the next one as it definately has an End Game feel.
bkmeijer1 - 2/26/2024, 2:30 AM
Quite profound indeed how his youngest daughter realizes our commitment to the saga has had a unique impact on its success and evolution.

Still don't get how the franchise got from stealing tvs to physics defying, spacefaring, international espionage. Doubt it's our commitment that led to that evolution, because I haven't heard anyone say that evolution made sense.
TheVisionary25 - 2/26/2024, 7:00 AM
@bkmeijer1 - I agree

I still think Fast Five was the perfect balance and they should have left it as an action heist franchise (part of the reason it’s still the best one imo).
bkmeijer1 - 2/26/2024, 8:40 AM
@TheVisionary25 - same. Five atleast had some believability, but as soon as Dom & Co became some sorta international superspies it just went overboard
PartyKiller - 2/26/2024, 3:31 AM
The series lost all possibilities of tension when it started turning it's villains into heroes and brought back multiple dead characters.
Tasmaniac - 2/26/2024, 3:44 AM
When they jumped a car from one skyscraper to another, that was it for me.
Blergh - 2/26/2024, 3:46 AM
Remember that this is the guy who got 35Mil for FX and won’t take a pay cut to tell the end of the story they started in X.
Instead they have to write a rushed ending with open cliffhanger endings to be carried by a spin-off.
TheVisionary25 - 2/26/2024, 7:14 AM
I am convinced that Vin lives in his own world and is just completely delusional where he thinks us laughing at the franchise at times is us loving it as a serious piece of cinema…

Anyway , I did find Fast X to be an enjoyable ( and even a bit better then the last couple) so I hope the next one ends it well for the fans out there i guess lol.

As long as I get more Jason Momoa as possibly the best villain this franchise has had , I’m good!!.

Arthorious - 2/26/2024, 3:03 PM
@TheVisionary25 - Momoa and Statham are the only villains who really stood out (and the latter of the two became a good guy)
TheVisionary25 - 2/26/2024, 3:41 PM
@Arthorious - not gonna lie , I enjoyed Luke Evans too but yeah
WEAPONXOXOXO - 2/26/2024, 1:17 PM
Sexual Battery Allegations?!!

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