Green Arrow (CW's Arrow) VS Daredevil (Netflix's Daredevil)

In honor of the Daredevil Season 2 trailer dropping today I figured it was time to put him to the test against Green Arrow. Who would win in a fight? Who is the more effective superhero?

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Green Arrow

Stranded on the island of Lian Yu for five years, the spoiled billionaire Oliver Queen had two options. Die or survive, he chose the latter and learned how to use many weapons namely the bow and arrow to protect himself from the many dangers on the island. Within the five years he became an exceptional marksman as well as hand-to-hand combatant.  Oliver has endured alot physically and mentally on the island and this has hardened him. When he finally returned home he was a changed man and utilized the skills he learned to become a vigilante, dishing out his own brand of justice.

Oliver can speak multiple languages and managed to hold his own against The Flash in a fight (an accomplishment few non met-humans can claim).  His equipment includes:  Standard Arrows, Grappling Hook Arrows, Audio Recording Arrows, Router Arrows,  Flashbang Arrows,  Explosive Arrows,  Double Arrows (an arrow that splits in two once it's been shothis), Tear Gas Arrows, Electric Arrows, Magnetic Arrows, Boxing Glove Arrows,  Ensnarement Arrows, Syringe Arrows, and Tranquilizer Arrows. He maintainsh is physical fitness through adherence to a strict diet and intense training regimen. Oliver has been an active vigilante/superhero for around four years. In his early years he wasn't against killing criminals; however, in more recent years he only kills if absolutely necessary.


 Blinded at a young age Mathew Murdock spent the early years of his childhood with his father. Jack Murdock was a second rate boxer who encouraged his son to study hard so he wouldn't end up like he did. When his father is murdered Matt is sent to live in an orphanage where he meets Stick. Stick teaches Matt how to cope with his blindness and hone his remianing four senses beyond human capability. Stick also teaches Matt various martial art forms. Matt proves he is a gifted athlete and acrobat. However, when Matt begins to view Stick as father figure after months of training, Stick abandons him. After the loss of another person he had grown close to, Matt practices the skills Stick taught him and learns how to box  (even surpassing his father). Matt studied Law at Columbia and opened his own law firm with his best friend Foggy Nelson. If he can't find justice in the court room then he'll get it on the streets as the vigilante Daredevil. 

Daredevil possesses super hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It is stated that although he is blind these heightened senses allow him to be more aware of his envornment than any able-bodied person.  His eqipment: Dual Escrima sticks that are mainly used for close ranged fighting but can be thrown with extreme precision. Daredevil is skilled interogator, tracker, and detective. He is against killing criminals and is very new to the crime fighting scene.

Final Verdict

This is a hard decision to make, and putting bias aside like the quality of the shows, only taking the individual characters and what we know about them I'd say Oliver wins this. He has more experience and has faced off against meta-humans before. Matt might be the better hand-to-hand combatant but Oliver could easily keep him at bay with his array of trick arrows. Then finally deliver the death blow to a significantly weakened Matt. 

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