PREY Star Ryan Phillippe Confirms He Met With Marvel About Captain America AND Iron Fist (Exclusive)

PREY Star Ryan Phillippe Confirms He Met With Marvel About Captain America AND Iron Fist (Exclusive)

KICK-ASS 2 Director Jeff Wadlow Pitched CAPTAIN AMERICA Film To Marvel Studios Starring Will Smith Or The Rock
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KICK-ASS 2 Director Jeff Wadlow Pitched CAPTAIN AMERICA Film To Marvel Studios Starring Will Smith Or The Rock

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mountainman - 3/2/2023, 12:31 PM
Please no Hydra Steve. We don’t need an evil version of Cap in the movies.
The1st - 3/2/2023, 1:32 PM
@mountainman - Better as What If fare.
mountainman - 3/2/2023, 1:39 PM
@The1st - If be ok with a What If episode about it. I’m ok with an episode of What If about just about any subject. I just don’t want them to destroy the awesome arc that MCU Rogers had.

If they decide to bring in a variant of Steve during the multiverse saga, I’ll only be ok with it if he is heroic.
JobinJ - 3/2/2023, 12:34 PM

Goddamn you fanboys will never get enough. There could be 1000 movies with him in them as Cap and you still would want more. LEAVE IT.
bobevanz - 3/2/2023, 12:40 PM
They're gonna need it after Kang Dynasty will be written by an ignoramus
RebelCommander - 3/2/2023, 12:44 PM
"Somehow Captain America returned..." There you go, easy as that
TheBlueMorpho - 3/2/2023, 1:05 PM
@RebelCommander -

All for that
malschla - 3/2/2023, 12:50 PM
KWilly - 3/2/2023, 12:51 PM
Secret Wars cameo is the only thing I'd accept. Sam is Cap now. That's that.
Reginator - 3/2/2023, 12:51 PM
reset the MCU after secret war. Recast Rogers and Stark and T'Challa and anyone else aging out of their current part.
slickrickdesigns - 3/2/2023, 12:52 PM
Top 5 Articles about nothing.
TyrantBossMedia - 3/2/2023, 1:03 PM
I've said it before....have him take off the time GPS and have Banner put him through the Time Machine and move time through him instead of him through time.

It made Scott Lang young, then old then back to his can do the same for Steve Rogers.

Another thing that Endgame screwed up with their ridiculous, fan service time travel story line.
Now they have an eternal youth machine.

JonC - 3/2/2023, 1:18 PM
@TyrantBossMedia - I have a feeling the general public does not know time travel exists and the Avengers are keeping it on the down-low due to how many villains would want it... and then there is the Back to the Future issue where you mess with time and time tends to mess with you so i think they more or less don't do time travel shenanigans even though the tech exists.
I can see de-aging Cap but going beyond that would only occur under extreme circumstances like Thanos/Kang.
TheBlueMorpho - 3/2/2023, 1:04 PM
I once said we should have a Cap and Wolverine team up movie in the 50s during the time he was with Peggy.
bkmeijer1 - 3/2/2023, 2:46 PM
@TheBlueMorpho - I also wanna see him team up with Hank Pym.

Or maybe an alternate universe Avengers with Pym as Ant-Man, Howard as Iron Man, Isaiah as the second Captain against the Red Guardian. Now that's a What If I wanna see
grif - 3/2/2023, 2:01 PM
only one i care about and that makes the most sense is the cap and wolverine in ww2. but that would mean mutants have been around since before ww2. so where the [frick] have they been all of these movies. so the idea is pretty much a no go.
MotherFuckerJon - 3/2/2023, 2:03 PM
Kinda think he comes back as old man cap. It would be cool if he was abducted by Kang when he went to put the stones back.
Frshcoupe - 3/2/2023, 2:38 PM
I’ll bet any of you $100 that the powers that be will bring back RDJ, Evans and ScarJo as variants for Secret Wars. Crazier things have happened.

No one thought Marvel would buy Fox and get X-Men and F4. No one thought Spider-Man would be part of the MCU. And since Marvel/Disney is a business, what better way to ensure your movie is a box office juggernaut than to have the OG’s come back for the next Avengers?
DocSpock - 3/2/2023, 2:38 PM

None of this will ever happen.

This is just how Josh makes his living. If I weren't so drunk & lazy, I would do it.

bkmeijer1 - 3/2/2023, 2:45 PM
As an old man, giving some advice to Sam, and then buggering off back to the moon
Spike101 - 3/2/2023, 2:46 PM
Money talks always. Steve Rogers like Tony Stark are characters which are basically just company assets which are worth an extremely large amount of money… They will all be back.
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