DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Stars Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Explain Why Logan WON'T Break The Fourth Wall

DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE Stars Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Explain Why Logan WON'T Break The Fourth Wall

Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, along with filmmaker Shawn Levy, have explained why Logan won't be breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience in the MCU threequel.

By JoshWilding - Jun 25, 2024 07:06 AM EST
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Source: Vanity Fair

Deadpool & Wolverine will do what we all thought was impossible when it brings together its title characters for a movie fans have spent decades waiting to see become a reality. 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine offered a disappointing glimpse at what it would look like for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to trade barbs as Wade Wilson and Logan. However, it's down to Marvel Studios to deliver what promises to be the MCU's biggest - and perhaps best - team-up to date. 

Complicating matters is 2017's Logan. In that movie, Jackman bid what appeared to be a permanent farewell to the clawed mutant when the X-Man's healing factor gave up on him and his clone, X-24, delivered a beating he couldn't come back from. 

We're expecting this Wolverine to be a Variant from elsewhere in the Multiverse, something Reynolds and director Shawn Levy alluded to during a recent Vanity Fair interview. 

"Initially, we had a very loose idea of how we would bring Wolverine back in ways that don’t necessarily interact or interfere with Logan and that legacy," Reynolds explained. "I know Kevin, like Shawn and I and Hugh, were all very concerned about that."

"We really needed to protect that and still allow us to tell the most full-throated Wolverine story we could ever imagine, which for us was just a huge nerve-wracking privilege."

Levy adds, "The legacy of Logan as a movie and a character means a lot to Hugh, of course, but to Ryan and Kevin and me as well. Is there an awareness of that legacy within the movie as well? The answer is yes. And that’s another way to protect it."

Freed from having to tie into Logan, Deadpool & Wolverine can do something different with its title character. However, that's not going to include him breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience, Merc with the Mouth-style. 

While we didn't necessarily expect Wolverine to do that, a video playing in theaters with the duo telling the audience to silence their cell phone has led to speculation it might be the case. 

Here's how Hugh Jackman, Reynolds, and Levy explained it:

Levy: So many actors come into a Deadpool movie and they’re like, 'Great, I get to talk to the camera and break the fourth wall.' We’re like, 'No, no, no. There actually is a system here.' And that keeps Deadpool’s tone unique to him.

Reynolds: There are rules. Very specific rules. You would diminish stakes in the film if everyone—or even anyone else—was also aware of the fourth wall or any kind of meta aspect. Deadpool is the only character who has that ability to do that. If everyone did that, then you would no longer invest in that character as much. You really want to believe that the villain is a villain. You really want to believe that your costar’s character is true as well. Deadpool can undermine that—and does undermine that—because you don’t want the audience to take him as seriously.

Jackman: I made the same mistake—day one. I made the suggestion and it was like, 'Yeah…' [Winces.]

Reynolds: I always feel like an absolute dick when I’m trying to explain: I need people as invested as humanly possible in every other character while knowing that only Deadpool is the unreliable narrator.

Jackman: Ryan beautifully describes Deadpool’s brain as a half-baked omelet. And so, whatever he’s doing—talking to a camera, to Wolverine—it’s just another layer of annoying crap that I’ve got to put up with. Who knows what the hell he is doing? But it’s just another excuse to punch him in the face.

Deadpool & Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26.

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harryba11zack - 6/25/2024, 7:19 AM
yeah no shit, that was always a deadpool thing, non of the other characters like cable or colossus from the previous films Break The Fourth Wall, why would they start now? this is just another waste of an article.

User Comment Image
IAmAHoot - 6/25/2024, 7:23 AM
@harryba11zack - Who shat in your bed this morning?
lazlodaytona - 6/25/2024, 9:05 AM
@harryba11zack - why did she-hulk break the 4th wall?..
I felt that damaged the character and the overall premise of a show that should have been taken more serious.
lazlodaytona - 6/25/2024, 9:09 AM
@IAmAHoot - I did. Then left a trail to the restroom. I took off at 4 a.m. and when I got the call? I blamed it on his Yorkie and 3 gerbils.

No more late night KFC for me anymore. 🤔 I think I'll switch to White Castles now.
CerealKiller1 - 6/25/2024, 9:16 AM
@lazlodaytona - Because that’s what the character does in the comics? That show never had a chance of winning, because if she wasn’t breaking the 4th Wall, just as many people on the internet would start moaning about it
lazlodaytona - 6/25/2024, 9:33 AM
@CerealKiller1 - ok. Won't disagree
Origame - 6/25/2024, 7:19 AM they really need to explain why a character who doesn't break the fourth wall isn't breaking the fourth wall? They never had characters like colossus and cable break the fourth wall either.
IAmAHoot - 6/25/2024, 7:25 AM
@Origame - It's only and directly because of the "silence your cell phone" clip they recorded for theaters. Internet people assumed Logan would break the fourth wall again in the movie as a result.
harryba11zack - 6/25/2024, 7:51 AM
@Origame - did you just take my comment, cut its balls off and give it a PG 13 Rating?
User Comment Image
Origame - 6/25/2024, 8:34 AM
@harryba11zack - dude, you included a sparkling vampire gif. Your comment had no balls to begin with.
harryba11zack - 6/25/2024, 8:41 AM
@Origame - User Comment Image
Origame - 6/25/2024, 8:59 AM
@harryba11zack - lol. In fairness, your comment wasn't showing when I posted mine.
lazlodaytona - 6/25/2024, 9:12 AM
@Origame - 🥎⚽⚾🎱🎳🏀🏈🏐🔮🏓🤽🏌️
Man I just love balls
Origame - 6/25/2024, 9:38 AM
@lazlodaytona - can't forget about some shweddy balls.

StSteven - 6/25/2024, 1:09 PM
@Origame - Who doesn't love a nice sack of Shweddy balls, especially during the holidays? Just the thing to get you over those accidental manslaughter blues! 😉
BlackStar25 - 6/25/2024, 1:18 PM
@Origame - Bro....I literally thought the same thing. Smh.
lazlodaytona - 6/25/2024, 2:42 PM
@Origame -

User Comment Image
mountainman - 6/25/2024, 7:24 AM
Good. Only Deadpool should break the fourth wall in this movie.

Side note, doing my rewatch of the Fox movies. Just doing OG X-Men trilogy, Wolverine trilogy, and 2 Deadpools.

I just want to say The Wolverine could have been an amazing movie if they cut out Viper and made the final battle against a real Silver Samuri instead of the robot suit version. As we got it, it’s a good movie. But it could have been GREAT.
Apophis71 - 6/25/2024, 7:32 AM
@mountainman - Agree on The Wolverine, it was SO close to being a great movie if not for a few dumb choices to go with, still enjoyed the film enough that the robot suit didn't totaly ruin it for me but...
mountainman - 6/25/2024, 8:29 AM
@Apophis71 - Overall I enjoy it. Good outweighs the bad. Was also thinking the action would have been better had it been rated R.
lazlodaytona - 6/25/2024, 9:21 AM
@mountainman - despite all that I still really liked The Wolverine. My favorite part was in the beginning when he was living in the woods nestled into a rock with an over hang.
Him having only the small radio and booze for each night was interesting. Then kicking that poacher guy with an arrow through his hand then pouring liquor on it.
The opening I love. Also liked the train fight, the fight against that samurai guy who Logan fought him to defend his friend.

Yeah, the silver samurai was a let down and Logan getting his adamantium claws was stupid too.

But after that came Days of Future past and it nailed it all around.
mountainman - 6/25/2024, 9:28 AM
@lazlodaytona - The opening on Nagasaki was super cool. Stuff in the forest / bar with the hunters and the bear was classic Wolverine stuff. I thought the CGI on the train fight was wonky but it was a neat concept. Another thing that bothered me was nerfing his healing factor, but I already mentioned I didn’t like Viper so take her out and that plot point wouldn’t have happened. Either way, they did a mostly good job at adapting his Japan storyline. Not perfect, but still a good movie.

Side note, Days of Future past is my favorite in that whole franchise. 2014 was such a great year for CBMs.
McMurdo - 6/25/2024, 9:39 AM
@mountainman - yes Wolverine is 2/3rds pretty great
mountainman - 6/25/2024, 10:06 AM
@McMurdo - It’s kind of like First Class. 2/3 of it was great. Honestly I loved all of it besides how lame some of the First Class recruits were (and how lame the villain team was (come on we relegate Emma Frost to just be a pretty face and not actually be the bad ass villain she was).

That was really the thing with a lot of the Fox stuff. There were only a few total stinkers. Only a few great ones too. A lot of them were a mixed bag that could have been great with a few changes.
McMurdo - 6/25/2024, 11:11 AM
@mountainman - I'm a First Class stan. The line up was irrelevant because of how great the dynamic was with the team aspect and Charles/Erik. Despite the changes in roster it just felt like a real XMen film.
McMurdo - 6/25/2024, 11:11 AM
@mountainman - I do agree Emma was weaksauce. She deserves so much better.
mountainman - 6/25/2024, 11:30 AM
@McMurdo - Charles/Erik/Sebastian Shaw were all what made that movie. I actually didn’t even mind Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique too much as there was some intestine stuff there. She didn’t get annoying until Apocalypse.

Overall I like first class, but if we would have had better lineups on the good/bad side it could have been even better.
McMurdo - 6/25/2024, 11:40 AM
@mountainman - yep I feel that. And I agree her Mystique in that film and the dynamic with Charles was pretty well done.
mountainman - 6/25/2024, 11:47 AM
@McMurdo - She had a good dynamic with Charles, Erik, and Hank in that one. I also liked her role in DOFP.
HermanM - 6/25/2024, 7:33 AM
Full throated?
Doomsday8888 - 6/25/2024, 7:40 AM
As simple as this thing may seem to us nerds it actually isn't a no-brainer tbh.

Glad they...uh...had the right pespective on this tho.
TheVisionary25 - 6/25/2024, 7:42 AM
I definitely get the fourth wall breaking perspective…

Even though we as an audience are aware that we are watching a movie , it still needs to be real & authentic to as many of the characters as possible since it’s the world they live in.
TheVisionary25 - 6/25/2024, 7:42 AM
In regard to the awareness of Wolverine & Logan’s legacy being in the film , I feel like that’ll tie into the rumored appearance X23 has in this…

Both Wade & Logan could land in the Logan reality where they meet Laura who is surprised it delighted to see her “father” alive but quickly realizes this isn’t exactly him…

Later on , she could give this version of Logan the inspiration needed to be a hero again by citing how her variant saved her and other kids thus preserving and honoring the legacy of that film.
Apophis71 - 6/25/2024, 7:48 AM
@TheVisionary25 - Think that is EXACTLY what everyone is expecting and almost be wrong, even if obvious, not to do after this Variant failed.

To then show that in her time from after the fall of the Xmen he became in some ways a greater hero IS the way to go realy (in that when you know you can't die is it as heroic when you know you will when saving the day).
braunermegda - 6/25/2024, 8:10 AM
anyone knows when the final trailer will be released?
Slotherin - 6/25/2024, 8:19 AM
This ruins everything
TheMetaMan - 6/25/2024, 8:44 AM
One month tomorrow can’t wait. Looking forward to seeing how distinct this wolverine is compared to others including Logan. Jackman always adds a new layer of nuance to wolverine in every performance. After almost 25 years in the role, he never disappoints. It will be really hard to acknowledge his inevitable replacement, to see someone else in the role after this. I like how sedulous and protective Reynolds is with this film. Between him, Jackman, Levy and Fiege, they are really determined to deliver on their promise that this is undeniably and authentically a Deadpool film.
lazlodaytona - 6/25/2024, 9:24 AM
@TheMetaMan - I didn't realize it was one month tomorrow for the release. Just awesome.
SATW42 - 6/25/2024, 9:15 AM
I mean, there's a ton of ways for this not to interfere with Logan, they can pull Logan from any time period so it could just as easily be "our" Logan before the events of Logan and he eventually is placed back in his timeline and lives out the events of Logan. It's been awhile since I've seen it, but don't a bunch of mutants die when Xavier has like a dimentia episode that causes like some kind of mass aneurism of xmen or something? Couldn't that be the event they are talking about that Logan let his team down and why he's angry and depressed when deadpool comes to get him?
Apophis71 - 6/25/2024, 12:19 PM
@SATW42 - Possibly (the Prof DID kill 600 people including several Xmen the year prior to the film) but there was also a virus or something released (think it may have been globaly distributed food from geneticaly altered crops) that nerfed at least mutant powers in the Logan universe as well as preventing any more mutants being born for decades.

It is more likely considering what we have seen glimpses of (the white suit version in a casino) that DP will go to multiple different timelines to try, and repeatedly fail, to recruit a Variant of Wolverine and the one we get is on who failed in one of his prior appearances (such as X3 for instance) or an entirely different previously unseen version that isn't on the same timeline as Logan (hence certain details like hair differing).

Also seems fairly clear we WILL get his 'daughter' directly from Logan to tell her story in order to help him come to terms with his failure and thus get his s#!t together.
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