Marvelous Fan Fiction Film Treatment of THE MARVELS Culled From All The Current Rumors

Many Reddit fans have been speculating the potential story-line of The Marvels. We added our comic book knowledge of character tie-ins and turned their speculations into a fan fiction film treatment.

Fan Fic Opinion

We hope you enjoy this fan fiction treatment of The Marvels until we all get to see the real story on film in full glory. In the meantime, "make mine Marvel!"


In the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and continued in the series, Secret Invasion, we last see Nick Fury working with good Skrulls to fight evil Skrulls infilitrating the earth, and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) is again out in the cosmos, defending cosmos-kind.  The Kree Empire is under threat by shifting political powers and manipulations and face terrible new conflicts, including the attacks by the powerful Empress Deathbird of the bird-like alien Shi-ar Empire from the X-Men comic books. 

The main villain, a gender-swapped Kree General based on Kree General Ael-Dam and Kree General Dar-Benn, is seen in a flashback to Captain Marvel, where she observed Carol attacking the Supreme Intelligence, Mar-Vell, which led her and her fellow Kree to hate Carol, taking the General on a path to revenge and a quest to rebuild the Kree planet, Hala, to its former glory.  Building a powerful new weapon, she discovers an ancient artifact in the form of a bangle.  She uses it to power her weapon and create portals, albeit unstable, to steal vital resources such as water, air and solar energy.  In doing so, she destroys a planet to siphon its resources and transfer them to rebuild Hala.

The Kree General is secretly intending on destroying peace talks between the Krees and Skrulls by assassinating the Kree Emperor and perhaps even destroy the host planet but blame it on the Skrulls so she can take control of the Kree Empire herself.  In reference to the comic books, an easter egg might be added where Kree scientists captured a mysterious surfboard and experimented on it,  blaming the planet's destruction on the strange Silver alien who rode this board in their space, like a surfer on the waves of the sea.  But the populace are outraged at the Skrulls and declare galactic war. Understanding the Skrulls are are on Earth, they expand their war to this planet.

We find Captain Monica Rambeau (known over time as Pulsar, Photon and Spectrum in the comic books) working with Nick Fury at “The Peak”, SWORD headquarters. Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is at home with her family, in her bedroom.  Carol is at the Kree/Skrull peace summit because she does not trust the Kree General and begins to uncover the plot.  Discovered by the Kree, she fights them.  It turns out that the General has discovered a bangle / Quantum-Band / Nega-Band similar to the one Kamala has and is using the ancient, powerful artifact to power her dangerous weapon.  While the two women are fighting, Kamala's bangle suddenly emits a strange glow and Carol swaps places with Kamala Khan (as seen in the end-credit bedroom scene of the episode finale of Ms. Marvel).  Confused from her sudden transportation, Carol sees the bedroom she is in full of Captain Marvel posters and figures.  She abruptly leaves the room.  Kamala now finds herself on another planet, fighting the Kree General and her minions. The Kree General confronts Kamala, noting her bangle and asking how she got it, to which she responds “my grandma sent it to me in the mail”.

As the fighting continues, as Carol powers up again, the bangles / Nega-Bands across space wreak havoc, with all the three Marvels switching places any time they use their powers.  But Krees, also under the influence of their General’s Nega-Band, are  transported in the chase! Carol miraculously switches places with Monica so she is on the Peak with Fury, while Kamala is still at the Peace Summit and Monica is now fighting Kree soldiers in the Khan living room with Khan’s family (Yusuf Khan, Kamala’s father,  Muneeba Khan, Kamala’s mother, and Aamir Khan, Kamala’s older brother). The family members are hilariously trying to hit the Kree warriors with a broom, running around and screaming.  At the end, everyone, including Fury, end up in the Khan living room, except Kamala. But as Carol attempts to leave the house and use her powers to fly away, she and Kamala switch again and Kamala is falling downwards from the sky, a potential fall to her death.  Fury cries out to Monica to fly and save her, but Monica fears she cannot control her flight yet.  He convinces her and yells,  “C’mon, Black girl magic!” and she proceeds to fly and save Kamala but loses control on the way back down, with everyone screaming.  At the last moment, Monica and Carol switch place and Carol is able to stop the splat to the ground.  Fury screams in horror before realizing the switch, “Ahhhhhh, oh, it’s just Carol.”


The three women discover they need to stick together because they cannot control the switching which takes place when they use their powers…somehow they are binded together as The Marvels.  As they realize the extent of Kree General’s ambitions and lack of conscience toward planetary genocides, having now destroyed the planet where the Skrull/Kree peace talks were being held,  they learn that she will now attempt to go to Aladna to steal their water. 

As they take Carol’s ship to this planet, a montage of girl-bonding ensues, as Monica tries to help Carol get used to working with young, naive Kamila, whom she yelled at in an earlier scene, because Kamala froze up at a pivitol moment. Monica reminds Carol she is not a soldier.  Maria Rambeau, Monica’s mother appears in flashbacks,  as Monica reveals in a heart-to-heart with Carol that she resented Carol leaving them behind when she was a child but Carol reveals she did come back and visit Maria, more than once.  So they all work through their issues.

Carol has already been to this planet….yeah she is a real “Disney Princess”, having married to Prince Yan (a diplomatic accident, she shamefully admits she did not understand the customs and got married diplomatically by mistake). He still crushes for her but there is a genuine friendship and respect between them. Everyone sings and dances on this planet, undoubtedly a sly in-joke at Disney.  Monica is weirded out by the whole situation, Kamala is ecstatic and plans to put it into her Captain Marvel fan fiction. She doesn’t mention what fruit rating. 

So on Aladna, the Marvels team up in full, train with their powers and get their new suits/costumes.


Carol realizes the Kree General is going to go after, in revenge, EVERY single planet Carol ever called “Home”. This is personal revenge, and Earth is part of it.  To protect loved ones, Fury takes the Khan family up to the space station where they join other humans and Skrull friends, so he can monitor the situation from there and protect them at same time.  In the film climax, the space station is damaged by the Kree General when she attacks earth and there are not enough escape pods for everyone before the station crashes.   This is where Fury’s feline friends come in to play.  He feeds his shipmates to the Flerken kittens (as first seen in Captain Marvel). So comedically, everyone is running around in panic and the Flerken kittens start eating the terrified occupants.  We find out that, the kittens were actually helping by devouring them whole and transporting them to safety.  Shades of Lockjaw!

The Marvels go to Hala, being restored by the Kree General, who is a hero to the inhabitants as she brings rain and atmosphere again for the first time from the water of the destroyed planets. But Carol to them is an Annihilator, a villain, as she had destroyed their planet before, in their eyes. This creates a moral reckoning…will she have to destroy it again to stop the Kree General?  Shall the good of the few outweigh the good of the many? This is the moral question Monica asks, essentially, urging Carol to stop the General at any cost, especially since her portals are unstable and making the universe unstable.

At the climax, Carol fights the General while Monica and Kamala try to fix the tear in the Universe,  but to do this, Monica has to use her power to manipulate different forms of energy and synchronize her, Carol’s and Kamala’s powers to achieve binary form.  By fixing the tear, she ends up stuck on the other side, which appears to be an opposite version of her own universe, a “Negative Zone”, which perhaps can only be escaped temporarily with one of the other Marvels, unless the Fantastic Four can one day resolve their dilemma. . .

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