My Pitch for Avengers: Infnity War Part 2

My Pitch for Avengers: Infnity War Part 2

Since Part 1 was so succesful, i've decided to make a Part 2! This one is even longer but get ready for some action, some tears, cosmic mumbo-jumbo and bringning the ENTIRE marvel universe together in a cohesive way!

By BaronZemo - Jul 23, 2016 07:07 AM EST
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Infinity War S.H.I.E.L.D. prequel:
Agents of Shield: Season 4 (2016/2017)
It’s heavely rumoured that this will be the last season, so let’s asume so (this season will obviously take place before IW: P1):
 · Maria Hill will have a lot of presence in this season. In the last episodes it’s revealed that she works with Nick Fury and she’s a mole in Avengers facilities and SHIELD. She gives Coulson a letter from Nick.
 · The letter says that something big is coming and that Coulson seriously needs to keep tabs on every superhero that currently exists to have a backup plan: “Avengers Army Initiative”.
 · The letter will also explain that Nick mixed the Kree’s blood with the Tesseract’s energies back when the Tesseract was at Shield. That’s how the GH-23 can ressurrect people, because it has infinity stones power (I’ve always thought it’s the only way for it to make sense).
 · Hydra would be separated into different factions and there would be a lot of hints at Arnim Zola possibly being alive.
 · And i also need Coulson alive by the end of the series. ;)

Infinity War “tie-ins”:
Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)
This movie will take a break from the cosmic ties, the seriouness, the big scale... And the villain is MODOK! (Redesigned like in the image) He will go to prison by the end of the film. It will take place basicly at the same time as Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Captain Marvel. It will have connections with both movies. It will end with some news channel saying that the avengers have just gone to Asgard.
 - “They didn’t invite you, bro?”
 - “Nah, it’s just that, uh... [enter funny lame excuse]”
End credit scene: We cut to Ryker’s prison. There’s blood and dead guards on the floor. It’s a breakout. Some masked assassin with a machine gun opens up cell F453. Ulysses Klaue is there. The assassin takes off his mask: It’s Zemo! But then, before they go, they stop at cell TS94. Both of them open the giant door... MODOK!
(this would take place before IW:P1 mid-credit scene).

Captain Marvel (2019)
It will happen before and at the same time as A:IW P1. It will heavily feature the Kree empire and it will have a minor subplot of an incoming war with the Nova Corp. Something is happening in the shadows and it’s manipulating both armies.
End Credit Scene: It’s a flashback that takes place just before the first scene of Infinity War Part 1 and at the same time as the first act of Captain Marvel (More or less). It’s revealed to us that it was Loki who was manipulating both armies in the shadows. Thanos: Is it done?
Loki: Yes.
Thanos: Good. Now it’s only a matter of time before Xandar is raided by an army of brainless indignated Kree. The power stone will be mine to take. But now, the first gem awaits in Knowhere...

Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 (2019) Lenght: 3hours long!!!!
Themes: Life and Death, there’s no Life without Death and viceversa, the acomplishment of your deepest desires...
First act (Build up) 47 min long
We open to Thanos talking to lady Death (accompanied by her interpreteers) in her temple. She doesn’t say a word to Thanos, like always. Thanos is very frustrated.

But then Thanos delivers an epic monologue, promising her lots of death (ala Khal Drogo’s speech in GoT Season 1). It starts soft but it gets very intense at the end. The audience is hyped.

AVENGERS: INFITY WAR (The title would be introduced with flashes from the previous Phase 3 movies in chronological order including Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and Avengers: Infinity War Part 1)
We cut to where we left it: The avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy are face to face. We get some long scenes of all of them meeting. Just a sit-back to enjoy all of these characters interacting with eachother. Steve tries to explain to them what the avengers are: “We are the defenders of this planet”. Star-Lord imediatly realises the kind of people he’s dealing with, as he recognises Steve Rogers as the WW2 hero that he learned about in school. He trusts the Avengers,, and the Avengers trust him. These scenes would have a comedic tone to invest the audience since the beggining, just fan service everywhere (imagine Stark and Rocket arguing going back and forth). Star-Lord says that Sanctuary’s trace ended here, and that they were looking for Thanos. The avengers update him on everything. Gamora adresses that she’s Thanos’ daughter. By the way, Scarlet Witch is full emo-mode since Vision’s death. Adam Warlock is just witnessing earth, without saying much. Then the Avengers ask who he is and that’s when the plot starts to move on.

We cut to Sanctuary and Thanos is getting a handle on the gems. He tells Loki that he only needs three more, but the Avengers can be an obstacle, so he needs a distraction for them. After some thought, they decide that the best distraction for them is HYDRA (Thanos knows about Hydra because he has studied earth for some time now, that’s how he knew about Ultron being inside the Vision). They adress that Hydra is fractured and that it needs a new leader to unite it again.
 - Hydra’s founder, the man Johann Schmidt, once was in contact with the space stone, and missused it like the pathetic homo sapiens he was... He has traveled through space in light speed throughout all these years. Time for him has passed way quicker than it has on earth. I say we should bring him back...
Thanos snaps his fingers and freaking Red Skull suddenly shows up!

Back with the Avengers:
- Star-Lord: So, Adam, procede to explain the situation to them so we’re on the same page here.
 - Rocket (while tweeking with some machinery): Yeah, just tell them all that mumbo-jumbo that you told us!
Adam introduces himself, he briefly talks about Thanos backstory and then explains Thanos’ devotion and fascitation with the concept of death. He explains that the legends of a Grimm Reaper, of a personification of the concept of death, are real. Death has a physical form called “Lady Death”. He later says that Thanos is actually in love with Lady Death, with death itself.

Then, he explains that the infinity stones are six relics created in the big bang with ifinite energy inside them. He explains that when they are together, the wielder of the stones has the ability to control the universe and warp reality itself. There are absolutely no limits to the wielder and imagination becomes reality. The wielder is omnipotent and controls time, space etc and is esentially GOD. He explains that there is NO POWER GREATER than the Infinity Stones in the entire universe. Not even death, as the wielder of the gauntlet is above life and death.
Adam procedes to explain that there’s a source of infinite knowledge called the Infinity Abyss (that’s where Drax, Gamora and Nebula saw him in Part 1).
 - Clint: Why does apparently everything in space have the word “Infinity” on it?
The abyss had shown Adam flashbacks of Thanos. Years ago, Thanos wanted to find better ways to court lady death, in hopes of winning her heart. Then he found about the Infinity Gems and their potential. The abyss told Adam that Thanos wants to WIPE OUT HALF OF THE LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE once he gets the six gems in order to win death’s heart once and for all. That’s his plan.
Sam: So this is a love story, huh?
Adam: Yes, indeed.
Strange: An individual capable of literally giving the entire universe to his loved one in exchage for her heart. That’s poetic in a way.
Note: We finally now the full power of the infinity stones and finally know more about Thanos’ goal and motivation.
Back in Sanctuary, Loki is talking to Red Skull (Thanos is hidden, so that Red Skull doesn’t flip out even more), trying to explain what happened to him and giving him an update on the world. Then, Thanos snaps his fingers again and boom, Red Skull and Loki (who projects an ilusion of normal clothes) suddenly appear inside a very big secret Hydra base. No one there can believe what was happening. Then, they bring Red Skull to their current leader: Arnim Zola! (Apparently, he didn’t die in Winter Soldier) Red Skull gives a little speech saying that he doesn’t like what he’s just heard about the current world. All of the Hydra agents are hyped and ready to make a move.

Back with the Avengers, they’ve decided their best move is to stop Thanos from getting the gems in the first place before he becomes omnipotent. They’re all gearing up for battle. The Guardians adress that one of Thanos’ next objectives must be Xandar, as the power stone resides there, with the Nova Corp. Then we suddenly cut to space, thousands of planets away. It’s the Kree homeworld, and Carol Danvers is receiving the news that the Kree are indeed gonna launch an attack on Xandar (as hinted in the Captain Marvel movie). But she finds everything so suspicious...
Meanwhile, Thanos arrives to Grandmaster’s palace. When Grandmaster realises that Thanos’ has come, he finally decides to dare to use the Time Gem. They have a mini-fight through time but Thanos defeats him in the end.
 - En Dwi Gast, the Grandmaster. Always ten steps ahead of everyone. Always wanting to know everything before anyone. Does possesing knowledge please you? Would you like to know everything there is to know in this universe. Well, take it! >:D
Thanos grabs his head sending infinite information to his brain using the mind gem. A white light starts to come out of Grandmaster’s eyes and mouth, and then his head explodes off camera. Thanos takes the gem and puts it on the Gauntlet. As he goes back to Sactuary, Nebula follows him and infiltrates the ship.

Back on earth, Adam gets a weird shocking feeling.
 - I’m feeling something... Thanos... He’s just aquired another gem.
The Avengers are about to get inside the Milano to go to Xandar but Nick Fury stops them:
 - There’s been an attack on the White House!
We cut to the white house, where a hundred Hydra agents are massacring everyone inside. They get to the oval office and they all let the Red Skull in. Skull takes president Ellis out of the white house and gets him down on his knees with a gun at the back of his head. He is giving a short speech to a camera that thanks to Zola’s hacking powers is reporting to the whole country. It’s a unity speech, a call to action to Hydra. There’s a sequence of several HYDRA bases witnessing this on the TV. Captain America and the Avengers are also watching. So is the Pentagon, including Secretary of Defense Ross. The Avengers go on the Quinjet and leave the Guardians with Fury. It creates a funny akward situation.
 - Star-Lord: So... What happened to your eye?
 - Fury: ...
 - Star-Lord: Okey-Dokey...
Meanwhile in Sanctuary, Thanos snaps his fingers and sends Loki back to his presence. Then, Thanos asks him about Hydra and Loki just shows him a projection of what’s happening down on earth in the white house.
 - Good, that will keep them occupied. [...] With the Time Gem i could easily end my quest for the gems in an eyeblink, but i have certain difficulty to control it, like the reality stone. But if i could just...
Thanos then suddenly travels to the future in a flash of light. Nebula, who was hidden in the ship, witnesses this. She walks from behind Loki, ready to aprehend him and interrogate him.
 - Loki: Oh, child, do you really think that you can sneak up on me like that?
They talk about how they both think Thanos is a major threat. So Loki tells Nebula that him and Thanos had triggered a Kree attack on Xandar so that Thanos can get the power stone in the chaos of the battle. Loki tells her that Thanos has probably time-traveled to that point in the near future. Loki gives Nebula a small spaceship to go to the Kree homeworld to reveal to them the truth about Thanos and to try to stop the attack.
We cut to Ross watching a TV screen in the Pentagon. The US army is surrounding Red Skull and the White House, ready to rescue the president. But suddenly Ross’ phone rings. He picks it up.
 - Ross...
 - Who is this?
 - You know who it is...
 - Wait, what are you... What are you doing? Why are you calling me now? It’s not a good time.
 - Oh, believe me, it’s the perfect time. Now, you’re gonna return to me the favour. Do you want power, Ross? Or not?
Of course, this person is Helmut Zemo (who has a certain promise for him since Part 1’s mid credit scene). He obligates Ross to order a withdrawal from the army and to leave Red Skull alone. Ross orders the withdrawal to everyone’s surprise. But the Avengers arrive at the scene! It’s fighting time! We get a cool action scene of Avengers vs HYDRA in the white house (First true action scene). The Avengers are kicking butt, but Red Skull has the president hostage.

Skull and Cap have a little reuniting scene. Ross’ men actually stop the Avengers and Skull takes this chance to escape with the president as hostage.
 - You have a weak world now, Rogers.
After the Avengers vs Hydra action scene, we cut to Nebula on the Kree homeworld reporting to the Kree leader. Carol Danvers is also there/spying. Nebula is saying that Thanos’ has caused the attack from the shadows. He’s orchestrated everything so that he can steal the power stone while Xandar is under attack. Captain Marvel relises that everything adds up now. But the Kree don’t believe Nebula for one second so she’s imediatly sent to a prison cell. Someone knocks out the guards that were carrying her. It’s Captain Marvel! Then, both women get on a ship and escape.
Back to Skull’s helicopter:
Zola: Sir, i’ve already hacked into the gov. computers. We’re on the dark now.
Skull: Good. Very good.
Suddenly, Hydra’s line is hacked by something called “M.O.D.O.K.” and Zemo speaks: He tells them that they own him their life as he made Ross order the withdrawal. He invites them into their base.
Pilot to Skull: Rerouting, sir.
Meanwhile, in Avengers headquarters, Captain America tells the rest that he last saw Red Skull getting sucked into space by the space stone, so he asumes that his return can only be one of Thanos’ schemes. The Guardians tell him that Red Skull doesn’t matter, that earth is irrelevant and that Thanos and the Infinity Gems are the main priority right now. But of course, Captain America cannot leave earth behind (it’s his weak spot), especially if it’s Red Skull. So he decides to divide the team in two: Doctor Strange, the Guardians, Warlock, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk will go to Xandar; the rest will stay on earth. Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, a brave Peter Parker decides to go to space aswell. And Thor gives Iron Man a little surprise.
 - After our battle in Asgard, i told the dwarfs in nidavellyr to make you a little something.
He gives Tony an armour made or Uru (Mjolnir’s material)!! Then, that group gets inside Sanctuary and goes to space as Captain America looks up to the sky.

Second Act (Double fight) 1h27min long
We cut to Zemo base: A giant castle in Europe! Red Skull and Zemo are chatting: Zemo tells that in the battle of Sokovia, a radioactive reactor had fallen right next to Helmut’s father (Heinrich) so he slowly died from cancer some weeks later, but before he did, Heinrich gave Helmut the family castle, who pertained to the Zemo lineage. They had been the barons of that castle. He talks about how the Zemos had been geniouses throughout history. Heinrich even worked with Germany’s science department in the 40’s.
 - Skull: I met your father during WW2 when he was only 18. He told me to go to hell because he didn’t want to work with Hydra. I respected him. He had courage.
The Avengers had profaned (and ended) the Zemos’ name so Helmut didn’t want to give up on destroying them. That’s why he needs Red Skull; Hydra can be a big ally. That’s when he presents to him the the other villains: Ulysses Klaue and MODOK. Arnim Zola is also there (in a screen). Suddenly a jet lands near the castle and Ross comes out with a bag on his head. Klaue’s men (who were piloting) take out the bag. The jet is carrying a giant container.
 - Here is exhibit B.
Zemo tells Skull that Ross is working with him because he has a certain promise for Ross: The power of the Hulk! They open a little window on the container: The Abomination!!! (Surprise!)
 - With that monster’s blood, my personal genious here (points at MODOK) knows a way to make Ross as powerful as the green goliath.
Then we begin to hear two funny voices: It’s Ant-Man and the Wasp!
 - Yes, Hank, we see MODOK... We’re at this again...? No, it’s not my fault that he escaped, Hank! (We never see nor hear Hank).
Ant-Man and Wasp realise that this is way bigger than just MODOK and they come to the conclusion that they need to ally with the Avengers, so they fly away.
MODOK: Mr. Secretary, get ready. We are starting the operation... right now...

Meanwhile, in the Milano, Scarlet Witch says that Adam reminds her of the Vision. Doctor Strange uses his magic to teleport the Milano. We cut to Xandar and Thanos suddenly appears out of nowhere.
 - Am I too soon? – he thinks.
He looks up to the sky to sight a fleet of Kree warships arriving to Xandar’s atmosphere. Thanos smiles. IT’S GOING DOWN! The siege commences. There’s death everywhere. There’s a sequence of Thanos serenely walking to the Nova Corp base as the two armies kill eachother as he orchestrated. No one is stopping him. Inside the base, everything is dead bodies and fire, but there’s one survivor: Nova Prime. She sees Thanos getting inside.
 - It was you... All along, it was you!!!
 - Any last words?
 - You’ll burn in hell for this.
She spits at his boot and Thanos laughs. He then pulverizes what was left of her. He opens the box that contained the power stone and looks at the gem. He reaches for it and suddenly: BAM! He gets charged by Captain Marvel and they’re suddenly outside.

Nebula is also there. She prepares to stab Thanos in the chest but he creates a shockwave that send both women away. A portal opens out of nowhere and the Milano appears out of it. The Avengers and the Guardians come out.
Meanwhile, back on earth, “Earth Avengers” (Cap, Sam, Bucky, Widow, Panther, Clint + Fury, Sharon, Maria Hill and Pepper Potts) are watching TV: All of Hydra’s different factions are wreacking Havok nationwide. Suddenly, Panther senses something with his super-smell. He gets down on his knees and gets close to the floor.
 - What the...?
It’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. After an akward moment concerning the fact that Ant-Man wasn’t updated on anything Avengers-related or the Sokovia accords, the pair of heroes procede to explain what they’ve seen. They even show pictures and audio recordings that they’ve made.
Ant-Man: So we’re basicly fighting against a league of super-villains here.
Fury: Maria... i think it’s time.
Maria Hill picks up her phone and makes a call.
Meanwhile, in Xandar, everyone starts to fight Thanos in the destruction of the planet.
Iron Man: Who is that?
Gamora: She’s my sister.
Iron Man: And the other one?
Gamora: No idea, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Thanos owns the Avengers in the first couple of minutes and then we get some cool Guardians vs Thanos action (which we haven’t seen yet).
Thanos destroys the Guardians aswell (and the Milano) and then goes back to where the power stone was. He grabs it and puts it on the gauntlet. There’s only one gem left: Adam’s.

Meanwhile, on earth, we see a phone ringing. We hear some voices arguing about who should pick it up. F*cking Fitz-Simmons  pick it up.
 - Who is this?
 - Maria Hill. I need to speak to the director.
 - Sorry, he’s not here.
Maria tells Fitz-Simmons that she needs the “Avengers Army Initiative” anyway. Maria hangs up.
 - Cap: What was that about?
Nick Fury explains to Cap that a new low-resourced version of SHIELD has been active since the fall of the original SHIELD. Cap is surprised... but also not surprised.
- Cap: And what’s “Avengers Army Initiative”?
We cut to Fitz-Simmons hanging up: “It’s time.” They activate “AAI” in the computer and the screen is filled with pictures of superheroes that start to pop up: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Deathlok, Mockingbird, etc.

Back on Xandar, Adam and Nebula are fighting Thanos. Nebula falls. Now it’s Thanos vs Warlock: It’s death VS life. And even for two seconds we can see Death behind Thanos and Eternity (not fully introduced yet, more later) behind Warlock. Adam is the universe’s last hope. It’s an epic fight.

The Avengers and the Guardians are witnessing the fight from the distance., but there’s lots of dust in the air. As the heroes try to watch the ultimate battle, there’s a sudden silence. The dust reveals an escaping wounded Adam... without his gem!!!
Adam: Quick! To the Kree ship!
Hulk picks him up. All of the heroes turn... and what they see is scary as F. A giant explosion clears up all the dust and reveals Thanos WIELDING THE F-ING GAUNTLET!!!

Thanos is yelling at the skyes, feeling omnipotence. Gamora screams in horror. Drax is in shock/panic. It’s over now. Thanos is god.
Star-Lord: Come on, come on, get in the ship!
He goes to the pilot cabin and starts the ship. They get out of there. But Nebula has stayed there and she is bowing to the all-powerful Thanos.
We cut to an old warehouse in New York. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones find eachother.
 - Jessica?
 - Luke?
 - What happened to you? I got a misterious message saying you were kidnapped.
Daredevil suddenly comes out of the shadows.
 - What is this? I expected Kingpin’s men in here.
Iron Fist and Collen Wing also shows up saying they heard that Steel Serpent was gonna be there. Then Deathlok appears, Hellcat, Misty Knight, Elektra, Ghost Rider (AoS S4), Mockingbird, Cloak and Dagger (they’re getting their own show i believe). Everyone’s confused. The main door opens. Nick Fury enters acopannied by Melinda on one side and Daisy Johnson on the other. They explain they’re responsable for uniting them in that very place. Then Captain America appears in a higher platform with full combat gear, accompanied by the rest of the Avengers (including Ant-Man and Wasp). He delivers an epic speech that can be summarized in this:
 - Hello, everyone. You are earth’s mightiest heroes, and i’ve called you for a reason: The end of the world is coming... And it’s our job to stop it. Right now there are bigger forces at play here. The alien that attacked our home this very week is a being called Thanos and he plans to achieve omnipotence and dominate the universe. He has created a distraction for us here on earth to keep us occupied while he continues with his evil plans. Right now, every man is as good as any, so we’ll fight the Red Skull and his allies and then we’ll take the fight to Thanos himself. The world is counting on us. Each of you are heroes, but today... You are ALL avengers.
There’s a sudden explosion outside and the Avengers get out. Hydra is attacking the city.
Sam: Party time...

Back with “Space Avengers”, Dr. Strange is weak and cannot teleport the ship to earth, but they need to go there pronto, so they use Mjolnir’s power to boost the Kree Ship. Spiderman’s costume is destroyed. He finds some kind of urn that contained a black goo... The A.I. of the ship tells him that the goo is a substance that serves as clothes that regenerates its own tissue. Indestructible clothes. He opens the urn and the goo starts to crawl his body. Boom. Black costume (It’s Spidey’s 4th movie in the MCU, so why not?).

Meanwhile Thanos (with Nebula beside him) is toying with being God. He creates a baby out of the dust and in 5 seconds he becomes a teen, an adult, an old man and then he dies. Thanos creates planets, makes them explode and with a swing of his hand, the sky is clear again. He creates giant golden letters that said: GOD. Suddenly he starts to grow in size until he is the size of a galaxy. He grabs a star and throws it like a baseball. He makes Loki appear in his presence. Loki starts to (act) kneel beneath him, call him god, etc. Loki then asks to go back to Sanctuary, where he could see earth more closely. Thanos goes: “Yeah, sure”. He snaps his fingers.

He goes to Death’s temple (with Nebula) and gives Lady Death the great news: He’s all-powerful. He is infnity. He’s power that Death itself never even dreamt about. But he tells her that he’s done EVEYTHING for a reason: Her. He’s not a menace to her. His only desire is to be by her side as her equal. Death creates a second throne next to hers for Thanos. But she kept talking through her interpreteers, and this upsetted Thanos. One of the interpreteers tells him that he is now her superior, not her equal. He is beyond death. So she does this to show respect to the all-powerful. Thanos makes the interpreteer explode. He didn’t want this, he wanted her love, not her fear.

Meanwhile, “Earth Avengers” (plus the new recruits) and The Masters of Evil meet face to face. Baron Zemo finally has his purple mask and his sword. He also has Red Hulk and Abomination as his two bodyguards. He looks like a f*cking badass.

Arnim Zola has a robotic body similar to that of Ultron (made by MODOK). Klaue is shining a new Klaw. There’s a Hydra army acompannied by Klaue’s men and MODOK’s drones. Red Skull has the president hostage on his knees: Bam! Bullet to the head. Dead. The brawl commences and it’s freaking brutal. In the middle of the fight there’s a moment in wich Captain America was going to be stabed from behind, but suddenly: BLAM! A bullet hits the Hydra soldier. IT’S F*CKING PUNISHER!!!

Punisher (while they fight): It’s an honor, captain.
Luke Cage is struggling against Abomination but Iron Fist comes in and hits him in the head sending him tens of meters away with one punch. It’s epicness.
Luke Cage: Showoff...
Captain America fights Red Skull, Baron Zemo (yes, BARON Zemo) and Arnim Zola at the same time but Sharon Carter shows up out of nowhere to help him. Melinda May is fighting alongside Black Widow, so is Quake with the rest of the heroes. Nick is also there, battling it out. He asks Maria Hill if she has contacted the director, but apparently not.
Meanwhile, on the Kree ship, Adam says that everything is lost.
Iron Man: Aren’t there any kind of weak spots?
Adam: Well... maybe.
He talks about the existence of other cosmic entities aside from Lady Death. He explains that the cosmic entities are abstract beings of unimaginable power that are just under the infinity stones in the universal power hierarchy. They are the embodyment of the most important elements of the universe. There’s Kronos (Time), Lord Chaos and Master Order, there’s Mistress Love and Sire Hate (there’s minor ones like Eon and some Celestials)... Death is one of the two most important. The other one is ETERNITY. Eternity represents life and everything that exists within the universe, and Death represents the ending of life and everything that does not exist in the universe anymore. Both of them are needed so that there can be an equilibrium to the universe, but the Infinity Gauntlet is above the cosmic entities and has the power to break that equilibrium by creating too much life or too much death (in this case the latter). The Gauntlet’s power is above life and death.
Adam then procedes to explain his origin: He says that he was created by the cosmic entities so that he could serve Eternity and counter those who serve Death. He tells that he’s battled Thanos many times in the past, and he is the only individual that Thanos respects. Warlock is life, Thanos is death. So maybe the entities can fight Thanos. He suddenly grabs Doctor Strange and they both teleport out of there.

Meanwhile, Thanos decides to make Death an enormous giant temple in the middle of space. He makes two thrones and sits on one. He invites Death to sit beside him but she turns her back on him. Thanos is so frustrated. He turns Nebula into some kind of horrific zombie in a state between life and death. Lady Death doesn’t care. Thanos makes his brother and father appear out of nowhere. He makes his brother die and resurrect in a loop, each death being more painful than the previous one, and their father is condemned only to watch.
Interpreteer: Death doesn’t care about these “presents” that you…
He explodes.
Thanos: TALK TO ME!
Thanos decides to use the gauntlet to force her to love him. Lady Death suddenly smiles and walks toward Thanos to kiss him. But then Thanos stops this lie. He wants her love, not her blind summision.

Meanwhile, back on earth, Manhattan’s sky gets filled with Hydra helicopters and ships. They are arriving from all over the country. But all of a sudden, a SHIELD helicarrier deactivates stealth mode. It was there all of the time, and it’s being piloted by Fitz-Simmons and Mack! They start to hit the birds in the sky with the Helicarrier’s cannons. We see Bucky saving a bunch of children and then hundreds of New Yorkers are cheering for him. He’s shocked at the beggining, but then he smiles. He’s finally a hero. But to the audience’s surprise, Baron Zemo sneaks behind Nick Fury and stabs him in the back with his sword! (Oh no!). Nick dies in Cap’s arms.
Meanwhile, Adam and Doctor Strange appear in a reunion of the cosmic entities. Adam sees Eternity and bows to him; his “father”. They tell them about Thanos’ new omnipotence and so all of the cosmic entities (except for Death) decide to fight with Warlock and battle Thanos.

We cut back to earth and Red Hulk jumps towards the Helicarrier, completely destroying it. The helicarrier falls straight into Stark Tower. All of the heroes start ot hear “Kickstart my Heart” in the comms.
Black Widow: What the...?
Iron Man: Romanoff, you missed me? I sure missed my old playlist.

“Space Avengers” arrive and Wanda freaking holds Stark tower with her mind powers!!! Then, she softly leaves it laying horizontaly in the street. Iron Man rescues Fitz-Simmons and Mack. Also, Loki arrives to New York in Sanctuary (nobody sees him, tho). Then, all of the MCU heroes line up. It’s freaking amazing.
Sam: Are you gonna say the words, captain?
Cap: No. Not this time. Tony, we’re waiting for you.
Iron Man shouts the words: Avengers... ASSEMBLE!

And so we get one shot of all of the characters ala one of those comic panels in these Marvel events with all of the characters jumping towards the enemy. Loki goes up to Red Kull and tells him that Baron Zemo has betrayed him etc. Red Skull is very desperate (because he is losing) so he tells his Hydra army to fight MODOK’s drones and Klaue’s men. It’s pretty much over. Black Panther arrests Zemo. Loki stabs Red Skull in the back killing him (BADASS). Only Red Hulk and Abomination stand. It’s both of them vs the Hulk… and they’re in Harlem. It’s happening again. Hulk fights both of them and in the final moments… the Hulkbuster joins him! Both monsters fall and the fight... is finally over.

Meanwhile, Thanos is incredibly frustrated and he just screams enraged. The shockwave he creates destroys entire galaxies and when it arrives to earth, it creates a giant tsunami in New York. Cloak decides to teleport everyone to the top of the Empire State Building, where they can be safe. They’re witnessing the tidal wave arrive. But suddenly, Tony tells them that in Stark Tower there’s a device that he had been working on that creates a giant energy dome that can save the rest of the city and the New Yorkers.
 - But Tony, by the time you activate it, enough water will have gotten into the city to flood the street in wich Stark Tower is right now. You’ll die!
 - No, i have to do this.
Tony kisses Pepper, he hugs Steve (Steve has a tear in his eye) and he goes inside Stark Tower. The water starts to get into New York but suddenly a giant energy dome pops up. But enough water had entered the city to flood Stark Tower and kill... Iron Man. He made the ultimate sacrifice.

Meanwhile Thanos realises that he hadn’t fulfilled the promise that he had made: Kill half of the universe. How could he have been so distracted?
 - I’m sorry, my Lady. A lover should always honor his promise.
He snaps his fingers and half of the Avengers suddenly turn into dust. Half of the New Yorkers. Half of the entire universe turns into dust. Sharon Carter is dead, Bucky is dead, Jessica Jones, Colleen Wing, Hawkeye, Hulk, Punisher, Hellcat, Gamora, Cloak, Mantis and... Rocket Racoon. Groot can’t handle it. Steve Rogers finally falls on his knees. He is strong but he just can’t deal with this anymore. It’s too much. We see him in a state that we’ve never seen. He’s full of anger and rage. He is giving up. All he fought for Bucky: Gone. All he had done to find love (Sharon): Gone.
 - “This is not even my time! I should be with Peggy!”
The Avengers had never seen Steve like this, so they’re as surprised as the audience. He’s surrendering. But someone pats him. Steve turns back....... Mother f-ing Coulson is there. Everyone is like: WTF!!!!

Coulson explains that he is Fury’s Frankenstein monster. He says that Nick used one infnity stone to resurrect him: The Tesseract. He mixed it with alien blood creating a resurrecting serum. He then talks about how his death united (basicly created) the Avengers, but now his life will. The remaining heroes are ready to go against Thanos.
Third act (The end of the 3 Phases) 46 min long
Sanctuary flies up to the top of the Empire State and Loki comes out of it. The heroes run towards him but it was an ilusion.
 - What i expected: Quick tempers, slow minds...
Loki has a little chat with the Avengers and Coulson (especially Coulson) and then he tells them that he knows where Thanos is, as Thanos’ armour can be tracked from the ship.
 - If you want, i can bring you to your suicide.
They all get in and Sanctuary boosts into space. Coulson and his team look up to the sky as the Avengers go. Loki gives the heroes Sanctuary’s nano-tech so that they can breathe in space. Thor and Loki have one (last) little chat and then Loki realises that they’re right next to the temple. He approaches first in a small spaceship and bows to his master. Then the Avengers and the other heroes arrive in Sanctuary and jump towards Thanos ready to fight.

Thanos lifts his hand and all of the heroes freeze. He looks at Loki.
 - What is this joke, Loki?
He swings his hand and all of the Avengers turn into dust!!! He chokes Loki with his mind.
 - Don’t you know I’m omniscient? Of course i know that you want to attack me with these peasents! But apparently, you’re double-stupid, as you are also ignoring my omnipotence.
Thanos stops. Loki speaks:
 - But... if you give these people a chance and fight them without using the gauntlet’s power... maybe death will see the fighter you are... and see how much you’re willing to risk for her.
 - Hmm... I see you’re trying to give them a second chance... Interesting. I refuse to get inside Death’s mind to see if it’ll work, so i’ll just try. Fair enough.
He makes the avengers go back to life and starts fighting them one last time. But Thanos is of course toying with these people. He turns one hero into a bunch of building blocks, he destroys cap shield with the palm of his hand, he extracts another hero’s esqueleton, etc. It’s over for the Avengers, but they will fight until their last breath! After 3 minutes only a bunch of people are living: Captain America, Thor, Drax, Spiderman and Scarlet Witch. The rest are done. Some of them it’s clear they’re dead, some of them it’s not clear (but they’re all dead). It’s the end. Suddenly Adam Warlock and Dr.Strange show up with the other cosmic entitties!

The cosmic entibies are leaded by Eternity, and they’re fighting for their own reality. They unload their full power on Thanos but he is winning of course. The Infinity Gauntlet is above EVERYTHING. Still, the entities are right below the gauntlet in terms of power so it’s still a fair fight. Thanos was using his full power and he was weak in this moment, so Loki takes the opportunity to grab the gauntlet.
 - You are Mad, Thanos!
He tries to take it from his hand but he is sent away by Thanos’ mind. Everything is full of thunder, energy and cosmic sh*t everywhere, but Thor reaches to the dying body of his brother. They say they love eachother, etc. It’s the last moment of Thor and Loki. This... is the death of Loki. It’s powerful. Millions of fan-girls are crying. Loki says that he’s tried everything to stop him and thor is crying. Then, Loki... dies.
Thanos is battling it out and all of a sudden he gets hit by a dark force. Death is attacking him. Thanos explodes in anger and freezes all of the cosmic entities.


The only entity standing is Eternity.
Warlock and Strange are watching.

Thanos jumps at eternity, punches him and creates a giant explosion. Every living being in the universe is dead. Even Thanos. There’s only death, and that means... there’s only death. Death grabs the gauntlet and restores life back to the universe. She ressurrects the ones that were present: Thanos, Nebula (un-zombified) Drax, Cap, Thor, Spidey and Scarlet Witch (and Warlock and Strange in the distance). Death takes off the gauntlet and all of the other characters jump to get it. Scarlet Witch 8remember, full emo) gets it and puts it on. She stops time and space and ressurrects... Quicksilver! She tells him that she’s tired of everything that she gets close to dying. His parents, Hydra, Quicksilver, the Avengers (Civil War), Vision... She’s confused. Quicksilver tells her that everything is ok and that she must let go. She takes off the gauntlet. Spidey picks it up with a web.
 - Stop guys!
The gauntlet lands in his hand and he subcounciously stops time. He resurrects Uncle Ben. Ben tells him that his death was the last push he needed to be spiderman. He tells him that he must let go, that this is not the way of things. Spidey takes it off. Drax grabs it.
 - If anyone should take it, it should be me!
Drax sees his dead family, but they tell him that their death created a hero and that he doesn’t need them. Maybe he should just let go. Drax takes it off. Captain America stops this madness by taking the gauntlet. But he is using it suncounciously. He is back in the 40’s. He is with Peggy. But Peggy tells him that this is not where he’s supossed to be. He must let everyone in the past die to be the savior of the future. Cap takes the Gauntlet off and none other than Adam Warlock takes it. Thanos is watching in defeat. Adam says the defying words:

Everything turns white....
We cut to two eyes opening. It’s Thor. He gets up his bed in confussion. He looks out the window. BAM! Asgard is stunning and shining. We see the warriors three, heimdall, everyone is alive and well! Except for Loki.
Back on earth, all of the heroes that died fighting Thanos were there. All of the people that Thanos murdered when he Thanos killed half of the universe are alive. Rhodes and Vision are alive. Scarlet Witch begins to cry in joy.  But Nick Fury is still dead. The Guardians and Adam regroup with the Avengers (plus Thor, the defenders and the agents of shield). Adam speaks in the name of Nick saying that he’s resting in peace. We get a little Nick Fury tribute from Adam. He also speaks about Loki and mumbles something about life and death: He says that death and life are, and always must be in equilibrium, that’s why Death itself restored all life. There’s no life without death and viceversa. Life leads up to death, and death always leads up to new life. Then they say goodbye and go to space. Everything is awesome but suddenly...
Cap: Wait a minute, where’s Tony???
We cut to a few months in the future. Captain America is the new head of SHIELD. He works with Sharon (his fiancé), Sam Wilson, and Maria Hill. He is retiring Coulson.
 - Hey, Phil, maybe you should go to some tropical place, like... Tahiti.
 - Nah, been there. It sucked.
The avengers have a new base: a mansion that pertained to Tony Stark. Pepper Potts gave it to them before she apparently left the country. The new leader is Black Widow and the members are Bucky-cap, Ant-Man, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel and Black Panther.

Meanwhile, the defenders are back in Hell’s Kitchen and Spiderman is shining his new look with the black suit. Hulk is now seen as a hero worldwide and Ross is in prison. Rhodes is the new secretary of defense and Hawkeye has finally reunited with his family since the end of Avengers 2 and he has once and for all hanged the bow. We cut to the guardians and they are speaking to Thanos.
Adam: When you killed Eternity, you knew that you were gonna die aswell, didn’t you?
Thanos: Yes... I never wanted power, i never wanted anything... but love.
Drax fullfills his promise and takes out Thanos once and for all. As they go, we see the ghost of Thanos smiling holding hands with Lady Death...

Then, Captain America receives a weird anonymous call telling him to... “assemble”.
He goes to the rendevouz, alone, in his bike. There he meets Bruce Banner, Widow, Hawkeye and Thor.
 - What’s going on?
Suddenly a guy wearing normal old clothes shows up holding hands with a redheaded woman.
 - You brought nothing? Come on, guys! So typical of you. Thank me i brought shawarma.
It’s Tony and Pepper. Adam did resurrect him! They’ve decided to change identities and leave the country. The original avengers roster has one last laugh while eating shawarme, rememebering all of their adventures… And then they all go their ways. There’s a flashback to the end of Age of Ultron. Tony is speaking to Steve: “I should take a page out of Barton’s book. Build Pepper a farm, hope nobody blows it up.” We cut to both of them in a farm in France. “Back in Black” plays (like the first scene in the MCU) and Iron Man delivers a final monologue to say goodbye to the MCU. Then, the movie f-ing ends.

So the whole freaking thing is a metaphor for the MCU dying and leading to a new life: A new MCU. Nick Fury has died and so has SHIELD, leading into a new one. The original avengers have effectively died (because Iron Man, Thor and Clint are never coming back) and has led into a new incarnation. Spiderman is now a full hero and doesn’t need an Iron Man. Thanos’ death has given life to a new approach between him and Lady Death in the afterlife. Loki and Red Skull are also dead. But it all leads into new life. That’s what the scenes with Uncle Ben, Peggy, Quicksilver, etc were all about. The first MCU saga has ended. It’s time for a new one!
Post credit scene: Michael Peña’s character is talking, making a summary of the entire Infinity War. There’s flahsbacks to the characters and Peña’s doing a voiceover. They all speak with Peña’s sass.
When he’s done the camera turns... and he’s speaking with J.Jonah Jameson.
 - What???
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DC & Marvel Team Up In Awesome Fan-Created "Infinite Crisis" Video

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bkmeijer2 - 7/23/2016, 11:23 AM
Sounds really cool. But the one thing I cant find myself in is rogers as head of shield. I would prefer a new characters like GW Bridge
BaronZemo - 7/24/2016, 2:43 AM
@malsemarcel - Glad you liked it! Well, i chose Cap because i think he fits best and imagine him in another movie being the director. Steve is someone who doesn't like keeping secrets so seeing him be the director of SHIELD would be so interesting. I think that dilema would be pretty cool because he would have to face controversial decisions and keep squeletons in the closet.
kinghulk - 7/23/2016, 2:32 PM
been waiting for this since i read part 1 hope this is good :)
Nelemico2000 - 7/23/2016, 2:47 PM
This is huge!!! You b,ew me away! Amazing read.
Can you fit all that in 3 hours?? I think you might need 6

I think that if it went down similarly to this, it would be amazing. But propably the russos are going with a simpler approach. Nevertheless, loved it. Great work
Nelemico2000 - 7/23/2016, 2:48 PM
BaronZemo - 7/24/2016, 2:44 AM
@Nelemico2000 - I'm so glad you read through the whole thing and enjoyed it, yeah i also think the time is a problem hahaha
kinghulk - 7/23/2016, 2:52 PM
that was great, very good job tieing everything in
BaronZemo - 7/24/2016, 2:45 AM
@kinghulk - Thank you! Glad you liked it!
TheHero - 7/23/2016, 8:41 PM
Okay, so while I liked your pitch, I do think having the Masters of Evil might be a bit too much. Also, I don't think Hugo Weaving is going to come back as Red Skull.

Also, while I appreciate your intentions in trying to bring together everyone...., I think with the real Infinity War movie we're only going to be focusing on the Avengers (including Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Spidey) and the Guardians. The events in IW will probably affect AOS and the Netflix shows to a certain degree.

In fact, one thing I could change up is that rather than the Avengers split up with the Guardians, Sanutacy comes to Earth and while the two groups are dealing Thanos, Coulson and the AOS team recruit the Defenders to defend Earth as HYDRA (led by Zemo and Arnim Zola) leads a ground assault on New York.

Another thing I would change is that maybe, with the ending, it could be like a montage similar to the fanfic:

Overall, I enjoy both your visions for IW. I thought they were great and were very entertaining. It's just that maybe condensing down the scope would be for the best as let's face it, we all ready have the Avengers meeting the Guardians for the first time. That alone will get butts in seats. I know it certainly has mine.

BaronZemo - 7/24/2016, 3:21 AM
@TheHero - Yeah,i know that weaking is probably never coming back, taht's why i though of the possibility of making the president the new Red Skull. Maybe Thanos could send Schmidt's conscience into the president's body but in the end i scrapped that. Concerning the masters of evil, yeah it's so many characters but i needed some one to fight the avengers (because Thanos is freaking omnipotent XD).

I'm also aware that bringing the defenders and the AoS into the mix is overcrowding aswell but i feel like Part 2 is just the ultimate crossover of the entire MCU and Part 1 is more charatcer focused etc.

Concerning that fan fic: Yeah! I read that thing when it got published! I loved it! Haha
BaronZemo - 7/24/2016, 3:25 AM
@TheManWithoutFear @GliderMan @malsemarcel @VISIONaryNPa @HarrowRed
Part 2 is up!!!!!!!!!!!
TheManWithoutFear - 7/24/2016, 4:33 AM
Stellar job BaronZemo, such awesome effort and some great ideas. I particularly like the return for Coulson and Cap prompting Iron Man's "Avengers Assemble!".

Not sure about Tony drowning though, i mean he's in an Asgardian armour at that point right? I just think drowning is something Tony would be prepared for, especially since we saw him underwater in the first Avengers.

Also it reads like Thor doesn't have a whole lot to do? And Zemo's motivations get a little muddled.

But overall this is really really good. I love the inclusion of Fitz-Simmons and Red Skull. I think you and I are on the same page in hoping for those standout epic character moments.
BaronZemo - 7/24/2016, 5:06 AM
@TheManWithoutFear - I'm so glad that you've read through the whole thing, man. I really like sharing ideas with other people. About Tony, i mean suppossedly a giant tsunami has hit him and he was inside a destroyed building laying horizontaly on the street. My take is that the tsunami hits him with enormous strenght. Water keeps getting in, the ruins of Stark Tower are falling on him and he just can't get out (but i didn't explain it that much in the text). Thor is there for the final Loki scenes, just to wrap up their relationship.
PesciGotPepsi - 7/26/2016, 2:13 PM
I would doubt Infinity War to be 3hrs long. I don't think Marvel has the balls to do that.
2hrs45mins is I think the maximum
LivingWeapon - 7/26/2016, 8:31 PM
Dude, I love it. It got deep at the end, man. But the best part is the after-credits scene. I can see it in my head. But in my head, J.K. Simmons is JJJ.
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