Fancast: Doctor Who

This is my fancast for Doctor Who, one of the most coolest shows ever made.

First off, I'm sort of a Whovian, but I have only watched the first three series of the new Doctor Who. Anyway, my take on the show would be a combination of the new episodes, David Tennant's run on the show, and Tom Baker's run on the show. I have also taken a few liberties and casted American Voice actors for various creatures.

Anyway, on with the cast!!


James McAvoy as The Doctor: A 900 year old Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels through time and space in his blue box called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). He is the last of his kind due to the Last Great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks. He has saved the Earth a countless number of times, and has also invented the Banana Daiquiri back in 17th Century France.

Reason for Casting: Each actor has played their own interpretation of The Doctor and has brought something new to him. This also means it is pointless to argue which Doctor is the best since he is the same character. I've chose McAvoy since he is a brilliant actor and none of his performancess have been weak. He was also rumored to play the Eleventh Doctor before Matt Smith got the role (and I have to say that he is quite brilliant in the role). Anyway, I'd like my Doctor to speak in a toned down version of McAvoy's Scottish accent and to also occasionally offer people Jelly Babies from a white paper bag (similar to Tom Baker's Doctor). My version of the Doctor will be dressed in an olive drab blazer, a white dress shirt with a burgundy tie kept in a Windsor knot, slate gray trousers, and brown loafers. His outfit will not be as bland as the Ninth Doctor's, but not as flamboyant as the Sixth Doctor's.

Emma Watson as The Doctor's Companion: The Doctor usually travels with female (or male) companion, who usually helps him on his journeys.

Reason for Casting: I first saw Emma as Hermione Granger in the first "Harry Potter" film (and she nailed the role perfectly). I'd like to see how she would work out with McAvoy's Doctor (I'd always wanted McAvoy and Watson to work together.

Tom Kenny (voice) as K9: The Doctor's robotic pet dog from the 51st Century, He usually refers to the Doctor as "master" and the Doctor's companion as "Mistress".

Reason for Casting: You may know Kenny as the voice of Spongebob Squarepants. He's a fantastic voice actor and I would like to see what he would bring to K9.

Keeley Hawes as River Song: A time-travelling archeologist from the 51st Century who has meet with the Doctor previous times before. She is currently imprisoned in a 51st Century jail for killing "the Best man she ever known".

Reason for Casting: I've only seen Hawes in "Ashes to Ashes", and the British version (and by that I mean good version) of "Death at a Funeral". To me, she seems to be a good alternative to Alex Kingston.

Nathan Fillion as Captain Jack Harkness: An omnisexual man from the 51st Century, who is a former Time Agent, con man, and time traveller. He is now immortal (due to Rose Tyler's use of the time vortex) and heads the Cardiff region of the Torchwood Institute, monitoring a spacial rift and fighting monsters and aliens that come through it.

Reason for Casting: Harkness is suppose to be immortal, but unfortunately John Barrowman is showing signs of aging. I almost went with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I remembered Fillion from "Firefly" and "Castle". He was good in them and also looks young even at the age of forty.


Clancy Brown (voice) as the Daleks: An evil alien race from the planet of Skaro. A Kaled mutant inside a robotic shell, they show pity, compassion, or remorse, and are determined to exterminate all other living beings in the universe.

Reason for Casting: Even though the Dalek's voices will be modified with a voice modulator, I wanted someone who has played very sinister characters and is a brilliant voice artist. I decided on Brown since he is a brilliant voice artist and has played Lex Luthor in the "Superman Animated Series".

Mark Strong (voice) as the Cybermen: Originating from Earth's twin planet, Mondas, they were once an organic species. Trying to preserve themselves, they modified themselves with more cybernetic parts until they became the cold and calculating Cybermen, with all their emotion gone from their mind. On several occasions, they have attempted to invade Earth and convert everyone into Cybermen, but have always been defeated by the Doctor.

Reason for Casting: Kudos for SuperDude001 for suggestion Mark Strong. Strong has played a cold and calculating character in "Sherlock Holmes", so he seems like a good fit.

Jared Harris as Davros: The mad scientist from Skaro who is horribly scarred and crippled. He is responsible for the creation of the Daleks, who were originally suppose to be used in the war against the Thals, the Kaled's swore enemy. His wheelchair also doubles as a life support system.

Reason for Casting: Although he is no Terry Molloy, Harris was the first person I thought of when casting Davros.

James Callis as The Master: A renegade Time Lord who is determined to rule the universe. He is essentially the Professor Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes.


Reason for Casting: After seeing him as Gaius Baltar on "Battlestar Galactica", I decided that Callis would be excellent as The Master.

Steve McFadden as the Sontarans: A militaristic alien species who have been at war with the Rutan Host for more than 50,000 years. They are created from a cloning process and (to humans) look like potatoes (although the Doctor comments that the Sontarans see humans as pink weasels).

Reason for Casting: I haven't seen much of McFadden's work, but to me, he seems to be a good choce for the Sontarans.

Doug Jones as the Silurians: A reptilian like species who predate the dawn of men. They went into hibernation to survive a collision to what eventually became the Earth's moon. They now live underground, hoping one day they can once again rule what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Reason for Casting: Jones is the Lon Chaney Jr. of the 21st century, and could play the Silurians brilliantly.

Anthony Daniels (voice) as the Ood: A naturally peaceful and docile race of aliens who were once used for slave labour. They communicate through a telepathic field, and overtime have became possessed by evil entities.

Reason for Casting: Daniels' performance as C3-PO in "Star Wars" comes to mind when I first saw the Ood in "The Impossible Planet".

Please leave your thoughts and comments below!! I hope that you enjoyed this article.

As an extra bonus, I give you this fan made promotional image of McAvoy as the Doctor that I found on tumblr (please forgive me for the lame tagline):

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